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Sentence Correction App Grammarly

Are you looking for a Sentence Checker App? Well, you just landed at the right place as in this article, I’ve described a Wonderful Grammar Enhancement tool, Grammarly as a Sentence Checker Tool. I’ve already published the detailed review of Grammarly at the following link.

This article just describes how exactly you can use Grammarly as a Sentence Checker Tool. If you have grown through the above Review, you might be knowing the fact that you can use it on almost any website with the help of browser extension, in Microsoft Word, In Smartphone or even as a Desktop app. They also have a well-furnished web interface for the same.

Steps to Correct Sentences in Grammarly

I am going to demonstrate the examples in the web version for Sentence Checking. I just logged into the web interface and pasted the wrong sentences, and you can see in the screenshots given below, how efficiently Grammarly suggested about the errors and gave correction tips.

The first example is for arrangement errors of Subject & Verbs. In the following sentence, it clearly suggests that for the singular subject part, the verb has should be used instead of has.

Grammarly Sentence Checker Verb Correction In Sentence

Coming to the second example of various sentence fragments correction. Here in the sentence, it suggests the sentence is incomplete and has to be re-written.

Sentence Fragment Checking

The next example is about the comma issues in sentences. Here, it suggests that there should a comma after it.

Comma Issues In Sentences

Likewise, there are a lot more checks that are done by Grammarly for Better Sentence Checking. Not just a sentence checker but it is a full-fledged Grammar Enhancement Tool.

You can start using Grammarly For Free right away, but if you want to get most of its professional features like the advanced checks and plagiarism detection, you should upgrade to the premium plan.

Features of this excellent tool as Sentence Correction App give it 5 Star Rating.

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