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macOS Vs Windows – Comparison with Advantages and Disadvantages

Windows Vs MacOS

Featuring the detailed comparison between the two popular OS, macOS and Windows along with their features, benefits, advantages and disadvantages. Are you confused between macOS and Windows? Then this is the perfect platform to know which operating system is the best for you. Apple’s macOS and Microsoft Windows are two of the most popular operating […]

Shrug Emoji – How To Type ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ In 1 Second?

Shrug Emoji

This is a quick guide to teach you how you can type shrug emoji in no more than one second in any of your chatting or texting application. Everybody loves to use Emojis (Emoticons) to bring emotions and feelings to the text chats. Although these days, we simply need to choose and tap on the […]