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YouTube Channel Name – How To Choose One?

How To Choose YouTube Channel Name

This article is a definitive guide to help you choose a good YouTube Channel Name. YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing platform across the globe and in recent years, we all have seen tremendous growth in the number of YouTube Channels. Today, we can find a video on almost every other topic on YouTube. These videos are uploaded by people, brands, companies or organizations across the world. Before someone can start uploading videos, they need to create a channel. Further to create a channel, you need to choose a name for it first.

Why Spend Time in Choosing A YouTube Channel Name?

Some Cool YouTube Channel Names

Now, you can choose the name of your wish but you should not choose just any name. The reason being your channel name is something from which viewers across the world will be recognizing you. Choosing a YouTube Channel name is like choosing a brand name because you representing your YouTube Channel is quite a bit similar to representing a brand or a company. Companies spend a lot of time brainstorming good names for their new ventures, products, and services. Choosing a good name is important as it is somehow indirectly related to the growth of your YouTube Channel as well. Better the name will be better are the chances of building trust and loyalty among the viewers. Even it will not be wrong to say that a Good Channel Name is also a factor of becoming a successful YouTuber.

The next thing is that there are already millions of YouTube Channels and you’ve to choose a channel name that can let the people unique identify you and your video content. A lot of good names that are already in your mind might already have been used as Channel Name of someone else. Therefore, you need to be enough creative to choose something on your own. It is similar to choosing a domain name for your new blog or website, which is also a time-consuming task as most of the common and good domain names are already registered.

YouTube Unique Channel URL

People also prefer to choose a domain name for which a YouTube Channel URL slug is available. You can literally choose any name even if it is already chosen by someone else, but you can not use Channel Permalink which is already in use by some other channel. Therefore, chances are that you might not get the same permalink slug as your channel name, but if you really want to have one, you need to spend some more time brainstorming choosing something more unique.

YouTube Video

The channel name appears beneath every single video that you upload. Therefore, the chances are people might not watch you complete video properly, but they might notice your channel name.

Ways To Choose A Good YouTube Channel Name

So, these are the different ways that you can follow to choose a really cool YouTube Channel Name.

1. Use Your Name, Company Name or Website Name

The first step is to decide in what way you want to represent your YouTube Channel. In other words, I mean to say if you want to represent your YouTube Channel as an individual name, as a brand or a company or as a website. Starting a YouTube channel with your own name is one of the most popular trends of selecting YouTube Channel names. Well, the best part is it works and you need not spend time brainstorming for a good name. Example Of Website Name Usage

Choosing your name as the channel name is good if your content dominantly contains you and content or tutorials created by you. In case, your channel is a group of two or more, choosing an individual named as the channel name is certainly not a good idea. Some of the popular YouTubers who started their channels with their own names are listed below.

If you’re going to create a channel for a website, blog or a company, you can simply choose the company or site name as the name for your YouTube Channel. The examples are listed below.

Also, keep the factor in mind that, your name does not clashes with the name of other brands or other popular YouTube channels. It will simply lead to the ambiguity of viewing the right channel for the viewers.

2. Add Meaningful Suffix or Prefix To Channel Name

Using Suffix & Prefix

This is a great way to make your YouTube Channel name sounds amazing. You can try adding prefixes or suffixes to your first name, last name or simply with some other popular term. For example, if you’re going to create a YouTube Channel for posting new recipe videos, you can use words like food, recipes, breakfast, health, lifestyle and can add prefixes like my, tasty, sweet, etc. Another example, if you’re going to upload technical content like programming tutorials you can add words like Geeky or Technical with your name. Actually, there are two popular channels with the same prefixes!

Keep one thing in mind, do not make use of such a suffix or prefix which does not add any meaning to your channel. Your channel name should define others what the channel is all about and this is really important. Your channel name is the first thing a new person is going to read and if it is not simply representing your content or meaningful, you may lose a new subscriber.

