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Overwriting Local Files in Git (Tutorial with Examples)

Git Overwrite Local Files

This is a tutorial on how you can force the git to fetch the remote files & overwrite the local files using the different commands. (git fetch, pull, etc.) Overwrite Local Files with different Git Commands There are cases when you might be trying to use the git pull command to pull everything from the […]

Cloning A Specific Git Branch

Cloning A Specific Git Branch

This is a detailed tutorial on cloning a specific git branch. Learn to duplicate a single branch with git without any additional data from other branches. How To Clone A Specific Git Branch? Sometimes, you might be wanted to clone just a single and particular git branch. The default git clone command with –branch the […]

Rename Git Branch – Locally & Remotely

Rename Git Branch Locally & Remotely

This is a quick tutorial on how you can rename a git branch locally as well as remotely. First, you have to rename it locally and the have to push the changes to the remote repository. Renaming Local Git Branch If you want to rename the current local branch, use the following git branch command. […]

Git Set UpStream – What Does It Do & How To Use It?

Git Set Upstream

Git –set-upstream is now used as –set-upstream-to. Previously it was used as git branch –set-upstream <remote-branch> (may still work for many) The basic git –set-upstream-to command is demonstrated below with an example. git branch –set-upstream-to <remote-branch> The use of –set-upstream along with the git branch command was ambiguous, so maybe that’s why they have changed […]