Hostgator Review 2020 – Pros, Cons, Cost & Comparison

Hostgator Review

Hostgator is one of the most popular web hosting companies. It is popular to the extent that whenever the word Web Hosting is discussed, Hostgator comes into the discussion. Therefore, in a lot of rankings and reviews published by people and websites throughout the world, you can often spot Hostgator at the Top. This article is going to be a detailed Hostgator Review by focusing on most of the hosting services and other additional services it offers.

Hostgator is basically a Houston, Texas (US) based web hosting company which offers a different kind of web hosting solutions. It is owned by Endurance International Group. It was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley and is now serving to its customers from almost 16 years now. Therefore, Hostgator is one of the most experienced Web Hosting company also. So, this’s is just a brief introduction to the company foundation.

Our concern for this article is reviewing the various aspects of Hostgator Hosting Services and to come up with a conclusion to give you people a better idea about it. Consequently, you’ll be able to decide whether you want to go with Hostgator or not. I’ve been used Hostgator services for a good time period and only after that, I am adding highlights here and have tried to share my experience here as well.

Hostgator Web Hosting Services Overview

There are websites receiving millions of hits every single day, while there are also such websites which hardly gets a few thousand visitors per month. Different type of website, therefore, required different types of hosting solutions. Well, Hostgator offers hosting solutions of all kinds. It offers Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Windows Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting & Reseller Hosting.

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Moreover, Hostgator is also itself a domain registrar. You can purchase any of the Top Level Domain Names from Hostgator Domains Service. It is a web hosting company cum a full-fledged domain registrar as well. More than all this, they also offer some specialized services such as CodeGuard, Web Design, PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They have everything to put your website(s) online and then to optimize and promote it.

Hostgator also has different country-specific websites, where they offer services as per regional preferences. Well, we’ll review the services of, the US Special website, which is available to all of the world people.

Let’s first discuss the various Pros and Cons of Hostgator. Any Web Hosting company’s services can be judged on the basis of several common factors and the additional bonus features. We’ve tried to include all of these factors and then compiled the Pros and Cons section.


Hostgator is a highly featureful company and they have a lot of good things to offer. These are things which pushes Hostgator at the Top spot in the web hosting industry. Each of the Pros points is explained in detailed but if you want to get through the review, really quick you can just read out the bolded points at the start of each point.


On Average, 99.98%

UptimeIt is the most important factor to judge the quality of any web hosting company. It is the time for which the website remains up and running on the web server and is easily accessible by anyone in the world. Web Hosting company claims that they offer full time, that means, your website is gonna be always up and running. But think practically, is it possible? Your website has to be hosted on web servers and servers are basically machines and they can get turned off due to multiple reasons. The reasons can be anything, network issues, maintenance, power supply issues or anything else.

But 100% uptime is actually possible these days because of cloud technologies in which your website is shifted to another server, in case of server issues. But not everybody is going to get Cloud Hosting. We are discussing the uptime of all types of hosting services of the company.

With Hostgator, you get industry-leading uptimes. As Hostgator has different hosting solutions, there is a difference between the uptimes of different types of web hosting services. In the case of Hostgator, its cloud hosting platform and shared hosting platform is capable of providing almost 99.98% uptime. This is an average taken out various uptime monitoring tests done by different people. The actual uptime in different cases may vary.

Any host that offers 99.95% or above uptime is treated as a good host. Hostgator is far above this figure.

Speed & Performance

Response Time Average of 400-800 ms

As Uptime is a global factor and applies to all types of hosting services, whether it is shared or cloud or dedicated but Speed & Performance are the two factors which actually created the difference between hosting types. There’s a great way to quickly judge both of these factors on any web hosting service. Just install a demo website on any hosting service and check the server response time. Lesser the response time faster will be the speed and greater will be the performance.

Speed And Performance

Response time is the time taken between your request and first byte received by the web server in response to your request. It is obviously in milliseconds generally. As soon as you enter the URL of the website(s), it quickly starts loading up within a second. Server Response time has to be minimum as you might have observed most of us, discards loading and switch to some another website if a site does not load up quickly, unless or until it is the only website of the type which you must visit to get your job done.

There is also a statistics on the basis of a global average if a website does not loads up in 3 seconds of the request, chances are 50% of the users will leave it. The request actually reaches the server very quickly in 1-50 ms. Rest is the time that the web server takes to process your request. Now, this requires the computing power of the server. Therefore, more the computing power of the web server, faster will be the processing and lesser will be the response time.

