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Cryptography – All You Need To Know About It


Find out what is cryptography, its types and principles. Learn about Encryption, Decryption and Steganography along with Symmetric and Asymmetric keys. The video given below is the video presentation for this article. Nowadays, encryption has become an essential part of the IT industry. It has become so crucial that every one of us has once […]

The OSI Model – Explanation, Layers, Advantages and Disadvantages

OSI Model

This article explains the OSI Model along with a detailed explanation for its 7 layers. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of this networking model. When we talk about a networking model, the two models which come to our mind are: TCP / IP model and the OSI model. A networking model describes how data / […]

TCP/IP Model – Explanation, Layers, Pros and Cons

TCP IP Model

Find out what is the TCP/IP Model, how does it work, what are its advantages and disadvantages. This article also explains its four different layers. We all know communication has become an integral part of our day to day lives. Humans, animals and even machines need to communicate with each other for various purposes. Yes, […]

IPv4 vs IPv6 – The Difference With Detailed Explanation

IPv4 Vs IPv6

IPv4 and IPv6, both of the Internet Protocols are explained in detail and then the tabular difference has been provided for better understanding. IP Addresses IP stands for Internet Protocol. IPv4 and IPv6 represent the two different versions 4 and 6 of the Internet Protocol. IPv6 is also the latest version of Internet Protocol. In […]

Find IP Address Of Your Computer (Windows, Mac & Linux)

Find IP Address

IP Address is the identity of your computer over a local or public network. Follow this step by step guide to find out the IP address of your computer. You can find out the IPv4 as well as IPv6 address of your machine in no more than 5-10 seconds. Most of the time, when we […]