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What is DBMS? Types, Applications, Advantages & Disadvantages

Database Management System DBMS

Find out what is DBMS (Database Management System) and its different types along with the various advantages and disadvantages of this system. Important terms and definition Database By definition, a database is an organized collection of various related data, which is generally stored or accessed electronically from a server or any computer system. Usually, these […]

SQL LENGTH Function Tutorial


This is a detailed tutorial of the LENGTH Function in SQL. Learn to find the number of characters of the column values using the LENGTH function. SQL LENGTH Function The LENGTH Function in SQL is used to find out the number of characters of a given string. This way, you can easily find out the […]

SQL Query To Find Duplicate Records

SQL Query To Find Duplicate Records

This is a detailed tutorial of querying duplicate records in a database table. Learn the SQL Query to find out completely or partially duplicate rows. Duplicate Table Records There might be cases when you require to find out the duplicate records of a database table. The duplicate records refer to the table rows who are […]

Rename A Column In MySQL

Rename Column MySQL

This is a quick tutorial on how you can rename a column name in MySQL databases. Steps to rename column with ALTER TABLE statement are illustrated. Rename Column ALTER TABLE Query Syntax The most generic query to rename a column of a MySQL database table is written below.

You may or may not need […]

SQL Select Distinct Statement

SQL Select Distinct Statement

Learn how to select only distinct (unique) values from the database tables using the SQL Select Distinct Statement. It fetches duplicate rows as one. Use of Select Distinct Statement Sometimes database tables may include entire duplicate rows or some columns containing duplication values in rows. In the case, our requirement is only to fetch the […]

PHP MySQL CRUD Tutorial For Beginners

PHP MySQL CRUD Tutorial For Beginners

Learn how you can create CRUD API with PHP and MySQL. It’s a Beginner’s guide for performing select, insert, update and delete operations on the database. CRUD APIs provide access to database operations from different platforms and environments. One can create a web, desktop or even mobile application by using the same API. The combination […]