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Python Command Line Arguments and Options

Command Line Arguments And Options

This is a detailed tutorial of the Python Command Line Arguments. Learn to parse the command-line options and arguments to get their values in the program. Python Command Line Arguments Let’s say there’s a Python file named hello.py and we want to execute it from the command line. We’ve to write the following command. python […]

PHP MySQL CRUD Tutorial For Beginners

PHP MySQL CRUD Tutorial For Beginners

Learn how you can create CRUD API with PHP and MySQL. It’s a Beginner’s guide for performing select, insert, update and delete operations on the database. CRUD APIs provide access to database operations from different platforms and environments. One can create a web, desktop or even mobile application by using the same API. The combination […]

Python For Loop – Different Types of For Loops With Examples

Python For Loops

In any programming language, for loops are commonly used for iteration purposes. In Python for loop is used if you want a sequence to be iterated. The sequence could be anything like a list, a dictionary, a string, a set, etc. The usage of for loop in python is similar to most of the other […]

How To Install WordPress Plugins? (3 Different Methods)

Install WordPress Plugins

Plugins are the major reasons behind the success of WordPress. You just need to think of any feature to include on your website and you’ll surely find a plugin to add that feature in your site, really quick without making any hard code changes to your site. There are more than 50,000 plugins available on […]

How to Create a Blog on Blogger? It’s Free

How To Create A Blog On Blogger

This article features a step by step guide for creating a blog on the Blogger platform for Free. Blogger was formally known as Blogspot and allows you to create free blogs with a subdomain, .blogspot.com. You can also connect your own top-level domain name to your Blogger blog and that even for Free. It’s just […]

How to Start A Blog in 2020? – Ultimate Guide For Beginners

How To Start A Blog Guide For Beginners

Got the idea of showing your online presence with a blog? Then, this guide will help you to understand how to start a blog. Before getting started, you should know that blogs are of different types and can be created in a number of different ways. You can create a free blog with some of […]