In Hostgator cloud hosting platform, the server response time of 410-440 ms has been observed and in Hostgator shared web hosting platform, the server response time of around 800-1000 ms is observed for the similar type of website. Obviously, the difference has to be there because in Cloud Hosting you get dedicated resources and your processing power simply increases while in the shared hosting platform, the resources are shared, so comparatively lesser is the computing power.

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24/7/365, Good Support Over Chat & Phone

Support is the next important factor to check in general in a hosting company. Hosting features doesn’t matter at all if the support is not good. You as a customer may find issues with your hosting service at any moment of the time and the best option to resolve the issue as soon as possible is to reach the support. Internet doesn’t have any working hours, it stays live 24x7x365.

Hostgator Support

What will it feel like, if your website gets down at 1 AM in the night and your hosting company has no support offered at that time? That may result in a huge loss like the 1 AM at your place might be 1 PM at some other place. And let’s assume if 1 AM of the place is your business hour, who’s going to recover the loss?

That’s why the support should be reachable always at your time zone comfort. Hostgator Support is always available and you can reach them for assistance anytime without the worries of weekends or other holidays. Many hosting companies have very limited support over chat or in the form of ticket raising systems. But Hostgator believes in Quality Support, also offering Live Chat Support and Phone Support. What else you expect from a hosting company in the name of support?

They also have published more than 500 video tutorials and more than 700 hundred written tutorial articles on their blog which you can always refer to understand different types of concerns of their hosting services.

Money Back Guarantee

45-Day Money Back Guarantee

You don’t know in advance actually how your website is going to perform on a new web hosting service. Apart from finding the reviews of the hosting company on the Internet, the other and only way left is to give it a try. To give it a try, you have to spend money on it. Now, what the assurance that you will get quality web hosting service or in other words, I’d say value for your money?

That’s why your money is not secure in all cases. The new host may even get you in trouble and taking money from you as well. Therefore, somewhat, a Money Back Guarantee has to be there to assure you that you are in a good company. Most of the web hosting companies to build trust among its customers offer a money back guarantee and mostly it is of 30 days.

Here also, Hostgator is a step ahead with a money back guarantee period of 45-Days. This means that if you don’t feel like Hostgator is the right choice for you within the first 45 days of start, you can ask them for cancellation and get your money refunded. How more loyal you expect from a web host to be to you?

Uptime, Speed & Performance, Support & Money Back Guarantee are common criteria points to judge any hosting company and we found all of these to perfect in case of Hostgator. But Hostgator has much more to offer. Let’s find out.

Bandwidth & Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth & Storage in Shared and Cloud Hosting Plans

When you host your website on a web server, you simply upload the files required to run your website. Files require storage. We all have finite storage on our computers. Obviously, there has to be a finite storage capacity on Web Servers also. Without any doubts, Yes, definitely web hosting servers also have finite storage capacities. But as per the hosting companies infrastructure, they have definitely higher amounts of storage available for the web servers.

Storage & Bandwidth

Hostgator did not put any limit on storage. But actually, you are founded by a fair usage policy, with the acceptance of which, the hosting services are provided to you. But anyways, they have not somehow defined the upper limit and you can upload as many files as you want and upto the extent, which seems to be fair to Hostgator. Consequently, Storage will not be an issue for most of us with Hostgator. I specifically mentioned about Shared & Cloud Hosting plans because in hosting types like VPS and Dedicated Hosting, you basically created your own virtual or dedicated server and therefore storage has to be limited in those cases.

Likewise, Hostgator also offer unmetered bandwidth. Bandwidth is basically related to network, how much data you can upload or download or flow through the server and network. Your internet provider might also provide you some limited bandwidth data. But Hostgator don’t put any limitations on bandwidth. In case of extinction of bandwidth, your website becomes inaccessible. Luckily that will not be the case with Hostgator.

cPanel & Management Dashboard

  • Free cPanel in All Linux Shared Hosting Plans & Plesk in All Windows Shared Hosting Plans
  • Intuitive Management Dashboard + cPanel For Cloud Hosting
  • cPanel available in fully Managed VPS & fully Managed Dedicated Hosting, Plesk Available for Windows VPS & Dedicated Hosting

Management of any web hosting service becomes easy with a GUI based Control Panel. Although a lot of PREMIUM & FREE control panels are available for the management of web hosting server, cPanel, the ultimate control panel to manage any type of hosting, is always recommended. Everybody would love to have cPanel bundled with their web hosting for FREE. But you should know that cPanel is actually a PAID software and it costs on the basis of a monthly subscription.


cPanel is known better to manage Linux Based Web Hosting, while to manage Windows Based Web Hosting Services, Plesk control panel is preferred. In Hostgator, Windows Shared Hosting, you get Plesk control panel.

