Submit URL To Google 2020 – Get Indexed Faster!

Submit URL To Google Get Faster Indexing

Google is the ultimate search engine. It craws millions of website URLs every day and indexes them in the search engine so that they can show up them for various keyword searches. By default, if Google automatically crawls your website with time and index your webpages. But what if somebody wants to index the website immediately? Well, there should be some solution for faster indexing in the case. That’s what we’re going to discuss in this article today. It’s a quick tutorial on How to Submit URL to Google and get it indexed faster.

Submitting a URL to Google is actually a very easy task and most of the people are unaware of this fact that they could do it themselves without extra-ordinary backlinking or other not-so-friendly practices. Google has a different crawling rate for different websites. New pages or blog posts of some websites get indexed quickly within minutes after publishing while some websites have to wait for weeks to get their new content indexed in the Search Engine. For the websites, which got their pages index within minutes has a faster crawling rate and maybe Google has to provide it because those websites often update with new content while the others not. Hope, you got the brief idea of Crawling Rate and Indexing.

But websites who do not publish the content that often but still what that their new URLs get indexed quickly without having a higher crawler rate, Google has made something very simple. Let’s find out what.

Steps to Submit URL To Google

You’ll first need to have your website submitted in Google Search Console. Submitting a website to Search Console is very easy and here’s an official guide for it. It is a great platform offered by Google to help them better understand your website. If Google will be able to understand your website better, you are expected to get better Search Engine rankings as well.

Therefore, Google Search Console is an important part of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of any website and every website owner should add his or her website in it. We’ll discuss more of it in some other article, let’s first focus on the current goal.

Once you successfully submit your website to Google Search Console and verify its ownership, you can get the required feature.

Recently, Google Console has got a brand new user interface. Previously, they call the Search Console as Webmaster Tools.

When you successfully, logged into your Search Console account, you will be seeing the interface as shown in the following screenshot. I’ve opened the search console account for this website, WTMatter.

Submit URL To Google With Search Console

Simply Enter the URL that you want to index and hit the Enter button. It will immediately start checking whether the URL is already in Google or not.

URL Inspection By Google Search Console

Once it has done inspecting, which will hardly take 2-4 seconds, it’ll show you the results as shown in the following screenshot.

Request Indexing

As you can see as my URL is already indexed, it’s showing me URL is on Google status. Well, this will not be the case if the URL is new and has not been yet indexed. In that case, just to ensure everything goes well, you can Test the Live URL before indexing.

To finally submit the URL for indexing, click on the Request Indexing link as shown in the above screenshot. It’ll now start testing the live URL. This will take some time as it says a minute or two.

Testing The Live URL

It will put your URL in an indexing queue which is executed at priority. You can submit your URL multiple times but this will not affect the time that it will actually take to index the URL or the position in the queue of indexing.

Indexing Requested Notification

You can also Request Indexing if you’ve changed anything in this webpage with which this URL is associated. Most of the times, I’ve observed that it immediately indexes my URL in Google Search. You need to work hard on SEO to make sure your URLs also rank higher.

Note: Indexing & Ranking are two separate things. This process just indexes the URL and your ranking totally depends upon the other general factors including the keywords, quality of content & usefulness of that content as specific to search to the user.

So, that’s our guide to Submit URL to Google, really quick. Hope you liked it and if so do share it with others who might find this guide useful as well. Please also feel free to share your views in the comments section and ask you questions there too.

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