HostGator Cloud Web Hosting Review 2020

Hostgator Cloud Web Hosting Review

Cloud Hosting is the most preferred type of web hosting to host your website and applications these days. Everybody is running after cloud technology because of the simplicity, ultimate power and security offered by Cloud Services. In this article, we’re going to review the HostGator Cloud Web Hosting service.

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Introduction To HostGator Cloud Web Hosting

HostGator Cloud Web Hosting platform is claimed to be 2x Faster and 4x more resourceful than the other traditional types of web hosting. It simply claims to turbocharge the speed of your website hosted on their cloud platform. They have added an intuitive dashboard using which you can easily manage the various aspects of Cloud Hosting. Moreover, they have some world-class features like Integrated Caching, Resource Management, and Scalability, Automated Failover, Data Mirroring, and cPanel.

The pricing is also very much affordable. We’ll discuss Pricing details in the Plans and cost section of this article.

HostGator Cloud Hosting Features

Cloud Hosting has got some amazing features which you just can’t get in the shared web hosting services. Let’s discuss the various features offered by HostGator Cloud Hosting service one by one.


Speed is the first thing why more and more people are shifting towards cloud technology these days. You get the speed which is almost double the speed of traditional web hosting types. They make use of premium hardware, low-density servers, and multiple caching layers technology for better speeds.

Cloud Infrastructure is completely different from the infrastructure of the shared web hosting services and is specially optimized to provide optimal speeds over the network.

Scalability & Resource Management

Scalability is another major reason to choose Cloud Hosting. Hostgator says that its Cloud Hosting platform is 4x more scalable. In most of the cases, when the traffic of the website increases or anyhow the load on the website increases, we need to shift to some other web server and all during all this we have to deal with the headache of migration. Migration may be a very time-consuming task which will take a lot of your effort, technical knowledge and even you might have to face downtime.

But with HostGator Cloud Web Hosting, you need not bother about any downtime and migration headache as the resources are scalable. Whenever you need, you can demand more resource within just a few clicks of your mouse and you’ll be done scaling up the resources.

Cloud Dashboard

Hostgator have added an intuitive dashboard for its Cloud Hosting service. You can make use of this dashboard to measure the performance of your websites on their platform. It quickly shows up the trends, like upload and download speeds, uptime and the global reach. Basically, without this kind of dashboard, the management of cloud platform becomes very difficult and you need to have too much techy knowledge about it.

But now, as Hostgator has this dashboard, you need not be techy either to manage anything. Everything is in front of you in the dashboard and understanding the things, you can make further changes to achieve optimal performance.

Integrated Caching

Most of the cloud hosting platforms make use of caching technologies to optimize the speed of hosted websites. Hostgator Cloud Hosting also includes such a custom-caching solution to speed up the websites.

Automated Failover

One good thing about Hostgator Cloud Hosting is that your website never really relies on a single web server. Anytime some web server included in the clouds Hosting infrastructure faces any kind of failure, your hosted website will be immediately switched to some other working server without causing you any kind of major downtimes.

Data Remains Safe With Data Mirroring

In Cloud Hosting platform, your data is not always stored on a particular web server rather it is mirrored on a number of different servers. This ensures the redundancy of data to provide the safety of data. Hostgator keeps three mirrored copies of your data on different servers.


If there is web hosting, cPanel has to be there for better management. Hostgator also offers cPanel in its Cloud Web Hosting as well. With cPanel, management of files & folders, domain names, databases, FTP accounts, and many more things become much easier than command line scripting. You can also install multiple applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, MediaWiki within just a few clicks using the cPanel.

Domains, SubDomains & FTP Accounts

In Baby Cloud and Business Cloud, you’re allowed to create as many as domains but you’re allowed to create as many as subdomains as you want in all of the plans. Likewise, you can create professional email addresses with your domain name with Cloud Hosting. You’re also allowed to create as many as FTP accounts according to your requirement.


Some of the premium add-ons are available at an extra cost. The add-ons ensure better security of your hosted websites. You can include CodeGuard, SiteLock, G-Suite and Domain Privacy as additional paid add-ons with Hostgator Cloud Web Hosting.

