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How To Create A Simple Web Server with Python?

Create HTTP Server Python

This is a quick tutorial on how to set up a simple HTTP Web server with Python. Learn to create a web server in any desired directory a single command. Note. This article has been written considering Python Version 3. For earlier versions, please refer here. Creating a simple HTTP Server with Python You can […]

What is Apache? A Detailed Guide For Beginners

Apache Web Server

Apache is open-source software. It is basically a web server and is quite popular across the globe, empowering more than 29% of all websites that are live on the Internet. The official name of Apache Web Server is Apache HTTP Server and Apache Software Foundation develops and maintains it. It is also one of the […]

What is Cron? All You Need To Know About Cron Jobs


In Unix-like Operating Systems, there is a software utility available to schedule different Jobs and it is known as Cron. In other words, it is simply a scheduler which can be used to run any script supported by the operating system periodically. It can be used to run different kind of tasks automatically on a […]