HostGator VPS Web Hosting Review 2020

HostGator VPS Hosting Review

Websites getting lots of traffic require more hardware resources to host their website. We’ve already talked about the limitations of Shared Web Hosting, which you can find here and we have received selectively the shared web hosting of HostGator also. VPS (Virtual Private Hosting) is the next option to choose if a shared hosting environment is not working good for your website or blog. Therefore, this article is going to be a detailed HostGator VPS Web Hosting Review.


Before starting the review, let’s talk about how VPS is different from the shared environment. In VPS, we get dedicated but still shared resources. In other words, the hardware resources of a single web server are divided into fixed and dedicated resources further. In a shared hosting environment, at a time some website might be using at a time 10% of the hardware resource and the other might be using 50% of the hardware resource of the same web server. But it’s not the case with VPS. In VPS, you get the fixed percentage of resource for all time. If they have a server, they have divided it into 5 Virtual Servers, i.e. each server has the 20% capacity all time, then it is VPS.

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The approach of VPS is to make use of the fundamentals of shared hosting in a dedicated way. That’s why VPS lies in the middle of shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting. HostGator VPS Hosting is basically Managed Linux VPS Hosting. In other words, they offer their virtualized Linux web servers. For better understanding, think of VPS as just fixed resources amount that you are going to certainly get.

VPS Hosting is also aimed for scalability. In case your website demands even more resources, you should be able to scale to higher VPS plan easily within clicks and that’s all possible because of the virtualization of servers technology.

Features of HostGator VPS Hosting

The various features offered by HostGator VPS Web Hosting are discussed below.

Dedicated Resources

Although it’s VPS, you are getting the autonomy on the fixed resources. It’s the same power as a Dedicated server but at a lesser cost. One major aspect of this hosting is that you get full root access of the server, you can install whatsoever you want to install on the server, unlike the shared hosting in which you are restricted to the installation of certain supported applications only. You can install the OS and Control Panel of your choice. It is like you are just a given a machine and you can do whatsoever you want to do with that machine. On their website, they have mentioned they are using resources of Industry Leaders like Intel and AMD to provide the best of processing power in their VPS.

That’s why their VPS service is one of the fastest in the market of VPS Hosting.

Network Security & Robustness

HostGator is using various network security technologies which are based on the multi-layer level security concept. It ensures the maximum optimized delivery of the services of your VPS. The servers are placed in a modern data center with state of the art technology. To improvise the data protection, they say on their website that they use, RAID 10 disk configuration.


This is the most important feature that any VPS should have and HostGator’s VPS has this feature at its Best. You can add more resources to your VPS server whenever required with a single click of your mouse. There is a huge benefit of scalability. You only pay for more resources, when you actually wanted to use them. Therefore, you end up saving a huge at the end. If your website traffic is not that high, you can start with lesser resources and as the traffic keeps on growing, you can continue scaling up the VPS resources from time to time.


When it comes to functionality, it’s amazing. As you get the full server access, you can do anything with it. You can host unlimited domain names, email accounts, subdomains, FTP accounts or whatsoever else you want. You can also create your private nameserver with HostGator Managed VPS.

You also get a free set of tools with your VPS which makes your management even simpler. You can things like scripts installer which reduces your manual efforts of setting up everything manually.

Off-Site Backups

They automatically perform an Off-Site Backup of their private VPS server to ensure the safety of the Data. Make sure these backups are Off-Site and may be used by the company itself in the worst cases. You should always do the backups yourself whenever required. Here’s a guide that I published recently, to backup and restore your WordPress website(s).

IP Addresses

You’ll get 2 IP Addresses with all of the VPS plans offered by HostGator. IP Addresses makes the work of management quicker and remote access of the server becomes even easier.


They offer unlimited migrations only if the website has to be transferred from a cPanel to cPanel. In other words, if on your previous server irrespective of its type, if your site was managed with cPanel, and on this new VPS, the server you are also using cPanel, then they can do free cPanel to cPanel migration. They have an upper limit of a maximum of 90 migrations set for other control panels and complexities.

HostGator VPS Hosting Plans and Cost

HostGator offers 3 plans for its VPS Hosting. These are:

  • Snappy 2000
  • Snappy 4000
  • Snappy 8000

The pricing of plans starts @ $29.95 per month.

HostGator VPS Hosting Plans And Cost

The resources that we get in each of these plans are clearly mentioned in the screenshot. An even better comparison of these plans is given the following screenshot.

Plans Comparison

If you are confused regarding which plan to start with, you should look at the resources. Check what amount of resources will be enough to currently running your website smoothly. You can scale anytime if required in the future.

You’ll get the maximum discount when you subscribe to the plan for the maximum time period. The prices mentioned in the screenshot plans are if and only if you subscribe to them for 3 years. For one month, the price will be maximum.

Installation of cPanel will also cost your extra every month. So, if you are willing to save money, you should have technical knowledge of setting up the VPS with various Freely available Hosting management control panels. But undoubtedly cPanel is the best and worth the money. At the time of money, you’ll be asked whether you want to get cPanel or not. You can clearly see the price difference at that time.

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Pros & Cons of HostGator VPS

Although most of the aspects of HostGator VPS hosting are good to go but we should have a quicker look at the cons as well.


  • Network Security Focused
  • Good Hardware Resources
  • IP Addresses
  • FREE Migrations
  • Scalability & Functionality


  • Cost is slightly more
  • Manual Management if you don’t want to go with cPanel at an extra cost

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you need to be technical to manage HostGator’s VPS Server?

HostGator gives you the option to go with cPanel at the signup time and obviously at an extra cost. If you choose that option, management becomes easier and you need not be much techy then. But in a semi-managed environment, if you don’t want to go with your own custom management software, you need to be techy enough to install OS and various other scripts according to your requirement.

How much traffic could be handled by the HostGator VPS?

It depends on the plan and the type of application you are using on your VPS. For example, if you are hosting a WordPress website on HostGator VPS, it also further depends on the WordPress site factors like the theme, plugins, etc. Therefore, no exact figure or range could be evaluated for this answer. But obviously its much better and faster than shared hosting environments and you can get the feel of Dedicated hosting with it. VPS usually handles a lot of traffic amounts easily. Whenever you feel the VPS is not able to handle the current amount of traffic, you can scale up your resources.

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My Rating For HostGator VPS Hosting

I’d like to rate 4.5 starts to HostGator VPS. I feel the monthly cost if not buy the subscribe for 3 years is slightly more. That’s why I could not give a full 5 stars.

I hope, this article would have helped you to come to a conclusion about the HostGator VPS Web Hosting. Let me know what are your personal opinions about this hosting service. If you have any questions regarding this article, please feel free to ask them below in the comments section.

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