HostGator Managed WordPress Web Hosting Review 2020

HostGator Managed WordPress Web Hosting Review

HostGator is one of the Top 10 Web Hosting Companies in the world. They offer all types of Web Hosting services to their customers. In this article, we’re going to review HostGator Managed WordPress Web Hosting. WordPress is World’s Most Popular CMS (Content Management System) and more than 27% of the websites & blogs on the Internet are using it.

We’ve also published the review of HostGator Shared Web Hosting, which you can read by following the link.


Although we can install WordPress on any type of Web Hosting, these days as judging the market growth and userbase of WordPress, companies have started to offer specialized and managed web hosting solutions for WordPress. Most of the WordPress users are non-technical. They don’t want to deal much of technicalities as WordPress was aimed to offer Website & Blog building power to non-technical users with the power of theme and plugins to get any type of features.

WordPress Managed Hosting is also offered to users keeping the same thing in mind. Companies try to offer a partially or fully Managed Hosting solution to the users so that users need not handle the technicalities of the Hosting and they can just start right away the website quickly using simple interface and wizards.

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In any of the usual Web Hosting Service, you get a control panel like the cPanel using which you have to manage most of the aspects of your Web Hosting yourself and if you even want to install CMS like WordPress, you have to either manually install it or have to go through the wizard process of One-Click Installation. In a managed solution, you even don’t need to go through the One-Click Installation Process.

HostGator Managed WordPress Web Hosting is one such completely Managed solution to run WordPress websites and blogs.

Features of HostGator Managed WordPress Hosting

All types of Services offered by HostGator are known for quality and affordability. We’ll not talk about all of those very basic features which are included in almost all types of web hosting services, rather we’ll discuss the extra, special and powerful features, which this Managed WordPress Hosting offered by Hostgator has to offer for you.


The primary reason to choose HostGator Managed WordPress Hosting over Shared Web Hosting is the speed. As they say on their official webite the speed is 2.5x faster. In other words, this hosting is capable for serving a website is 3-4 seconds which was previously served on a simple Shared Hosting server in 8-10 seconds. And we all know speed is one of the most important factors for the growth and user experience of any website or blog. Even for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Speed of the website is one important factor and we all know the websites which load the content faster, are pushed at the top in the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages).

HostGator Managed WordPress Web Hosting Speed

They say they have Cloud architecture and CDN services integrated with this hosting to offer the higher speeds. They also make use of multiple caching layers so as to server dynamic HTML pages of your website as static HTML pages so as to neglect the server response time for re-processing the same data again and again to serve any webpage of your website.

When it comes to Managed Hosting solutions, Caching is a must to have feature.

User-Friendly Control Panel

Although most of the aspects of the HostGator Managed WordPress Web Hosting are automatically taken care of, still there are many customization and controls that you must have. There is one problem with the typical and usual web hosting solutions. Their control panel interfaces are highly complex and beginners could not understand it. That’s why HostGator has focused on minimalization and less complex control panel to offer maximum features.

HostGator Managed WordPress Web Hosting Control Panel

They offer one-click restores and automatically backups which you can control using their User-Friendly Control Panel. You also get the access to manage your email accounts and other possible Hosting functionalities here.


In Hostgator Managed WordPress Hosting, there are three different plans and each plan is capable of handling one upper limit of the traffic. If somehow, you are on a lower plan and the traffic limit is crossed, you can choose to upgrade to a higher plan within in just a few clicks of the mouse. It offers instant scaling option so as that your website can handle a higher amount of traffic without getting any downtime or server issues.

Free Migration

If you are already running a WordPress Website and you want to get it transferred to HostGator Managed WordPress Hosting then you can opt the FREE MIGRATION offered by them. They also offer other consultancy services to help you. You can reach their WordPress experts in case of any troubles.

Email Accounts

Email Accounts is one great feature of this managed type hosting. You can create professional email addresses with your domain name without any additional costs.


