Grammarly Review (2020) – Pros, Cons, Cost & Comparison

Grammarly Review

Grammarly is one of the Top Rated grammar check and correction tools available these days. I’ve been using it from the past five years, and it has never let me down. I enjoy writing error-free and professional writeups in the English language quickly with it. But the question is Grammarly is not the only Grammar Checking or Correction tool available in the market; there are others too. That’s why this review will guide you about the various features that are included in Grammarly and which makes it the perfect Grammar Tool.

Get Grammarly Grammar Checker Tool

The primary requirement after writing something professional is to check and correct the typing errors like spelling and tense mistakes. Well, most of the Grammar tools available these days do this, but how Grammarly is different then?

It not just provides the features to correct them but provides an extensive list of features which will blow your mind, if you are a first time user.

I’ve divided this review into sections, which are highlighted in the Table of Contents.

What is the Exact Purpose of Grammarly?

Let’s begin with the understanding of what exactly is Grammarly used for. Grammarly can shortly be described as a full-fledged Grammar focus, writing enhancement tool. It can help you from basic proofreading tasks like Spell Checking to suggest your better re-writing for the complex writeups, along with assisting you in the things like plagiarism checking.

Spell Checking

Grammarly Spell Checking

Spell Checking is the primary requirement of any such tool, and Grammarly does it well. You made a typo; you’ll get the mistake warning and correct spelling suggestions within a second. The recommendations are real-time. You need not verify the spellings, later on, turn Grammarly on, and you’ll keep on getting the suggestion on the go while writing. Grammarly is indeed the most robust spell checker, I’ve ever used.


The next significant aspect of Grammar Checking is punctuation, and Grammarly is one of the Best punctuation checking tools as well. Punctuation mistakes are the most common types of errors while writing something in the English Language, and you can clear all those silly punctuation errors in the real-time as well with precise suggestions.

Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly comes with a built-in powerful Plagiarism Checker tool. I’ve seen most of the bloggers and writers buying or subscribing to other third-party premium tools and services to check the plagiarism for their content. Well, if you’re using Grammarly, you need not do that because it comes with a built-in plagiarism checking tool that scans your content against billions of webpages content and quickly tells you the results. As we can expect from any premium plagiarism checking tool, it not just shows if the content is plagiarised but also determines which part, from where it has been copied and how much percentage of the content, is plagiarised.

Writing Types

This is what seems to be the favorite part of Grammarly for many people using it. When we write an email to a company, the writing style is different, when we write the same to a friend, the writing style is obviously different. So, in the English language, we’ve got several types or styles of writing. When this feature enabled, Grammarly keeps on suggesting you the things according to a particular selected type of style. It further uses its power for suggestions on the basis of readability, genre, length of the sentences, active-passive voices, etc.

We’ll discuss most of its features in List of Features Offered By Grammarly section below.

Who Should Use Grammarly?

Grammarly is a perfect tool for just anybody who is typing. There is nothing like only non-native English speakers should only use it or so. Even for native English speakers, it’s like icing on the cake.

But there’re categories of people who must use it.

  • Bloggers
  • Students
  • Content Writers, Copywriters, and Digital Marketers
  • Any kind of Authors
  • Company & business officials

Before reading further, if you are completely new to Grammarly, I would suggest you quickly watch the following video.

There’s one special thing about Grammarly. We all know there’s different in English as the country changes. Therefore, Grammarly has given the option to choose from:

  • Americal English
  • Australian English
  • British English
  • Canadian English

You can configure this option once in the Grammarly settings and it will modify the suggestions accordingly. Isn’t it a great feature?

Just end up writing an article for your blog or website? Have you compiled your Book or E-Book? Are you going to send an Email to some professional? Do you want to compile a presentation or documentation for your school or college?

Make sure Grammarly passes all of it. ✔

I think the use of Grammarly is explicit. You can make use of this powerful Grammar Tool whenever required in any your writing and proofreading work.

Working of Grammarly

Grammarly is available for multiple platforms. It is available online as a web application, it’s available as an extension to your web browser, it’s available as an extension to Microsoft Office, and it’s also available as a native desktop application. The choice is yours. You can choose the platform to use Grammarly as per your choice. As most of my tasks of writing are associated with the web browser, I prefer using the Grammarly’s extension for Google Chrome.

Grammarly Platforms

If you prefer writing in Microsoft Office Word, you can install its extension for that as well. They keep on updating their platform as per the new requirements and feedback. They have completely redesigned their Web Interface and made it better than ever. Given below is the screenshot of its web interface.

Grammarly Web Interface

I’ve installed the Grammarly’s Extension in my Google Chrome browser, and here you need to sign in, and it looks like the following screenshot.

