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Sending Emails in Python using SMTP (Tutorial)

Sending Emails Using Python

Follow this step by step tutorial to send emails with Python. Learn to do the SMTP settings and other configurations to send a text or HTML based email. How To Send Emails in Python? As many of your might already know that the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used to send and route the […]

Best Email Service Providers In 2020

Best Email Services

This article features a list of 10 best email service providers along with their features. Listed services offer personal and professional email addresses. Are you looking to make a new mail account? Confused which mail service provider is best for you? Here we have listed ten of the best mail providers (for personal as well […]

Email Names Selection Guide For New Email Addresses

Good Email Names Selection

This is a helpful illustrative guide for choosing good email names for your email addresses. The first thing that is a kind of mandatory if you are using the Internet is an Email Address. It is so important that if you have to communicate with people all over the Internet, you must have an email […]