HostGator Dedicated Web Hosting Review 2020

HostGator Dedicated Hosting Review

Dedicated Hosting is the most powerful type of Web Hosting. It is for the highest traffic receiving websites and large memory and high CPU utilizing apps. In this article, we’ve reviewed the HostGator Dedicated Web Hosting Service. HostGator is among the most esteemed Web Hosting companies in the world and we’ve already published the reviews of their other types of web hosting services on this blog as well.

Introduction to HostGator Dedicated Web Hosting

Before starting the review, you should know well what exactly you get in Dedicated Web Hosting service. As the name clears, you should get dedicated resources. Hereby dedicated resources, we mean the complete server. It’s like renting a full-fledged hardware server for use. All the resources of the server are available for use to you.

The maximum performance of web hosting can be achieved with a Dedicated Hosting platform. At the same time, when you get the maximum performance, you also need to be techy enough to manage the Dedicated Server. HostGator offers the fully-managed and semi-managed type of Dedicated Web Hosting. You can choose as per your preference. But make sure if you are going with the semi-managed type, you need to have enough of the technical knowledge to manage the web server.

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HostGator Dedicated Web Hosting Features

Let’s discuss the various features offered by HostGator in its dedicated server hosting.

Powerful Hardware Resources

Hardware Resources are the real power of a dedicated web server and HostGator has included best of their hardware resources to empower its Dedicated Web Hosting servers. With each plan, you get a dedicated set of resources, which you can use at your autonomy. You’re given the option of HDD as well as SSD in their plans. SSD is the prime requirement of any type of web hosting these days. We all know SSDs are at least 10 times faster than usual Hard Drives. That’s why opting for an SSD Hosting will directly speed up your web applications.

Further, we get the following Hardware oriented features in HostGator’s Dedicated Web Servers.

  • 3 Dedicated IPv4 Addresses
  • RAID-1 Configuration

Without any doubts, they have State-of-the-art infrastructure for Dedicated Web Hosting. They have their dedicated web servers in US-based Tier-3 data centers. The servers are powered by Intel Xeon-D CPU.

Network Security & Acess Level

You get complete root access to the web server. You can do whatsoever you want to do on the web server. In all of their dedicated server plan, HostGator offers DDOS protection and fully redundant network.

The following three features, OS Choice, System Monitoring & Software Patching and the Control Panel are different for the managed and semi-managed versions of this hosting.

OS Choice

In both of their managed as well as semi-managed versions, they offer you to choose the operating system. It’s just that in semi-managed, the choices are more than the managed ones. In Managed Dedicated Hosting, you can choose to install CentOS or Windows OS and in Semi-managed Dedicated Hosting, you can choose from CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows or Debian.

System Monitoring & Software Patching

They offer proactive monitoring for the overall network and host health. In their Managed version, they also offer reactive customer environment monitoring as well. They also offer proactive network and host software patching.

Control Panel

This feature is only available in their Managed version. You can choose to install cPanel if you are running a Linux Dedicated Web Server or Plesk if you are running a Windows Dedicated Web Hosting server of Hostgator. But if you choose the Semi-Managed version, you have to install control panels on your own using the command line interface. That’s why for non-technical users, managed version of Hostgator Dedicated Web Hosting is the best option.

The above features are well compared for the semi-managed and the fully managed versions in the following screenshot captured from their official website page of dedicated Web hosting.

HostGator Dedicated Web Hosting Managed VS Semi Managed Features


Without any doubts, they offer World Class support which is available 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. They offer both the telephonic as well as live chat support. They have already published more than 700 tutorial posts their blog and more than 500 videos to help in various aspects of managing different type of service that they offer to their customers.

HostGator Dedicated Web Hosting Plans And Cost

They offer 3 plans for their Dedicated Web Hosting servers.

  • Value Server
  • Power Server
  • Enterprise Server

Dedicated Hosting is also the most expensive type of web hosting as you are getting the maximum performance, so it has to come at a cost.

