Hostinger Web Hosting Review 2020

Hostinger Web Hosting Review

Hostinger is one of the most popular hosting companies that offer different types of web hosting services. One special thing about Hostinger is that their pricing is so affordable. They are on an average 50% more cheaper than its competitive web hosting companies. This article is a detailed review of Hostinger Web Hosting services with Pros and Cons. We’ll first have a quick overview of Hostinger and then we’ll divide the review into two sections, Pros and Cons.

Hostinger Web Hosting Overview

Hostinger offers all types of web hosting services as well as domain name services. They offer shared web hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Email Hosting, CMS Hosting, Ecommerce Hosting, and Windows Hosting. Hostinger is one of the cheapest web hosting services companies. Their prices are so affordable and starts @ $0.80 per month.

Most of the times, it is seen that the cheap web hosting companies are not able to provide quality web hosting services but it is not the case with Hostinger. It offers high-quality services with Industry Level Standards.

Pros of Hostinger Web Hosting

The various benefits of using Hosting Web Hosting are discussed in this section.


Uptime is one of the most important criteria for judging the quality and ability of a web hosting company. Your website server should always remain connected to the network so that it could be accessed from anywhere in the word at any instance of time. It may cause you a huge loss in various terms even if your website is down for several minutes. That’s why uptime should be maximum.

With Hostinger, uptime is not an issue. In most of the test cases, the uptime of Hostinger Web Hosting services has been found to be 99.95% on an average.

Free Domain Name, SSL & Website Builder

We all love free goodies and with Hostinger Web Hosting we get access to a Free Domain name and a very cool website builder. Free Domain is available with the Business and Premium web hosting plans. Likewise, you also get a Free SSL certificate with the Business plan.

Website Builder is a good feature offered by Hostinger. It makes quite simple for the beginners to make a website on the go using simple drag and drop techniques.

Hostinger Website Builder

A lot of template and design options are available in this website builder which can help you to create beautiful websites on the go. Make sure the Free Domain name is only an initial offer and for the remaining time period, renewal of the domain name will cost you the normal price.

Data Centers Around The Globe

They have data centers around the globe. The maximum number of data centers around the different geographical locations ensures the maximum delivery of the content and minimizes the server response times. Their data centers are connected to tier 3 network and they have their data centers reportedly in 7 different regions.

Hostinger Web Servers

They also provide protection again DDOS attack. They do daily backups and they make use of LVE containers for account-isolation. They also make use of the latest hardware technologies like SSD to improvise the overall speed of their web servers. They also make use of the protocols like HTTP/2 and have IPv6 enabled. They also utilize the latest version of PHP 7.

Server Response Time

Hostinger Server Response Time

Server Response Time is the time to receive the first byte from the web server to the client’s browser. It should be the minimum and as per recommendations, it should be less than 600 ms. Hostinger provides industry-leading server response time of on an average of 350 ms for a basic WordPress website having the default 2019 theme installed on it.

We can not have an exact figure for the server response time due to the reason that it depends upon various factors. Basically, the request to the server is being sent in just a few milliseconds, the server side scripting language, say PHP, has to process the data first and then have to serve it. And it takes time. Therefore it further depends upon the computation logic and amount of data the web page has to handle. That’s why I said, the response time of WordPress site with default installation settings took this much time.

Anyways, the server response time is pretty good. This is one of the major reasons to choose Hostinger Web Hosting.

Usability and Custom Management Panel

Most of the web hosting companies offer cPanel with their web hosting services. cPanel is the industry standard type of thing to manage web hosting.  We can manage each and every aspect of our web hosting service easily with cPanel. But what if i say, you do not get cPanel with Hostinger?

Will it be a negative impression in your mind? Well, It does not provide regular cPanel.

It offers a custom control panel, which I should say is amazing and easy to use. They call is as their unique hPanel. They say that they have come with this better control panel after 10 years of continuous feedback from the users.

Hostinger Control Panel

Their control panel is also optimized for Mobile, which is great. Most of the times, this is a problem that the custom control panels are not mobile friendly and sometimes if you wanted to quickly access something in the control panel it becomes difficult for you.

That’s why I personally really liked this custom control panel effort put by Hostinger.

Money Back Guarantee

Every quality web hosting company should have at least this much trust on their services as Hostinger has. Not every web hosting company offers a money back guarantee. Only the companies which believe that their customers will be fully satisfied by the offerings offer a money back guarantee.

Hostinger also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the services of Hosting, you can ask for a refund.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Thus, the risk of losing something on not getting as what is expected is not there with Hostinger. You can go with their services without any doubts about losing some money for not what you actually expected.

Best in Class Performance

Performance is another major factor. Performance is directly dependent upon the resources of your web hosting. To serve more website traffic, you’ll need more resources. Let’s take an example, there are two web hosting companies, A and B. Both offer shared web hosting features having the same resources set and similar pricing as well. If we check the same website on both the hosts, there’s a difference between the traffic handling capacity. And from where’s that difference comes from?

Hostinger Performance

That difference may be because of the use of innovative technologies. Most of the web hosting companies still make use of traditional technologies for accounts isolation on shared web hosting environments. Although, the performance is maximized in all cases still the same environment cannot beat the performance of latest technology containers technology.

Hostinger makes use of Linux Containers (LVC) for account isolation, which is good for overall server performance. There may be many internal things that they might be doing to improve the performance. But without any doubts, they are offering wonderful performance for such affordable pricing.

