Make Money Blogging in 2020 [The Top 10 Ways]

Make Money Blogging

This article features a list of 10 Ways To Make Money Blogging. We’ve already shared a lot of guides on Blog & Blogging. This is one of the most special guides among them. For most people, one of the primary reasons for running a blog is to earn from it. So, how do people make money from their blogs? If you’re a blogger, you might be aware of some of the ways to make money online with your blog, but I’m sure not all the possible ways. Sometimes, there are a lot of things associated with a blog that can help you earn a huge sum of amount that you’re just unaware of. That’s why in this article, we’ve tried to list most of those ways that can help you monetize your blog in a much better way.

Prerequisites To Make Money Blogging

There are some things that you need to keep in mind if you’re planning to make money from your blog. Well, let’s just not talk about all the different prerequisites for all the different layouts and focus on one thing that you will require for sure if you want to make money blogging.

  • The thing is Traffic.

Without good traffic, you can’t earn money from your blog. So, before looking for the layouts to make money with your blog, you should focus on getting more and more visitors to your blog. There are different ways to derive traffic to your blog. You can derive traffic from search engines, from other websites or from social media. The best among all is to get the search engine traffic, the organic traffic. You can follow our SEO guides to get organic traffic to your blog.

If you want to create more money-making opportunities for your blog, then you need to level up and have to derive targeted visitors to your blog. These are the visitors having higher action intent, usually the intent of purchase.

List of 10 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Given below is the list of different make money blogging ways. This list has been comprised after in-depth research. We’ve tried to explain each of the ways with the help of examples for better understanding, especially for newbies.

1. Blog Monetization With Advertising Networks

The most popular way to monetize a blog is to place advertisements on your blog by joining an Advertising Network or an Ad Program. Google Adsense is the most popular Monetization program. All you need to do is to put some code given by Google AdSense on your blog and you would never need to worry again about its configurations. It will keep on showing relevant and contextual ads on your blog as per your blog visitors and content. Whenever people will view your ad and some will click on the ads, you will earn money.

Blog Monetization With An Advertising Network

These types of ads in which you’re being paid for having the ads clicked by the visitors are known as CPC (Cost Per Click) ads and likewise, whenever you’re being paid for simply visitors viewing your ads, then it is known as CPM ads. Google AdSense offers a mixture of both types of ads. You need to apply for Google AdSense program, their team will first review your blog for quality and content and then only will give you the approval to place ads with them if your blog complies with their Terms and Conditions. Google is strict about the quality and website content and it simply does not give you approval easily. Your blog really needs to be valuable. Therefore, I’d recommend you to apply for Google AdSense only if you’ve sufficient content and good website traffic. Similarly, there are many other Advertising Programs other than Google AdSense that offer you to join them as their publishers and place ads on your blog and earn money., it is the strongest alternative to Google AdSense and is being used by some of the most popular and high traffic websites & blogs across the world. Here’s a great list of AdSense Alternatives that you can read on Kinsta Blog.

Apart from just the display and banner ads, there are special types of blog monetization ads, such as Infolinks using which you can simply monetize the textual content of your blog. You need to find out the right ad network as per the content of your blog and the audience. You can experiment with the different ad networks to consequently see which one works the best for you and is leading to high-quality user experience with the best payouts. Never go with a network that puts low quality, non-contextual and irrelevant ads to your blog. It will simply degrade the experience of your blog visitors.

Having a good amount of traffic on your blog is really important if you want to earn money from ad networks. So, try this way out only once you feel your blog has good incoming traffic. In case, you’re looking to gain traffic on your blog from Search Engines like Google and Bing, you need to follow our SEO guides.

2. Sell Ads Space On Your Blog

You can sell ad spaces on your blog privately without joining any advertising networks as well. But you need to a stage only after that you will start getting opportunities in which you will be contacted by brands and other companies for offers to sell your ad space to them.

Sell Ads On Your Blog

The first thing is that you need to have good blog traffic and online reputation. The companies and advertising firms who are looking online for blogs and websites which they can do advertise for them will check your blog traffic and influencing power. They will check if your blog is enough appealing to the visitors or not.

Clearly mention on your blog that you offer Advertisements on your blog. You can create a separate page for describing the advertising opportunities available on your blog and can hight that page in the menu of your blog. This will help your visitors know that you also offer to sell ad spaces on your blog and if someone will reach upto your blog for looking at advertising opportunities on the Internet, they can contact you easily.

You should write clearly in your Advertising Opportunities page that what type of things you offer for people looking for place ads on your blog. For example, you can mention the different ad locations, available on your blog, their sizes and what types of ads you allow and what not. You can talk about whether you offer textual link-based ads or not. You can check out the Advertise With Us Page of many popular blogs and accordingly you can prepare one for your blog. You can also sell different types of ads on the basis of the media type. For example, image ads or video ads. It is easy to make money blogging this way but getting good advertisers is a tough job.