Security is one of the major concerns of HostGator Managed WordPress Hosting. They have included special services like Automatic Malware Removal in all of their offered plans without any additional costs. In any manual case, removing malware from your WordPress website is a very difficult task and you may often require to hire professional developers and experts to help in the removal of malware from your website. But here all this is managed by Hostgator.

Cloud Infrastructure

They make use of the power of the cloud to power their Managed WordPress Hosting service. There are multiple benefits of using Cloud Infrastructure, for example, faster speeds, multi-level caching and storage, multi-location backups, very fewer chances of downtime, etc. That’s why they also call their service as WordPress Cloud Hosting.


You can always add additional functionalities and security features at an additional cost. But in Managed WordPress Hosting, they offer Codeguard, SiteLock and SSL Certificate at no additional cost.

Support and Help Resources

When it comes to an esteemed Web Hosting Company, Quality Support is a must. HostGator offers 24/7/365 expert support. Anytime you feel into any kind of trouble with your website, just ping them. Moreover, to help you, even more, they have published lots of resources, videos and other tutorial guides on their blog.

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Plans and Cost

They offer three plans for their Managed WordPress Hosting service:

  • Starter Plan
  • Standard Plan
  • Business Plan

HostGator Managed WordPress Web Hosting Plans

The basic features are clear in the image. In the starter plan, you can host only one website and it can handle 100 thousand visits per month and you are allowed to hold 1GB of backups. Likewise the maximum number of sites that you can host in Standard and Business plan are 2 and 3 respectively, Maximum visits per month, 200 thousand and 500 visits respectively, Backups holding capacity, 2GB and 3GB respectively. You get a Free SSL Certificate in all plans.

The Business Plan is the most affordable plan as you can 57% off on your first purchase of this plan. Make sure you choose the plan for a longer term as the monthly renewal will cost you a lot more than this discounted initial price.

Plans Comparison

You get unmetered storage space in all of the offered plans.

Comparison with Other Similar Services

HostGator is not the only company offering Managed WordPress Web Hosting Solution but they are without any doubts much more affordable than others.

HostGator Managed WordPress Web Hosting Comparison With Others

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Plan, Deluxe, which is comparable to the Starter Plan of Hostgator costs around 8.75$ without discount. But at a discounted price, you can get the started plan around $4. It may be a bit cheaper at a discounted price, but HostGator still leads when it comes to the number of features.

BlueHost Managed WordPress Hosting costs a lot more. It starts 19.95 $ per month and this is the discounted price. But they have a lot of things like Premium Jetpack plugin, 100 Premium themes, and various other useful tools in their offering plans.

Kinsta the premium Managed WordPress Hosting starts @ $30 per month. In their Starter plan which costs thirty dollars per month, the maximum visits are 20,000 and you can get 5GB disk space with maximum one WordPress website installation and FREE SSL and CDN.

You can clearly see the difference between the pricing of HostGator Managed WordPress Hosting plans and the other companies hosting plans. But pricing is not enough, they are offering good features at an affordable cost. Therefore, HostGator is truly ahead in the competition of Managed WordPress Hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most commonly asked questions about Hostgator Managed WordPress Web Hosting are answered here.

Can I Install additional themes and plugins on my WordPress website hosted on this platform?

Yes, you can.

What’s the benefit of choosing Managed hosting over Shared Hosting?

Management becomes simpler for non-technical users when you choose Managed Hosting over Shared Hosting. You get access to features like automatic backups and automatic malware removal which you have to alternatively manage manually in Shared Web Hosting.

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My Rating For HostGator Managed WordPress Web Hosting

I would like to give 4.6 stars to this quality service offered by HostGator.

*The screenshots are taken from their official website.

So, this’s my review of HostGator Managed WordPress Web Hosting. I hope this review clears all of your questions and confusions regarding it and let me know if you still have any questions about it in the comments section.

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