But you need not worry here about the pricing as Hostgator offers Free cPanel with every shared web hosting plan or cloud web hosting plan. In case of VPS or Dedicated Web Hosting, two options are available, either you can choose the fully managed version or semi-managed version. In the semi-managed version, you have to install any of the custom control panel yourself but in case of fully-managed version, which obviously costs you more, will include cPanel in case of Linux Type Hosting and Plesk Control panel in case of Windows Type Hosting.

Hostgator also offers custom and innovative dashboard for Cloud Hosting. Cloud Hosting has features like Caching & Scaling, which can be easily managed using this dashboard. Moreover, cPanel is also provided in Cloud Hosting as well.

One-Click Applications Installation

Install Applications including, WordPress, Magento, Joomla in Just One-Click

Most of the users who are actually having a website are non-technical and they also don’t want to be techy. The Internet has been made simpler these days. Various CMS applications have made the job of running a website easy for all of us. WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System), which is used to build around 30% of the whole world websites. That’s a huge share in the website industry.

One Click Application Install

Moreover, beginner bloggers and newbies just want this kind of applications to be just installed on their hosting and them commonly nothing much have to do with the hosting. Those were the days when you have to install these applications manually by downloading from the official website, uploading to the hosting and then have to configure the files manually with the hosting and domain.

Anyways, this is not the case now, most of the web hosting companies, including Hostgator offers One-Click Application Installer. This lets you install CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, MediaWiki and more in just a few clicks of your mouse. You’ll find every application of your choice in the Installer.

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Free Professional Email

Create Unlimited Professional Domain Specific Email Addresses

Any website owner would love to have a domain specific email address for their site, like [email protected]

Professional EmailMost of the people still wonder, how somebody can create this type of email addresses. You can create this type of email address with the help of your hosting and cPanel has provided a very cool user interface and wizard-based setup to create it. It’s just that web hosting should allow that to do.

As you know Hostgator offers cPanel support, there the interface to create such email addresses is provided and moreover Hostgator has not set any limit on creating these. In other words, Hostgator lets you create an unlimited number of professional email addresses without any additional cost.

This is definitely a great feature as many web hosting companies charge you additionally for Email Hosting. Here with web hosting, you get complimentary Email Hosting as well. You can also create unlimited Aliases, Autoresponders and Mail Forwards with Hostgator.

Website Security & Backup

Security & Backup Features Available At Additional Cost

Although Hosting service providers do their best to protect their network and web servers from external attacks, still there’s a risk in the security of your website. You have to do manual backups of your website in order to stay on the safe side. But backing up your website requires some efforts. (Here’s a tutorial on how you can back up your WordPress site(s): How To Backup and Restore WordPress Website?)

Hostgator offers a paid option, CodeGuard, with which you can assure yourself that your data is safe and automatically backed up daily. You can restore it very quickly as well. CodeGuard is available for as low as $2 per month.

Likewise protecting your website manually from viruses, malware and hackers is pretty difficult. Hostgator offers a solution for that too. It offers SiteLock which daily automatically scans your website for any kind of threats. Hostgator also do weekly off-site data backups.

Free Migrations

Free Site & cPanel Migrations Available Within the First 30 Days of Signup

Migrating a website from one web server to another can be a ridiculous task sometimes and it takes efforts. Most of the beginners and non-technical users would be thinking of this task to be very difficult as well. But Hostgator makes it simple for you. It offers Free Migration service, under which you can transfer either your site to Hostgator hosting or if your previous hosting also has cPanel, they can transfer complete cPanel data from your previous hosting to Hostgator Hosting.

Website Migration (Transfer)

cPanel transfers are great as you can transfer all of your websites or subdomains in just one go with cPanel. Most of other web hosting companies do not offer Free Migration and charges a huge fee of around $100 or more to migrate one of your website to their hosting.

They have different conditions and count of websites on different types of web hosting plans. So, make sure to check the Hosting FAQs before proceeding. WordPress Migrations are not at all difficult and any beginner can even do it easily. If you are interested in learning how to migrate your WordPress website(s) from one hosting to another, you can check out my tutorial here.

