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What is Pseudocode? How to write Pseudocode?


Pseudocode is gaining popularity in the world of information technology. The system of Pseudocode has helped a lot of non-programmers to understand the coding work required for their project and many budding programmers to learn programming languages quickly. It has also helped programmers and non-programmers to review scientific research papers where coding is involved. But […]

Computer Programming – All You Need To Know About It

Computer Programming

Find out What is Computer Programming, Who are Programmers? What are their skills, roles and why you should learn computer programming? We all know that computers can do anything we want them to do. Let’s say, if you want the computer to calculate a simple mathematical question, 8+8, it can do it. Similarly, when it […]

Octal To Decimal Conversion In Python

Octal Decimal Conversion Python

This is a quick tutorial on how you can convert an octal number to decimal in Python. The vice-versa i.e. Decimal To Octal Conversion in Python is also explained. Octal To Decimal Conversion You can use the int function in python with base 8 to convert an octal number to its decimal form. The syntax […]