Unlimited Features

They have put no limitations on things like Bandwidth, MySQL Databases, Parked domains, FTP Accounts and Email accounts in their Premium and Business Level plans. Even you can create an unlimited number of websites in Premium and Business plans. Although, they say that they offer unlimited things you should always keep in mind this thing that nothing is actually unlimited in case of web hosting. Your sites are hosted on some finite server with some finite resources, so how the things could be unlimited.

Hostinger Unlimited Features

It simply means that they have just set the upper limit. But there will be a limit after which your hosting will be of no use. But anyways, you can have a fairly good number of websites and other features. Make sure that most of the unlimited features are provided only in Premium and Business plans and in the starting plan, the resources are very limited. Therefore, you should at least go with the Premium plan of Hostinger to feel the real joy of Hostinger Web Hosting.

Cheap Pricing

One of the major reasons, why they are selling their services to a lot of new people every day. They are very affordable than other quality web hosting services. Most of the web hosting services have their shared web hosting prices starting from around $3 but Hostinger is starting the offering of its Shared Web Hosting services only @ $0.80.

Hostinger Affordable Pricing

At the time of writing this review, they offer the starting plan at the mentioned cost in the screenshot, when purchased for a longer term. But the prices might be different when you are reading but not much. Still, the price comes in the affordable category. You should just keep in the mind that this price will be offered to you per month if and only if you subscribe and pay for a long duration of time like in years.

Customer Support

In the Web Hosting Industry, Customer support matters a lot and is an important metric for review. Even a good web hosting company with not so good support will have a negative impression. Hostinger offers quality support in time.

Hostinger Support

They offer live support 24/7/365. Therefore, when you feel into some trouble with the hosting services, you can ping them and can get your problems solved with the Customer Support Assistance.

Cons of Hostinger Web Hosting

Hostinger is definitely a good web hosting company but you should also look at the cons at the same time before making any judgment to go with it.

Affordable Only For Longer Terms

See the following screenshot. You can clearly see that the price of $0.80 per month is only applicable if and only if you opt for 48 months or 4 years.

Hostinger Pricing Con

In other words, you have to subscribe at least for 4 years in order to get maximum discount on the original price. This way you will save around $345 and will get the 4 years hosting just for $38.40 which is quite cheap. Make sure afterward, the renewal cost will be at normal price.

Also, if you subscribe just for one month and go on monthly renewal policy, you’ll have to pay $7.99 every month for the most basic plan. Isn’t that strange? But yes, that’s the pricing trick used by almost all of the web hosting companies.

Custom Control Panel, Not For Advanced Users

Advanced users who might want to explore the most of hosting, might not be impressed with their custom hPanel. cPanel is the industry standard and most of the advanced users might be wanting it to be here also. But unfortunately, it’s not there. Beginner and Normal users will not face any issue as most of the aspects are offered in their custom control panel.

These are the only two cons that I could find. You can suggest any other in the comments section, which we can add here after analysis.

Plans & Cost

Let’s have a quick look at the plans of different types of web hosting services offered by Hostinger. As there are so many different types of web hosting, here we’ve quickly shown the screenshots the various pricing plans of different types and quoted about each of them in brief.

Shared Web Hosting

Hostinger is a popular choice among the people because of its affordable and quality shared web hosting plans. Shared Hosting plans are good for beginners and for those who just want to get started online and don’t want to spend much on things like hosting.

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting Plans

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud is the future and Hostinger offers the following plans for Cloud Web Hosting. Cloud Hosting is a cheap option to choose when you require some dedicated resources and power. Their cloud web hosting is optimized for WordPress with features like One-Click installer.

Hostinger Cloud Web Hosting Plans

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are good to choose when you have to handle a good amount of traffic with dedicated resources. Hostinger VPS Hosting is great with all necessary features. You can even compare the various plan in the following screenshot as per their Geekbench score, which is a score based on the performance output.

Hostinger VPS Hosting Plans

WordPress Hosting & ECommerce Hosting

Hostinger offers application-specific Hosting services such as WordPress Hosting and for other eCommerce applications like WooCommerce Hosting, Magento Hosting, etc.

These plans are similar to the default Shared Web Hosting plans just with some specialized features, nothing special.

Windows VPS

To run ASP.NET applications, we require Windows VPS. Hostinger also offers different plans for Windows Virtual Private Servers. Windows VPS comes with Windows Server 2012 Layout and High-level Enterprise Data Backups. You’ll also get dedicated IP.

Hostinger Windows VPS Hosting

  • They also offer several other types of hosting such as Minecraft Server Hosting, Email Hosting and CMS Hosting etc, which you can check out at their official website.

Hostgator, Bluehost and Siteground are another great web hosting services, reviews of which you can check out by following the given links.


Overall, Hostinger seems to be a high-quality web hosting service which is cheap at the same time. If you talk about a Good Web Hosting company which is quite cheap for their plans at the same time, then Hostinger is the option to choose. Hostinger is a good choice for beginner and blogging aspirants. Most of the basic blogs which are not expected to receive huge traffic immediately can opt for their shared web hosting plans for the longer term.

They are good in every term like support and performance. We’ve already talked about these factors in the Pros section in detail. Just keep these things in mind and compare with the other competitors. You’ll find that Hostinger is providing the same good features but at a cheaper price. That’s why there would be nothing wrong in Calling Hostinger services, the real value for money. You pay for the actual hosting power.

Consequently, we recommend Hostinger because of its good performance offered at a great price.

My Rating For Hosting Web Hosting Services

I’d like to rate 4.5 stars for this affordable but quality web hosting.

So, that’s our review of Hostinger Web Hosting. If you have any questions regarding this article about Hostinger, please feel free to ask us in the comments section and let us know which web hosting service do you prefer to host your website or blog. Do share this article with others who might find it useful as well.

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