Free Domain Name

Sometimes, as the offer goes, Get Free Domain Name for 1 Year with 12 Months or More Plan

People who are new to the Internet Industry and websites business would like to spend a minimum on their start. To get online, you require two things, hosting and domain name. Both costs are extra. But what if you can get both of them at the price of one?

Hostgator offers Free Domain Name for complete 1 year with any of their Shared, Cloud or WordPress hosting plans if you subscribe to their hosting services for 12 months or more time period. This will help you save you money, which you can spend somewhere else, maybe in the growth or promotion of your website!

This offer may or may not available at the time of you reading this article. At the time of writing this review, this offer’s available.

Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate in All Shared & Cloud Hosting Plans

SSL Certificate is something necessary for all of the sites these days. Even SSL certificates are necessary as a minor factor that improves Search Engine Rankings of your website. Moreover, the modern browsers have started to display the Not Secure Message if your website is non-SSL. Therefore, SSL is a mandatory requirement.

Hostgator offers Free SSL Certificate with all of its shared and cloud hosting plans. Hostgator also offers a Free upgrade to positive SSL in some of their higher plans. There’s a difference between normal Free SSL and positive SSL. Positive SSL certainly keeps more value. Anyhow, the Free SSL is good to go to provide you good security and recognition.

User-Friendly Web Hosting

Great For Beginners, Very Easy To Use, Best-Fit For Non-Technical Users

Hostgator has focused on making its platform simpler along with powerfulness. All the Hostgator users get an easy management dashboard, from where you can access cPanel or other aspects of your hosting service. Billing History, Support & Resources are all clearly specified in the dashboard.

You just have to log into the dashboard, and you can clearly see, what going on good or bad with your hosting. The user interface is minimal and highly optimized for readability. As a new user, you can judge from their website itself, which is quite innovative in terms of design and usability.

Hostgator has also customized the look and feel of cPanel to make it very own.

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Other Freebies

Free Hostgator Website Builder & Advertising Credits

Hostgator offers its Website Builder, free of cost with each of the Hosting plan in Shared Hosting. Hostgator’s Website Builder is a great way of creating beautiful websites by choosing from hundreds of pre-made templates and using the drag and drop approach. This way beginners can create beautiful websites on the go.

Hostgator also gives you certain advertising credits. Like you get $100 Free Advertising credit for Google Adwords and Bing Ads. But make sure these advertising credits will be given to you under some conditions. Like you’ll only get Google Adwords Credit if and only if you’ll first spend $25 in credits yourself normally.


Without any doubt from the Pros, it is clear that Hostgator is a great company offering nice things but at the same time, there are some cons with it. Let’s discuss them as well.

Performance Varies With Hosting Type

Hostgator Cloud offers much better performance than Hostgator Shared Hosting.

As I also mentioned at the start of this review, hosting plans differ in terms of speed and performance. We’ll not about VPS or Dedicated Hosting plans as in that case performance and speed, both directly depends upon the resources that you are taking along with the plan.

We’ll talk basically about the Hostgator Shared Hosting plans and cloud hosting plans. For the same website, Hostgator Shared Hosting plan has page loading time almost double the time of loading in case of cloud hosting. This means Hostgator cloud hosting is simply twice the speed & performance of Hostgator Shared Hosting. There’s a huge difference between the server response time.

As compared to other hosting companies, Hostgator Shared Hosting Response and Load time is poor, while in Cloud Hosting, it is great. We can not call it directly a con because the difference lies in the architecture of shared and cloud hosting platforms. But I’ve observed so many people criticizing the speed and response time in case of Shared Hosting, that’s why I’ve to add this point here.

Pricing Tricks

It costs you less only if your purchase for a longer period, the renewal costs at normal price, which is quite high.

Hostgator also follows the same industry level pricing trick which almost every hosting company follows. They offer you maximum discount and minimum pricing per month on their hosting plans if and only if you subscribe to them for long periods of time like for 3 or 4 years.

If you subscribe monthly, you’ll get no discount and pricing will also be very high as compared to the discounted price. Moreover, once your initial term is over and you’ve to renew the hosting plan, it’ll cost you at the normal price and not the discounted price. Again the renewal price is very high as compared to the discounted price.

Therefore, for all of the web hosting companies following this trick, we always recommend you go for a longer term in order to save maximum money.

Hostgator Pricing Trick

You can clearly see in the above screenshot, the 60% discounted price is applicable if and only if you pay for 36 months in one go in Hostgator Hatchling shared hosting plan but if you will pay for 1 or 3 or 6 months, you will be charged at normal price $10.95 per month. Renewals afterward will also be charged at this price.