Plans And Cost

Hostgator offers 3 plans for its Cloud Hosting service.

  • Hatchling Cloud
  • Baby Cloud
  • Business Cloud

The major difference in the plans is in terms of Memory and the number of CPU Cores. The Hatchling Cloud allows you to host only one domain name but you are allowed to host as many as domain names as you want in the Baby Cloud and Business Cloud Plans.

Hostgator Cloud Web Hosting Plans

You will also get Free SSL Certificate in all of these plans and Free Upgrade to Postive SSL in the Business Plan. The Business Plan also offers Dedicated IP and some SEO Tools. Storage and Bandwidth are unmetered in all of these plans.

Hostgator Cloud Web Hosting Plans Comparison

The Hatchling cloud cost starts @ $4.95 per month if you subscribe for at least 3 years. Monthly Subscription and renewals will cost you the original price, which is quite high. That’s why it is recommended to purchase the Hostgator Cloud Hosting for at least a year to get some good discount.

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HostGator Cloud Hosting Vs HostGator Shared Web Hosting

This is one of the most common questions in the mind of most of us. That’s why instead of adding it as a FAQ question, I’ve included it as a section of this article.

There are many similarities between the Hostgator Cloud Hosting and Hostgator Shared Web Hosting but both use different infrastructure.

The first difference is resources. In cloud hosting, you get way more resources than Shared Web Hosting. Therefore, shared hosting is not capable of giving you as much performance as you can get with Cloud Web Hosting of Hostgator. In other words, you can handle much more traffic with Cloud Hosting than you can handle with Shared Web Hosting. You also get more control in Cloud Web Hosting.

The second difference is scalability. Although shared hosting of Hostgator is also scalable but not that as much Cloud Hosting is. It is simply 4x more scalable.

Other differences are features like custom caching, automated failovers, integrated dashboard, data mirroring are only present in Cloud Hosting and not in shared web hosting.

In the end, as the features and power differ, the price also differs. The Hatchling plan of Hostgator Shared Web Hosting starts @ $2.75 per month while Hatchling Cloud plan starts @ $4.95 per month.

Comparison With Other Cloud Hosting Services

Hostgator is not the only Cloud Hosting offering company. There are many cloud hosting leaders in the market. It is hard to find any other Cloud Hosting service offering similar features. Although there are different cloud hosting companies in the market but all offer their cloud services in a different manner.

For example, Digital Ocean, one of the leading cloud solutions company, offers cloud hosting in the form of droplets. The pricing and feature set is different and not exactly what we can compare here.

Bigrock is one company which offers similar Cloud Hosting service at similar prices. But I feel Hostgator be still better than it because of many factors, one of which is the support.

Overall, Hostgator seems to the great Company for this type of Cloud Web Hosting services. Hostgator is also cheaper than the competitors Pricings.

Pros And Cons

This review cannot be completed with Pros and Cons.


  • Affordable Pricing for Cloud Hosting
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Speed & Scalability
  • Good Support
  • Good Uptime
  • Automatic Failover & Data Mirroring


  • Costs more on renewal

Well, Hostgator has done a great job and that’s why I could hardly find one con in their service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Install WordPress on Hostgator Cloud Hosting?

Yes, you can and that too in just a few clicks. WordPress will perform much better on Cloud Hosting platform as it used to work on Shared Hosting platform. Not just WordPress, but you can install any other CMS and customs scripts on cloud hosting.

How powerful in Cloud Web Hosting?

Cloud Web Hosting performance rankings can be put between Shared Web Hosting and VPS Web Hosting.

Get Hostgator Web Hosting ????

We’ve also published reviews of other types of Web Hosting services offered by Hostgator, which you can check out by following the given links.

My Rating For HostGator Cloud Web Hosting

I’d like to give 4.8 Stars the cloud hosting service offered by Hostgator.

So, that’s our review of Hostgator Cloud Web Hosting. Please feel free to ask any queries regarding this article in the comments section below and it’ll be great if you share this article with your friends who might get benefited from this review as well.

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