Grammarly For Chrome Configuration

You just have to choose your accent of writing like I’ve chosen the American English and make sure the Check Grammar and Spelling for the opened webpage is enabled. Clicking on the New Document will lead you the web application interface and will load a new document, where you can either type or paste the text to proofread. This is the first option.

Alternatively, you can proofread on any website wherever you are typing. Right now, I am writing this article in the Post Editor of WordPress. So, I can make use of all the features of Grammarly within this editor.

Grammarly Within Websites

Apart from real-time inline grammar checking it also provides a full fledge within the location interface as the screenshot shows below.

Grammarly In Google Chrome

I feel not like mentioning much about the usage of Grammarly plugin in MS Word or as a desktop app because the features provided on all the platforms are same, just there are some minor differences in the way of usage.

List of Features Offered By Grammarly

Now, let’s talk about the different features offered by Grammarly. They call their tool as your Writing Assitant which is powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technology.

The major 6 aspects of writing which are covered by Grammarly are briefly described below.



I feel nothing much to explain here. It is implicitly known that Grammarly is to help you with the Grammar. Don’t fall into the silly mistake of using the wrong nouns and pronouns. You can avoid all types of Grammar Errors with Grammarly.


You can never do a single spelling mistake if you are using Grammarly. As soon as you made a mistake, it will immediately inform you about it and gives you the suggestion(s) of the correct spelling. One thing which you must name, as the variant of English language chances like the US and UK versions, you will find spellings to be different. Make sure you set the correct version as per your writing preferences because the tool will suggest you the correct spelling as per these preferences.


Punctuation errors are silly. Wrong use of punctuation reduces the beautifulness of even a good writeup. Grammarly notifies you whenever you make use of the wrong punctuation or also suggests you wherever any kind of use of punctuation is recommended.


Be consistent while writing with Grammarly. It helps you write more concisely by suggesting you the removal of redundant words and a lot more. Express more in fewer words.


When writing in a business, you need to be formal when writing as well. You can set your preferences when writing a formal writeup and Grammarly will automatically suggest you replacements of words and use of some new words to make your writing formal.


The richness of writeup comes with the usage of a variety of words. That’s why vocabulary has an important role to play in English writing or the writings of any other language. Grammarly suggests you various synonyms or the replacement of words and much more. It helps you to replace multiple words into one if any corresponding vocabulary word exists in the English language, naturally making your writeup more professional.

There are several more factors as shown in the screenshot given above, like fluency, conventions, confidence, clarity, and variety on the basis of which Grammarly can help you make your writeups the best.

The above-mentioned features are perfect for making Grammarly a wonderful Writing Assistant. But still, it has a lot more to offer you.

Plagiarism Checker

This is one of the most loved features of Grammarly. Why afford a third party premium plagiarism checking tool when you can get one within Grammarly?

For example, you can see the following screenshot in which Grammarly’s plagiarism checker shows me that the current writeup of mine is 100% unique.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

If any part of your content will be plagiarised, you will be informed and if necessary, you can cite them in all popular styles of citation in just one click. Currently, you can see in the above screenshot it found the article’s content to be 100% original after a scanning process of around 4-10 seconds.

Performance Analysis

Grammarly gives you clear insights about your writeup by generating a performance report as shown in the following screenshot.

Performance Analysis Grammarly

It analysis your article on the basis of counting of words and sentences, readability and vocabulary. As it is a very popular tool and is being used by millions of people every day, thus they have lots of useful data, which they can compare with your writeup for better suggestions.

Set Goals

Setting Goals for the writeup is a very cool feature. You can set up the goal as per the requirement of your writeup and you will be assisted accordingly for the whole writeup.

Set Goals Grammarly

You actual tone of your current writeup can be defined on the basis of these 5 factors, namely, Intent, audience, style, emotion, and domain. Just set up these in the Set Goal section and at the end, you’ll find a perfect piece of writing as per your input.

Grammarly’s Reliability, Usability & Efficiency

We know that Grammarly is featureful but at the same time, it should be reliable and efficient enough to use as well. But is it? Let’s check.

The following factors decide the reliability, usability, and efficiency of this tool.

User Interface

Without any droughts, the user interface they offer is minimal & clean. It is just exactly what it should be. Lots of power in a very small space. Understanding the whole interface is a game of a minute. Anybody can get started with it within minutes. Everything is in front of you, crystal clear.

Usage Domain

We’ve already discussed that Grammarly is available within the browser, within Microsoft Word, and as a native Windows Desktop application as well. What we can expect more from such a tool when it comes to availability and platforms.