The best part of selling ads privately is that you can bargain the price that you want for the ad spot on your website and most of the times chances are whenever advertisers are really willing to place ads on your blog, they get ready to pay the amount that you wanted to get for it. So, this way out has a good earning potential.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Monetizing a blog usually demands a huge amount of traffic to earn a huge amount of money. But Affiliate Marketing is such a way out in which you hold the potential of earning a huge amount of money with very limited but target traffic. There are people who search online while going to purchase something. If you can derive such people to your blog, then Affiliate Marketing can help you earn a huge amount of money.

In Affiliate Marketing, you place some affiliate links on your blog and when a visitor of your blog purchases something using your affiliate link, you earn a commission and this commission may be as high as a thousand dollars depending upon the Affiliate program.

I’ve already written a detailed guide on Affiliate Marketing, which you can check out at the following link. In this article, I’ve also shared some tips for bloggers to make money blogging with Affiliate Marketing.

Bloggers can join affiliate marketing programs related to the topic(s) of their blog content. Successful Affiliate marketing with your blog, you really need to work hard to get target organic traffic to your blog. Not just every visitor of your blog is having the earning potential of buying what your marketing. So, in order to get the most targeted users, you need to target people who are searching in the Search Engines for things like reviews and discounts for the product they want to purchase.

For example, if you’re a tech blogger, then you can publish reviews of the latest gadgets that are in demand and in those reviews, you can put your affiliate links. This way, you can target those people who are looking for gadget reviews, just before purchasing them and if they will purchase the product after reading your review, they can immediately buy them using your affiliate link. Likewise, there are many different methods used by bloggers for Affiliate Marketing.

4. Selling Products On Your Blog

You can sell Digital as well as Physical Products using your blog to make money blogging. Most of the time bloggers use their blogs to sell digital products such as their written eBooks and other textual or graphical media. Selling products on blogs works the best if your blog is targeted towards a very particular topic. In other, it works the best if you’re doing niche blogging.

Selling Products On Your Blog

If you’re a blogger and your blog is dedicated to graphic designing and photoshop tutorials, then you can sell your drawn or edited images. You can also ask users to give their orders for image creation and editing. You can sell your courses or tutorials as well. These tutorials may be textual or video content.

When it comes to physical products, it works best if your blog is all about an offline business that manufactures or is somehow associated with some physical products business. One of the best examples is a merchandise or fashion blog. If you’re a fashion blogger, you can sell your created fashion designs and dresses on your blog to the visitors.

Another example is related to selling Digital Products like Ebooks. Consider the case, if you’re a food blogger and regularly publish new food recipes on your blog. You can create a recipe eBook and can sell it on your Food Blog. Hope this gives a clear idea of blog contextual content and selling associated products. Now, you need to think yourselves, what are those things that you can sell to your blog audience.

Self-Hosted WordPress blog owners can easily sell digital content on their blog using the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

5. Create & Sell Memberships

Create & Sell MembershipsAgain, for this method to work, you need to have an audience very much interested in your blog content. You can create membership plans for your blog and therefore, afterward, you can offer some premium and special content only to the paid members of your blog. This is one of the most common techniques used by many esteemed blogs on the Internet. Nobody would like to purchase the memberships on a blog if it’s not appealing.

Most of the time, new visitors come to your blog looking for a free piece of content or the problem to their solution. You need to present your blog content and the premium content to appealing enough to those people. If the visitors can get the content similar to your premium content for free, anywhere else on the Internet, why would they pay for your membership? Therefore, in order to create a successful membership blog, you need to be very creative and have to offer incredibly unique content in your paid membership plans. Innovation and creativity really matter to make money blogging using this method.

This idea works best on blogs offering tutorials on a particular niche. In order to engage visitors to purchase your premium membership, your blog’s free content also needs to be great and enough appealing as well. For example, let’s say you’re offering a course on your blog regarding a particular subject and there are a total of 30 blog posts under this course. You can offer 5-7 posts under the course for Free as a marketing strategy to engage the visitors to become your membership customers.

There are many more tactics used by different bloggers to promote their membership plans. Again, you need to showcase your creativity for a better sale of memberships with your blog. Most of the bloggers are not technical and often ask how they can set up everything related to the management of paid content on their blog. Well, there are a lot of third party services available online that can help you with membership planning and management. In case, your blog is a self-hosted WordPress blog, then there are a lot of free and premium Membership Management plugins available for the purpose.

Paid Memberships Pro and WP-Members Membership Plugin are two popular Free plugins available in the official WordPress Repository that lets you quickly create, manage and sell memberships on your WordPress blog.