3. Make Sure the Channel Name is Easy To Spell & Pronounce

Memorable, Easy To Spell & PronounceDo not choose lengthy names with difficult spellings which are difficult to spell and memorize. Rather choose a short and easy to spell name which people can memorize at first sight and it becomes difficult for them to simply forget it. Sometimes people ended up using complex words with ambiguous spellings. This way you’ll not just lose new potential subscribes but will also lose an easy opportunity for growth hacking of your YouTube channel.

The name should be easy to pronounce as well. The world is very diverse and sometimes, it becomes really difficult for people from other regions, speaking different languages in different accents to memorize particular words of your region, accent, and language. Therefore, if you really will to target International Audience, try using common words that can be easily pronounceable by anyone. The words that are easy to pronounce are easy to memorize while the names which are difficult to pronounce are forgettable.

4. Try Using A Naming Suggestion Tool

For getting more and more ideas for the name of your new YouTube channel, try making using of different naming suggestion tools. You can also use different domain or blog name suggestion tools as well to get suggestions for YouTube channel names as well. Kparser is a  cool YouTube Name Generator tool.

Shopify Name Suggestion Tool

Another cool tool to suggest good channel names is the Shopify Busines Name Generator tool. In the screenshot given above, you can see I just typed the keyword, Cooking, into the tool and it suggested really cool name ideas. We’ve already published a list of tools to suggest names according to some keywords.

5. Use Your Creativity For A Catchy Name

As I already mentioned earlier, use your creativity to get a cool name. Let me give you a few examples of some of the YouTubers with really amazing channel names.

Creative YouTube Channel Name
Unforgettable YouTube Channel Name

Now, ask yourselves, are these names not really cool and unforgettable? This is all that putting some time with creativity and brainstorming may bring in.

Advanced Tips To Choose A Channel Name

Apart from the above-listed way outs, there some advanced tips that you can follow to choose an even better name for your YouTube channel.

Avoid Making Use of Use of Number until they’re relevant. Do not make use of numbers in your channel name until they’re really adding any value to your channel. By adding value, I mean if the numbers are representing your channel content, then its good to use them, but using than just to make your name unique is not good. 5-Minute Crafts is a good example of a YouTube channel with name that really represents the content because most of their videos are about crafts that can be made around in 5 minutes.

5 Minute Crafts Number Name Example

Avoid profanity or vulgarity. Using profanity or vulgarity in your YouTube channel may lead you in troubles, later on, so do not use it.

Check Domain Name Availability. Lateron, if you plan to grow your YouTube channel along with the website, then you must check if the domain name with the chosen name is available or not.

Check Name Availability on Social Media Platforms. Similarly for the same reason, if you are willing to grow your YouTube Channel as a brand on different social media platforms, make sure you check the username availability. For example, you can check if Twitter handle or Instagram username is available for the name or not.

Keep it simple. Do not try to make your channel name complex. People love simple and short names.

YouTube Name & SEO. You can also make use of some of the most dominating keywords in your channel name for better YouTube SEO. For example, if your channel is about recipes, then using the recipes keyword in the channel name may help you get better organic traffic. This is one of the SEO tips for Video Traffic but not that important to follow.


Choosing a good name for your new YouTube Channel is not really a difficult task but make sure you invest some time in brainstorming about it. Do not choose such a name in a hurry that later on, you feel so to change it. Although, changing your channel name on YouTube is possible and you can do so really quick but is not really a good idea. If you build good audience in some time and later on your plan to change your Channel Name and then it will be a trouble as most of your existing audience recognizes you by your channel name. I have tried my best to list out almost every single thing that can help you choose a good name. So, follow this guide and you’ll surely come up with some ideas!

I hope you found my tips for choosing a good YouTube Channel name useful. If so, do share with others on social media and don’t forget to subscriber to WTMatter.

Feel free to make use of the comments section below for any kind of questions related to this article.

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