It Promotes various Paid Add-ons and you have to uncheck them while Checkout.

Hostgator is good at upselling of several premium products along with the hosting. They promote products like Domain Privacy Protection, Google Premium Business Email Service, SiteLock, etc. along with Hosting. And sometimes, they by default check these products and include the pricing in the total billing amount.

Hostgator Upsells

You can clearly see in the above screenshot when I’ve added the Hostgator Shared Hosting’s Hatchling plan into the cart, it automatically added the Site Monitoring and Site Backup Add-ons which separately will cost $24.99 & $23.95 annually. This cost will be included in your billing amount unless or until you uncheck it annually. Although these are good add-ons and we have also talked about these add-ons in Pros section but most the beginners who don’t want to spend much on hosting services won’t like them to add in their cart.

That’s why this type of upselling by Hostgator is not so good.

Hostgator Plans and Pricing

Hostgator has hosting types and plans for all needs and for different scales of websites. In this section, we’ll briefly discuss the various plans available under different types of Hosting Services offered by Hostgator.

Shared Web Hosting

The most common type of Hosting is Shared Web Hosting. Most of the beginners prefer this because of two reasons, multiple features at an affordable cost. Almost all the features we discussed above in the Pros section are available in this type.

HostGator Shared Web Hosting Plans

In the Business plan, that is also recommended by Hostgator itself under this category of Hosting, you also get Free Upgrade to Postive SSL, which otherwise costs around $2 per month. You also get Free Dedicated IP and some of the basic SEO tools as well.

Review of Hostgator Shared Web Hosting is not that great as compared to other competitor companies offering shared web hosting services. It’s load time and response time is criticized and most of the companies have now started to offer SSD storage for their shared hosting services but Hostgator has not mentioned anything about SSD.

Read our detailed review of Hostgator Shared Web Hosting here.

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Windows Hosting

To host applications and websites written in Microsoft’s ASP.NET, you need Windows Hosting. Hostgator offers quality Shared Windows Web Hosting. They offer two plans under this category of hosting.

Hostgator Windows Shared Hosting Plans

Like Linux type Shared Hosting, you also get a Free upgrade to Postive SSL Certificate in the enterprise plan and also a dedicated IP address. You get Plesk Control Panel with both of these plans which makes the management simpler and easy. All the other features like One-Click Apps install are applicable here as well. You get technicalities like various versions of ASP support.

  • ASP
  • ASP.NET 2.0
  • ASP.NET 3.5
  • ASP.NET 4.0
  • ASP.NET 4.5

You also get unlimited MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and Access Databases. As per the information obtained from their own website, they are still using Windows Server 2008, while most of the other Windows Hosting offering companies have shifted Windows Server 2012 at least. The free domain name offer is not applicable here.

Read our detailed review of Hostgator Windows Web Hosting here.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud Hosting is the latest type of web hosting. It offers much more, what you can expect from a hosting service. Cloud Hosting services are known for data redundancy and scalability features. Hostgator offers quality cloud hosting service in three different plans.

Cloud Hosting Plans Hostgator

The plans name are similar to Shared Hosting plans but the power you get here is ultimate. Basically, cloud hosting somehow gives you dedicated resources like fixed memory and CPU Power. You get all the features offered to you in shared hosting here as well. All you get here is the special features of the cloud.

Your data is mirrored at three locations. Chances of facing downtime in case of Hostgator Cloud is very less, as, in case of a single server issue, your website control will be shifted to other location of the server. The features of an upgrade to Positive SSL, dedicated IP are similar to shared hosting plans, which you only get in the Business Cloud plan.

Moreover, Hostgator cloud hosting is highly scalable. This helps you ease as in case your website traffic increases, or somehow, the overall load on your server increases, you can scale the resources to cop up with the change within just a few clicks using the intuitive Cloud Dashboard offered by Hostgator.

Read our detailed review of Hostgator Cloud Web Hosting here.

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Managed WordPress Hosting

The perfect choice for non-technical WordPress users is Hostgator’s Managed WordPress Hosting. For those who just want to get Hosting to host their WordPress site(s) only, this is the option to choose. It is simply better and faster than shared hosting choice.

