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Wix Website Builder Review

Those were the days when you wanted to have a website on the Internet, you definitely have to reach out some web developer. But time has changed. Now, you can create stunning websites sitting at your home without any technical knowledge. Well, there are hundreds of tool which give you this type of ease of building beautiful websites and blogs. But not every tool is so featureful to choose. This we’re going to talk about one such Website Builder, which is featureful as well as a good option to get started building a professional website with ease. It’s going to be the popular Wix Website Builder Review.

Introduction To Wix Website Builder

Wix is developed for ease of development of HTML 5 websites with the use of Drag and Drop Building tools. It is now empowering more than hundred million websites. That’s a huge number and clearly shows the popularity of Wix among Internet users for creating websites.

There are hundreds of similar tools in the market but not every tool reached this number and Wix has clear reasons behind it. Anybody can get started with Wix for Free. You need not pay to create sub-domain specific websites with Wix. Moreover, Wix has been updating its platform since they came into the market. This actually makes them a super cool company which actually cares for the user and updates with the requirement of time.

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To create your own top-level domain-specific website and to get most of the Wix Features, you obviously need to pay, but the pricing is so affordable that it won’t pinch you. This review has been divided into Pros and Cons sections to help you better understand the various good and not so good things in Wix Website Builder.

Wix Website Builder Pros

As Wix is a featureful website builder platform, it has got numerous Pros which are discussed below.

Lots of Templates

Offers more than 500 templates of different website categories.

They have designed more than 500 different types of template for a website of each and every kind. They have a number of templates for blogs, eCommerce stores, Business websites, booking websites and more.

Wix Templates

Even in Blogs Category, you can see they have templates for different categories of a blog like Food Blog & Traveler Blog Templates. Likewise, there are hundreds of pre-made templates which can help you deploy your website really quick and without building the things from scratch.

Drag & Drop Website Editor

Intuitive Drag and Drop Website Builder With All Customization Options

Once you choose a perfect theme for your blog or website, you can edit it easily using the Wix Drag and Drop Website Editor. In a first look, it might take some time to understand how to get the things done with this editor because you get so many options at one place. But you’ll get friendly with the editor. It would take hardly 5 minutes.

Wix Drag And Drop Website Editor

In the above screenshot, the menu management option of the builder is shown. In which we can set the menu of the website easily and with drag and drop we can change the position of various items on the menu.

Likewise, the various elements of the different pages of the website can be easily managed with this cool drag and drop editor. If you want to edit any of the present element on the page, just double click on it and the editing options concerned with the element will be opened.

Editing With Builder

As you can see in the above screenshot, I’ve just double-clicked on the Heading Text, the area becomes editable and all the customization options that are associated and helpful here automatically appears. You can even switch to the mobile view in this editor.

Consequently, it gives you complete design freedom which you’ll actually enjoy.


Get your websites created automatically instantly.

This is something super cool. When you get started with Wix, you are asked a few questions like what type of website you want. Just answer those simple questions. Then Wix will give you two options, either you can start building your website yourself with the Drag and Drop Editor.

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When choosing the ADI option, you’ll get a website automatically got ready for you.

Here’s a video introduction regarding Wix ADI that helps you create a website with Artificial Intelligence.

SEO Friendly

Wix Follows all SEO Standards.

Design and SEO are two separate things. It is commonly seen that if a website is highly focused for just design purpose, it is not SEO friendly. Therefore, our goal of creating a website should also be to focus on keeping it SEO friendly. Search Engine Traffic is important for our blogs and website and it will only come if you have optimized your website.

With Wix, you need not bother about SEO much as it is already SEO friendly. You can do all that is necessary for SEO with Wix easily.

Mobile-Friendly Templates

All Templates are Mobile Friendly

These days more than half of the Internet is mobile. More of the Internet users are browsing the web from their smartphones and that’s why it’s important for every website on the Internet Today to be mobile-friendly.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Again With Wix, Mobile Friendliness will not be an issue because all of the templates that you get here are mobile friendly and loads up stunningly on all devices of different sizes.

Web Apps

Wix Web Apps adds up custom functionalities to your website.

There are pretty good functionalities that are there on your Wix website by default. But still, you will need some custom functionalities as per your requirement. In that case, Wix Web App Store will help you.

It contains more than 250 apps, each of which adds up some functionality to your Wix Website. It is like plugins in WordPress.

Web Apps Market Wix

There are a number of apps shown in the above screenshot. Some apps are free while others are Premium. The Wix Forum app lets you create a community forum for free. Likewise, to build an eCommerce store, you’ll use the Wix Stores app.

Corvid For Advanced Users

Provides development Interface & Tools to create apps with the Wix platform.

It is for Advanced Web App Development with Wix. It has got features like Built-In IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Serverless Computing, Integrated Database, SEO Compatibility & Front End Design. This service is based on Wix Cloud Environment.

Corvid Advanced Application Development

It is for those people who want to use Wix Platform to create their advanced custom web applications. It is great as Wix provides something for advanced users also.