HostGator Dedicated Web Hosting Pricing Plans

The comparison of various hardware resources you’ll get in each of these plans is shown in the above screenshot. In the value server plan, you only get 1 TB HDD and no option for SSD. In the Power Saver plan, you have the option to either choose 2 TB HDD or 512 SSD and in the Enterprise plan, you get 1 TB SSD. One great thing above HostGator Dedicated Web Hosting is the unmetered Bandwidth and the OS Choice in all plans. You will get 8 GB RAM, 4 Core / 8 Thread CPU, 16 GB RAM, 8 Core / 16 Thread CPU, and 30GB RAM, 8 Core / 16 Thread CPU in the Value, Power and Enterprise server respectively.

The shown prices are the discounted starting prices that you’ll only be able to get if you rent the servers for the maximum time period. Otherwise, the cost of subscribing to these servers is very high. If you go for the single month subscription, even the Value Server Plan will cost you $179 per month and that too if you choose Semi-managed version.

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Comparison with Other Popular Dedicated Hosting Services

Let’s compare the Plans of HostGator Dedicated Web Hosting with some of the other popular Dedicated Web Hosting services.

BlueHost Dedicated Web Hosting

Bluehost offers it dedicated Web Hosting at relatively cheaper prices but there are major differences between their offerings and the features offered by HostGator.

BlueHost Dedicated Hosting Pricing Plans

You can clearly see their 4 GB RAM plan starts @ $79 per month while HostGator’s minimum 8 GB plan starts @ $ 118.9 per month. They also offer 2 more IP addresses than HostGator in their Premium plan but you can see they have set a limit on their Bandwidth of each plan which is not the case with HostGator.

GoDaddy Dedicated Web Hosting

GoDaddy also has a different set of plans for their dedicated Hosting service.

GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting Plans

They offer RAID-1 type storage in all of their dedicated hosting plans. The CPU power is exactly the same in all plans and they also offer 3 dedicated IPs & Unmetered bandwidth similar to HostGator. The major differences between all of their plan(s) are the RAM and storage differences. GoDaddy also offers 1-year FREE SSL certificate. But when it comes to cost, it is high and similar to the cost of HostGator.

GoDaddy also offers Dedicated Hosting of Linux Type and Windows Type separately. GoDaddy hosting is quite featureful. The offering of Hostgator and Godaddy are both good at their own place.

Dreamhost Dedicated Web Hosting

Dreamhost also offers dedicated web hosting service. They also have great features in their service from 100% uptime guarantee to DDOS protection. But I feel their pricing to be high.

Dreamhost Dedicated Hosting Plans

You can clearly see that we get the SSD access in the Enhanced SS 16 plan of Dreamhost which costs $279 per month. HostGator offers 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD in its Power plan which costs around $139 per month when purchased for the maximum time period.

So, this was a quick comparison of the HostGator Dedicated Web Hosting with other options. One thing you need to keep in mind when you go for a Dedicated Web Server, you have to manage most of the things yourself. You have to install the features yourself in your server that you want. There while comparing the Dedicated Hosting of different companies, you should compare their network security, hardware resources for the given pricing rather than software oriented features like Control Panels and one-click application installs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Dedicated Hosting is different from VPS?

In VPS you also get resources which are completely yours, therefore, this question arises in the mind of many of us. Well, In Dedicated Hosting, the complete server is yours and you can get the maximum performance out of it. In VPS, the server is virtualized and then the resources are allocated to you. You won’t get the full hardware but some part of the hardware in VPS.

Do you really need Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated Hosting is only for those who have to run really big web applications and websites without any problems. If you just want to run a blog which even gets millions of traffic, you can opt for Cloud Hosting services and CDN rather than a Dedicated Hosting service. If you are opting for Dedicated Hosting, just keep one thing in mind, management of the server is a bit techy and even more techy if it is of semi-managed type.

We’ve also published the review of other types of Hostgator Web Hosting Reviews, which you can find by following these links:

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My Rating For HostGator Dedicated Web Hosting

I’d like to rate 4.5 stars out of 5 for this service.

So, that’s my review of HostGator Dedicated Web Hosting. Please feel free to ask any queries in the comments section below. Also, share this review with others whom you might think would find this review useful.

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