Managed WordPress Hosting By Hostgator

This type of hosting is optimized for WordPress. You get some exclusive features like Backups in WordPress Hosting. This hosting is quite similar to Cloud Hosting as here you also get a management dashboard. Free Migration service is also offered under managed WordPress hosting upto 1, 2 and 3 sites respectively in the Starter, Standard and Business plan. The backs service is automated and it backups up your files daily. You can restore the backups quickly when anytime needed. You get superior computing power when compared to shared hosting.

The premium add-ons, Codeguard, and SiteLock which were offered as extra PAID options in shared and cloud hosting plans are included for Free with Hostgator WordPress Hosting plans.

Read our detailed review of Hostgator Managed WordPress Hosting here.

VPS Web Hosting

Virtual Private Hosting gives you perfect power of dedicated resources using the virtualization technologies. This is for websites getting good traffic which simply the other types can’t handle.

Hostgator VPS

Hostgator offers VPS hosting with features like powerful Hardware, Full Root Access,  Dedicated IP Addresses, Multi-layered security and good network support to the server. Hostgator VPS is scalable in just a few clicks.

The only thing I feel there is limited bandwidth. But that’s too in TBs and it won’t be an issue in most of the cases. VPS Hosting is available in semi-managed and fully-managed versions. In the fully-managed versions, you get cPanel support, using which you can do the server management easily.

In case you opt for the semi-managed version, you need to have the good technical knowledge to do the management work.

Read our detailed review of Hostgator VPS Web Hosting here.

Dedicated Hosting

To get the ultimate power of hosting, dedicated hosting is the option to choose. In this basically, you rent a server completely for your work.

Hostgator Dedicated Hosting Plans

Unlike Hostgator VPS, you get unmetered Bandwith in Dedicated hosting. You also get the option of 2TB Hard Drive or 512 GB SSD in the Power server plan and simply 1 TB SSD storage in Enterprise Server plan.

In Hostgator Dedicated Hosting, you get 3 dedicated IPs, full root access, RAID-1 Configuration, DDOS protection, and the network is fully redundant.

You can choose the operating system, you want to install on the server. The semi-managed version has four choices, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu & Windows while the managed one has two choices, CentOS or Windows. In the managed version, you get the choice of cPanel or Plesk.

Read our detailed review of Hostgator Dedicated Web Hosting here.

Reseller Hosting

Some people might be interested in selling hosting further to their clients and for them, Hostgator also offers Reseller Hosting. With Reseller Hosting, you get free WHCMS Client Management and Billing Software which lets you manage the hosting business with ease.

Hostgator Reseller Hosting Plans

Most of the shared hosting features are provided in Reseller Hosting.

Popular Question: Hostgator Shared Vs Hostgator Cloud Hosting

I’ve included this question as a section because it is one of the most commonly asked questions. Definitely, we’ll recommend the Hostgator Cloud Hosting. It is simply much better than Hostgator Shared Hosting.

You get 2x more processing power with Cloud Hosting than the Shared Hosting. Moreover, shared hosting is better when talked about the scalability of resources. You also get some cool features like data mirroring. Server Response Time and website loading times are almost 2 times better in Cloud Hosting platform.

The only thing is Shared Hosting is affordable than Cloud hosting. But if you want the power, you’ve to spend a little more.

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Hostgator Review Conclusion

Hostgator has each and every solution for your hosting needs. Even they have categorized each type of their hosting in simple plans according to the different website(s) requirements. Features wise, they have every good thing to offer. Pricing wise, they offer good discounts and offers from time to time. As they are also running the free domain name offer on Shared, Cloud, and WordPress hosting plans at the time of writing this article.

Moreover, they are into the hosting business for a long time and have good experience of management. That’s they have a huge customer base now from all across the world. It has also got some lucrative features like Free Site Migrations for which most of the other competitors charge extra.

In the end, if we judge Hostgator Web Hosting with three main criteria, uptime, speed and support, it is good among all these three factors. Also, Hostgator is also a domain registrar, although there’s nothing special about its Domain names and pricing, it also allows you to transfer your domain names to Hostgator easily.

Consequently, I’d say Hostgator to be a great host. In the end, I’d just recommend, if you really want to get the real joy of Hostgator services, go with the Cloud Hosting plans.

My Rating For Hostgator Web Hosting Services

I’d rate Hostgator with 4.8 stars.

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So, that’s our Hostgator Review. I hope it gave you a better idea of Hostgator Web Hosting Services, features included, Pros, Cons, and Pricing. Please feel free to ask us any questions regarding this article in the comments section below. You can also leave your review of Hostgator in the comments as well. Don’t forget to share this article with others who might find this review useful as well.

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