Top 10 Programming Languages in 2020

Top 10 Programming Languages

This article features the list of Top 10 Programming Languages in the world for the year 2020. The programming language is all that we know to make things happen with a computer system. IT is an emerging and rapidly evolving field. Every other day, we hear of something new in this field of computer science and programming languages. There are hundreds of programming languages available these days. You can check out this huge list of 256 programming languages published by

It is practically impossible for any of us to get their hands on all of these languages. And obviously, there’s no use of getting familiar with all because not all of them are equally powerful. Some languages are good while others are not so good. Some solve our purpose easily, some with difficulty, while others are not at all able to solve our purpose. The times of programming are changing rapidly, and new programming languages trends are coming every other day.

Well, above all some languages have gained extreme popularity among the developers globally. Most of the people usually are scared of doing programming, but whoever wanted to do it, wants to get started with the best language(s). But have the same question in mind, which one is the best programming language to start with?

Well, no one language can be called as the best or worst, but definitely, there are some top languages which are ruling the world of programming. This article features a list of such languages, labeled as the Top 10 Programming Languages in 2020.

Top 10 Programming Languages in 2020

We have ranked the various programming languages in this list of Top 10 Programming Languages according to different points, which you’ll understand yourself, once you’ll have a quick reading of the description of each of these.

1. Javascript


Without any doubts, Javascript is the widely used programming language along with HTML & CSS for web development as well as other dynamic applications. It is different from most of the other programming languages. It was initially developed to enable dynamicity in the websites but later on, found so useful that it is now being used for much more purposes. It is so powerful that the software which was previously developed in different languages for different platforms are now being developed in this single language and used in multiple web-browsers access any of the platforms.

The web browsers, like Chrome & Firefox, have taken Javascript to a whole new level along with some other features like HTML5 Technologies like Canvas. Javascript is also the mother language for various popular web and mobile application development frameworks like React or Angular. Even over the past few years, StackOverflow has recognized javascript as the choice of most of the developers across the world.

Javascript is basically the programming language of the web, but as with further development like Node.js, it can also be used to create various server-based or serverless applications as well. W3Schools on their official website have provided the tutorial of Javascript from very basic to advanced level in a very good way and I highly any beginner to start learning Javascript right away. The link is given below.

2. Python

PythonPython is again a very popular language and has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years due to its use in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Python is also syntactically awesome. It is written alike normal English Language. They have tried to make the language as simple to write as we instruct somebody normally in the English Language. Many things are great in Python and unlike other languages like the use of indentation instead of curly braces for loops and blocks.

It is not a new language. It has been there from more than 20 years now. But it has been constantly updating and new things are coming every other day to this language. Python has tough of all fields and platforms. You can make complex command-line programs to GUI software with it.

Another great part of Python is the module(s). There are thousands of different modules available for Python. Each module gives you something special and more power to do. For example, there is a module(s) to translate text, to convert text to speech, to convert speech to text, to draw and plot graphs, to do web scraping, to do the complex mathematical calculation and so on.

Python has been evolved as the language which is highly used for Machine Learning purposes. Even in different Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence courses, python is taught globally. Again, on W3Schools, they have shared a great tutorial series from a very basic level to Advanced level on Python, the link of which is given below.

3. Java

JavaJava is the most popular language of the previous decade. It has got the highest user base with over 3 billion devices running on Java. It was created in 1995. Since then, it has rapidly grown. Although new and better languages have been coming into the market it has never faded away from its presence. Therefore, still, it is at number three, if you want to get started with programming.

Java has got very diverse use. It can be used to develop web pages and server-based applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, games and much more. Java had been the only language to develop applications for Android, which is the most popular Mobile Operating System in the world, until they provided support for C++ or Kotlin, now the official language of Android.

The best part of Java is the code base remains the same and it can compile for different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux and other operating systems using the JVM mechanism. It is open-source and free. Java is also known highly for its security features. Because it has been there for almost 25 years and has got a huge userbase, it has also got a huge community of helping developers. A lot of learning material and problem solutions are also available online for almost all kind of problems in Java.

Java is also an object-oriented language and shares some similarities with C++. If you really want to get perfection in the OOPS concept, then I highly recommend you to get your hands on Java first.

4. PHP

PHP, one of my most favorited languages and the lPHPanguage that is ruling the Internet for server-based scripting. PHP is the acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor. Well, it is also one of the simplest languages that anybody can learn easily. The first things that everybody love about this language, is that it is a scripting language, so you’re gonna see the output in the browser window rather than a boring command-line interface.

The need for PHP arises when there was no scripting language which is as powerful as C or C++. Using C or C++ for server-based web applications was not a good choice. Therefore, PHP came into existence in 1994. It is among the two leading server scripting languages. The other one is ASP.NET by Microsoft. Still, PHP is the most used one with around 70% market share.