6. Sponsored Posts

Guest posts and Sponsored Posts are the two terms in blogging which are often confused with each other. Guest posts are the posts that are being published on your blog by some other blogger or person and you won’t charge them anything for it. But if you charge someone for publishing a post on your blog, it becomes a paid post or a sponsored post. A lot of bloggers and website owners are being contacted by companies, brands and other bloggers to get their posts published on their blogs for a cost that they are ready to pay them.

Sponsored PostsAgain for attracting sponsored post opportunities on your blog, you really need to have a blog with a good reputation and traffic. You can create a separate page on your blog for Sponsored Posts opportunities and can list in the blog menu so that visitors and people looking for Sponsored Post opportunities can know that you offer them. This is similar to creating Advertise With Us Page as we’ve already discussed in the Sell Ads Space On Your Blog section.

This is something that has the potential to earn you a huge amount of money in a single go. Some good brands pay a lot to get their posts published on your blog. They look for factors like Domain Authority, Social Media Following, and overall blog content quality to shortlist your blog for getting their content published. They could have multiple reasons and benefits of getting their posts published on other blogs. Two primary reasons are to influence your audience to show interest in their services or products and the other and major reason is to get one or more backlinks from your blog to their website or blog.

7. Content Marketing & Business Promotions

Content Marketing & Business Promotions

Business Blogs can use the power of content marketing to make money blogging. You create highly influential content on your blog for the targeted audience that can give you huge business benefits. A lot of small business owners have created their blogs online that target a specific audience that might be interested in purchasing the products and services of the business. This way, businesses can indirectly earn a huge amount of money by using their blog as the main hub for their marketing strategies.

You must create your blog profiles on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. for a better blog-specific content marketing. You can get referral traffic from these platforms to your blog. This way you also get sponsored post and digital influencing opportunities directly on your Social Media pages as well. Bloggers also earn money by doing marketing and promotion for others using their Social media pages and associated audience.

8. Offering Services

This is one of the most successful ways to make money blogging. You can offer services related to your blog niche. For example, if you’re an artist or a graphic designer, you can offer services like designing images or image editing. If you’re a good content writer, then you can offer content writing services on your blog. This way, the services offering opportunities are limitless and completely depends upon the topic of your blog and your personal interests.

Offering ServicesYou can offer a lot of different services such as Consultation & Coaching, Tutoring, Copywriting, etc. Let me take the example that we’ve already discussed in this case. Say, you’re a photoshop blogger and you publish about different tutorials of creating and editing different types of images on your blog. People come to your blog and read out those tutorials. But not all of the people will be so advanced to follow the tutorial properly or would have enough time to do so.

Being a subject professional, you can do the same in lesser time and with better performance. Therefore, you can offer the service to create the same what you offer in the tutorial as a premium or paid service. A lot of bloggers earn a lot of money every day by selling such kind of services online on their blogs and websites.

Organizing Online Or Offline Events

9. Organizing Online or Offline Events

Blogging is all about engaging a particular set of audience in your content. You can organize paid seminars for your blog audience. These seminars or other events can be offline or online. Most of the bloggers prefer to organize online special classes for the paid members of their blogs, simply because organizing online events are hassle less than offline events.

These kinds of events and online seminars are quite popular in Digital Marketing blogs. A lot of blogs publish digital marketing tips and tricks on their blogs and they often organize paid webinars in which they share their personal experience or anything else which can be considered as special to the audience of the blog. Similarly, a lot of personal blogs share ther vlogs as a part of their premium content strategy by organizing webinars and stuff like that.

Even offline workshops and seminars are also a popular strategy for many professional bloggers. One of my clients has a business and productivity blog. He shares tips, tricks, and tutorials on his blog which helps employees working in the management business sector. With this blog, he got enough fame in the companies, that they call him to conduct seminars and workshops in the company to train their employees. This is the power of blogging and marketing. The earnings by organizing offline events and seminars hold the major share of overall income of many such bloggers.

10. Donations, Selling Blogs & Other Stuff

There are lots of other stuff that you can do to make money blogging. One of such ways is asking your visitors to donate. This is certainly not a good way because you should ask for a donation only if you’re offering something really good for everyone with your blog at no cost. Only then, people will show their interest to donate to your blog.

Donations, Selling Blogs & Other Stuff

You can also create and sell blogs. Let’s say you’re a good programmer or web developer. You can help other bloggers who are new into the field of blogging and do not have technical knowledge. A lot of people look for people to technically manage their blogs. You can be the one and developers usually get good pay. Similarly, you can be the content writer for someone’s blog.

Content Writers are highly in demand in the blogosphere. Blogs survive on content and it is such a kind of job which is never going to have lesser demands. So, if you’re good and fast at writing content, you can unlock numerous opportunities to make money blogging.

Do you know any other ways to make money with a blog? Do share it with our readers in the comments section.

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