Hosting & Domain

Use your own Domain, No Hosting Worries

If you are building a website with Wix, you need not worry about hosting. Your website will be hosted by Wix on their servers.

Hosting With Wix

Although you can create a website for Free with Wix, it has got some limitations. The major limitations are limited storage and site is based only on the Wix subdomain. To remove these limitations, you need to upgrade to the premium plan.

With Premium plan, you’ll get some exclusive benefits like Free Domain Name for 1 year.

E-Commerce Ready + Bookings & Other Selling Businesses Websites

Create ECommerce Stores, Community Forums, Booking Websites, Music Selling Sites & More

Wix lets you create any time of the website as per your requirement. You can sell websites from simple E-Commerce stores to book tickets for your event.

What you all have to do is to get the related web application from the Wix App Store and you’re good to go with simple configurable options. For example, if you want to build an eCommerce Store which should be capable of featuring products and so that you can accept orders online with your Wix website, then you can use the Shop App from the Wix App Store. Make sure, some apps are free while most of the exciting & useful apps are premium.

Media Tools

Great Media Tools like Media Galleries

Media is really important on websites these days. It’s the major attraction of any website. That’s why you should always focus on the media part including images and videos. Wix has good tools and plenty number of customizations for images and videos on the website.

Wix Media Tools

You can display multiple images on your website in a beautiful and structured way with Media Galleries offered by Wix Website Builder Tool.

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Other Integrations & Features

Plenty of Other Attractions Like Unlimited Fonts, Scroll Effects, Advanced Design Features, Smart Tips, SSL Certificate & More.

Wix has a lot more to offer. You can choose from hundreds of available fonts but if you are still not satisfied, you can upload fonts of your choice. Apps like the Store app include exciting features like Store Manager, Product Pages, Multiple Payment Methods which lets you accept payment without commission, coupons & discount feature, Worldwide shipping & tax features, etc.

You can also use SSL Certificate with your website which has got several additional minor SEO benefits as well. Similarly, other apps got different exciting set of features & integrations.

Wix Website Builder Cons

Wix is a really great and featureful website builder but it has several minor issues as well. But as compared to the pack of features, these are minor and can be neglected in most of the cases.

Template Switching

You will not be able to switch templates with the perfection level of replacement of the customized content also. New Template has to go with different design concepts and customizations. Therefore, template switching with Wix is not at all easy and can some time be a ridiculous task.

Custom Features Efforts

Wix is customizable and a lot of customization apps are even available. But to customize the things at a deeper, you need to build more efforts in building custom applications. Again, that will require technical knowledge. Therefore, not everything can be done with Wix at ease. Some things will take more effort. And that’s common with most of the website builder like it.

Plans & Pricing

It looks like Wix has different plans & pricing for different countries. It seems like at the time of writing this article, for Indian users, they are offering some special offer and offering only one Premium plan at the cost of only INR 29 per month that will be billed for one year and you’ll get most the features like free domain name for one year and unlimited storage with it. Here’s a screenshot is given below which give you more of its insights.

Wix Special Pricing

Just make sure, this is not for every country. So here below, I’ve given the screenshot of the same Pricing URL page as if it opens up in the US.

Wix Pricing Plans

You can clearly see the starting plan price is $11 per month. Likewise, the pricing for Unlimited & VIP Plan is $14 and $29 per month respectively. In the higher plans, you get access to some premium apps for Free like the Unlimited & VIP Plans gives you the access for Form Builder App and Site Booster App for Free.

Try Wix Website Builder For Free ✨

All of these plans allows you to connect your custom domain name with the Wix website and removes any kind of ads appearing as well. At your time of reading this review and country location, the pricing and plans might vary. But just make sure you choose the plan with features that match your requirement.


Wix Website Builder is a good tool to create professional websites. And I also recommend it to those people who have no or less technical knowledge and they want to get the website ready with drag and drop method or with simple customizations. But if you want to build a highly professional eCommerce store which is expected to grow within a few months, you should go with better available eCommerce platforms like Shopify & BigCommerce.

Wix is good for small eCommerce businesses. Likewise, this thing is applicable for a website based on other businesses as well. For personal blogs and websites, It is a good choice.

If you can be a little bit technical and can learn the things on your own, I would highly recommend you to Shift to platforms like WordPress and WooCommerce for better website management, customization, and growth. In that case, you have to manage things like Hosting yourself. There are plenty of tutorials available online to help you build great websites with these tools. But for non-technical and beginner users, Wix is a great website builder tool to start.

Also, as stated on their homepage as well, Free Website Builder. You can create blogs and websites with subdomains and limited features for Free. Therefore, before actually going with any of the Premium plans of it, you can try it for Free.

Try Wix Website Builder For Free ✨

We’ve compared different website builder tools and have published a list of the best ones with brief details of each. The link for it is given below.

My Rating For Wix Website Builder

I’d rate 4.5 stars to this cool website builder tool.

So, that’s our review of Wix Website Builder. If you found it useful, do share it with others who might find it useful as well. Also, feel free to ask your questions in the comments section below.

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