Tools By WTMatter

We’ve developed a number of tools for different purposes and use cases. Here you can find out link to all of those tools.

Case Converter

Converts the text into different text cases such as Lower Case, Upper Case, Title Case, Sentence Case, Alternate Case and Invert Case.

QR Code Generator

Instantly create, view and download QR Code for any of the text content that you type in the textarea. Faster, Simpler and Easy to Use.

The full list of tools available on WTMatter is given below.


  • Color Picker – Pick any color of your choice. Get RGB, RGBA, HSL, HSLA and other information about millions of different colors.
  • MD5 Generator – Converts Plain Text to MD5 128 Bits Message Digest Hash
  • SHA-1 Generator – Converts Plain Text to SHA-1 160 Bits Message Digest Hash
  • SHA-256 Generator – Converts Plain Text to SHA-2 256 Bits Message Digest Hash