How To Add WhatsApp Click To Chat Button/Link?

WhatsApp Click To Chat Link Or Button

This is a Step by Step Guide to add WhatsApp Click To Chat Button or Link in your Website or Blog. A Simple Plugin is also suggested for WordPress Users.

WhatsApp is quite popular these days with over 1.5 billion monthly active users. It is one of the most preferred ways of communication and has replaced SMS & Calls in recent years. Many businesses and websites use WhatsApp as the primary mode of communication. You might have seen various buttons or links on different websites, clicking on which simply open your WhatsApp Messenger on Phone or WhatsApp WebView on Desktop and you can then directly send a message to the concerned person/business without actually saving the number.

Isn’t it great?

Well, Yes, It is.

This is basically a Click To Chat feature offered by WhatsApp to make the communication with new people or businesses simpler. Adding such quick contact links on your website may also help you in Digital Marketing.

Adding WhatsApp Click To Chat On Your Website

Let’s get started and find out how you can add this Click To Chat WhatsApp Button or Link on your website. This can be done in simple steps which are given below.

  1. Create API Link. WhatsApp offers an easy API service to create a connection link to send messages to a WhatsApp number conveniently.

Write your WhatsApp Contact in plain number format along with your Country Code, removing all of the symbols.

Let’s say your WhatsApp Number is  12345-67890 and your country code is +1. So, in this case, the plain number format will be 11234567890. Another example is for a number +91 90837-XXXXX, the plain number format will be 9190837XXXXX.

Now, the required link will be as defined below.<full-whatsapp-number-in-above-specified-plain-format-with-country-code>

Example Links. or

  1. Add the above-generated link to a simple text-based anchor tag or a button-based anchor tag.

<a href="<generated-link>">Send Us A Message</a>

<a href="<generated-link>"><button class="btn btn-success">Send Us A Message</button></a>

Now, whenever a visitor on your website will click on this link or button, he or she will be redirected to the WhatsApp Messenger. If this link will be clicked on the desktop browser, the WhatsApp API will automatically redirect the visitor to the WhatsApp Web Messenger or Desktop App. Similarly, if it is clicked on a smartphone or other WhatsApp supported mobile device, it will directly open the chat of the concerned person/business in the WhatsApp Smartphone Application.

  1. To Add Custom Message Text, add the text in URL Encoded format as a URL parameter labeled as text.

WhatsApp Pre Filled Message

For example, let’s say you want when a visitor clicks on the link, a message becomes available in front of him pre-typed in the message box so that his effort of typing a contact message is reduced and he can contact directly in a single click.

The format of the URL will be as given below.<plain-number-fomat-contact>?text=URLencodedText

Let’s say your pre-filled message is I have a query regarding booking a room. Then the generated link should be as defined below.

You can use any online tool to convert plain text into URL Encoded Text. One such tool is

Adding WhatsApp Click To Chat In WordPress

In WordPress, there are a number of plugins available to make this job of adding WhatsApp Click to chat on your website or blog easily.

Click To Chat Button Customization

Click to chat is a great plugin for the purpose which lets you add the Message button with different styles and customization options.

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