Most of the CMS (Content Management System) and Blogging software(s) like WordPress are developed in PHP. WordPress empowers 35% of the whole websites of the world. So, you can estimate how popular PHP is. Even the other 65% of the world’s websites are also expected to mostly be using PHP in a custom way rather than using any CMS or development software(s).

PHP is also the primary language that you’ll get installed on all of the Linux Based Web Servers. As Linux servers keep the major share in the web hosting industry, that’s why PHP is also ruling the web industry. PHP is also a good choice because of its association with other web development languages like HTML or Javascript. Facebook the leading Social Media Networking website is also dependent on PHP.

5. C and C++ (C Plus Plus)

C And C Plus PlusThe first language still taught in most of the courses is C. It is one of the initial programming languages. It first appeared in 1972, almost 47 years ago. Many people will say, if it is this much old, then how it can be still in this list of Top 10 Programming Languages! Well, yes, it has to be there. Being so old, it has got a large user base, and still many applications are dependent on it. It is also one of the simplest programming languages and good to start learning programming concepts.

Further to improvise the power of C and to add up the OOPS concepts, C++ comes into existence. C++ first appeared in 1985, almost 35 years ago as a general-purpose programming language. I believe, even there are better languages than C or C++, but every developer should still be able to write programs in C or C++.

Even if you’re willing for a job in the IT sector or as a software developer, you must know C or C++. These are basic languages used in all kind of programming interviews. Both of these languages also runs on all major platforms. Both of these languages are capable of doing almost what the other top languages are able to do.

Another great reason for learning these two languages is to explore Programming History and Advancements. Every other language came after C or C++ is mostly designed to resolve the issues that we face with C or C++. Learning the issues first and guessing how the other languages, solves it well, simply helps you better understand the world of programming.

6. Swift

SwiftApple has got a huge userbase of its products. They have their own powerful computer operating system Mac and for mobile they have iOS. To create applications in Mac and iOS, Swift is the choice of the developers. It is the language by Apple. Unlike other programming languages, which has been there for a long time, it is one of the newest programming languages. It first appeared in 2014. The first version of Swift was released on September 9, 2014.

In 2015, developer survey of StackOverflow, it won first place for Most Loved Programming Language title and in 2016, the second place for the same title.


7. C# (C Sharp)

C# pronounced as C sharp is designed and developed by Microsoft. It has got a lot of distinguishing features like Probability, Language Integrated Query and Metaprogramming. It is also a simple but modern language that follows the OOPS concepts. It has got major implementations in the Microsoft Windows platform itself. It can be used to create applications for hosted as well as embedded systems.

8. SQL

When it comes to databases, the only language that rules the globe is SQL. It stands for Structured Query Language and one of the simplest and easy to learn languages in the world. Unlike other programming languages, it is rather a Query language. It is used when we have to communicate with the different types of databases to retrieve or store the data. Unlike the use of Relational Algebra to fetch the database details and performing operating in a complex way, SQL provides a simple way of writing your queries in simple English Keywords.

We need to store data in the databases in any kind of applications. That’s why the knowledge of SQL is must for any developer. I highly recommend you to get started with MySQL databases and use SQL in it. MySQL & phpMyAdmin provided a GUI interface using which you can easily learn most out of SQL.

9. Go

GoGo is the programming language by Google. It is an open-source programming language with the purpose of building simple, reliable and efficient software. It is also available for multiple platforms. It is also not that old and first appeared in 2009. It is also known as Golang.

Golang has gained popularity because of its practical implementation in some of the widely used applications throughout the globe. Docker is the new technology empowering the web with containers, doing the job of virtualizing the servers in an easy, better and efficient way. Golang is used in Docker. Likewise, it has got some other applications in Kubernetes, OpenShift, Netflix, InfluxDB, etc.

Let me tell you an interesting part. The Go Language itself is written in Golang. Is it confusing? Read this to clear your confusion.

Golang is also different in its way of design, package management, standard library, static typing, testing support & platform independency. That’s why it deserves to be in this list of Top 10 Programming languages as it has got a good future scope as cloud computing is the future and it is already being used in one of the major aspects of Cloud Computing i.e. Kubernetes.

10. Typescript

TypeScriptTypescript is an open-source programming language by Microsoft. It first appeared in 2012. It is highly influenced by Javascript. The highly popular web application developed and single-page app development platforms like Angular.Js are dependent on Typescript. It simply gives better power of object-oriented programming to simple Javascript.

The typescript was developed to make large web applications and in-browser running large software that again transcompiles to Javascript. On their website, they say Typescript to be the Javascript that scales. This purpose clears from this statement. To build complex applications with Javascript, one should prefer TypeScript.

So, that’s our list of Top 10 Programming Languages for the year 2020. Hope, you found it useful and if so do share it with others who might find this list useful as well. If you have any questions regarding this article in your mind, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. Also, share your views about different programming languages, with our readers.

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