As it is available as a Google Chrome Extension, the domain becomes even large. Any website on the internet which has a textarea can make use of the power of Grammarly. Doesn’t matter you are writing an email on Gmail or Yahoo, writing a post on Facebook or Twitter or writing just anything on any website on the Internet, you can use same features of Grammarly everywhere without putting up any extra efforts. For example, while writing this post in WordPress Post Editor, I’m able to harness the power of this beautiful tool.


Grammarly works in an active Internet connection state. This means that the suggestions that Grammarly provides you are possible due to the live internet connectivity. Speed becomes an issue when we have this kind of communication. Well, without any doubts, Grammarly is blazingly fast here as well. As soon as you’ll finish doing a spelling mistake or finish up typing a sentence, you will the error underlined or suggestion notified. So, nothing to worry about its speed as well.

Cost of Grammarly

Coming to one of the most important factors, the COST.

Cost is eventually the deciding factor whether we should go for a product or not. If the features are not worthwhile we are paying for it, we obviously would not like to go with such a product.

  • Grammarly is available as a FREE Tool as well as it has its PAID version.
  • The FREE tool is limited to very basic features while you get access to the major features of Grammarly in the PREMIUM version only.

Comparison of the Free & Paid Version(s) of Grammarly

In the following screenshot, you can clearly see the comparison of the FREE and PREMIUM version of Grammarly.


Further, the premium version of Grammarly is available in three plans as described in the following screenshot.

Grammarly Pricing Plans

Clearly, the Annual Plan is the super saving plan.

Quick Comparison with Other Grammar Checking Tools

The market is weak if there’s no competition. And when it comes to the market of Grammar checking tools and writing assistants market seems to be very healthy as there is a tough competition between various tools.

Not just every Grammar tool is capable of being even compared with Grammarly. That’s why we’re are going to compare with some of its most popular competitors only.

These are Whitesmoke, Ginger Software, and ProWritingAid. Although there is numerous other software that claims to be Good competitors with Grammarly, consequently, we feel only these are strong ones.

We’ll compare with the Pros and Cons of each.


  • Apart from Grammar Checker, it also has a Plagiarism Detector and Translator also!
  • Available for Windows but as per their website, they say it’s coming to Mac also!
  • Apart from the Desktop version, Web Application & mobile application is also available and as like Grammarly, chrome extension is also available.

Grammarly Vs. WhiteSmoke

  • Grammarly has a lot more checks when compared to Whitesmoke.
  • The user interface of Grammarly is simply much more user-friendly than WhiteSmoke.
  • But WhiteSmoke is affordable than Grammarly.
  • WhiteSmoke has good offerings for Business.

Here below is the screenshot of the Pricing plans and features comparison offered by WhiteSmoke.

WhiteSmoke Features & Pricing

Ginger Software

  • Ginger software is also a similar tool which offers features like Dictionary and Translator, unlike Grammarly.
  • It has some unique features like Emoji, Word Prediction, Customizable Themes, Sentence Rephraser, Text Reader and Personal Trainer.
  • Cost of the PREMIUM version is quite affordable if you take at least a yearly plan. The pricing structure is quite similar to Grammarly.
  • Ginger software is available for Windows, Chrome & Safari, iOS, Mac and an Android Keyword is also offered. This is a plus point of Ginger.

Ginger Features

They also have a FREE version and the PREMIUM version. Comparison of the FREE and PREMIUM versions of Ginger Grammar Software is given below.


Given below is the screenshot of the PREMIUM version pricing plans.

Ginger Pricing Plans


  • Available for Web, Chrome, Firefox, Google Docs, Microsoft Office and Desktop. They also offer their API.
  • They also have FREE and PREMIUM plans.
  • Even in the PREMIUM plan, the plagiarism checker feature is optional and you’ve to pay extra to get Plagiarism checks.

To have a quick look at the features offered by ProWritingAid, have a look at the following screenshot.

ProWritingAid Features

Their Pricing plans are quite simple and they also have a lifetime offering plan, unlike other similar tools.

ProwritingAid Pricing Plans

Consequently, after the comparison with similar tools, we come to the conclusion that Grammarly has the highest number of features. But what Grammarly is really missing is a built-in Translation feature.

  • For beginners, Grammarly is definitely a bit costly.
  • No built-in Translator available

But still, the built-in Translator is not a too much necessary feature these days because we have a free and highly advanced solution, Google Translate for it. Therefore, features offered by Grammarly are worthwhile the cost.

Getting Started With Grammarly

You can begin with Grammarly right now. Just go ahead and visit,, install the FREE chrome extension and you’re good to go.

But to get the most out it, you’ve to subscribe to their PREMIUM plan(s). Click on the following button to get Grammarly.

Get Grammarly 🙂

So, that’s my review of Grammarly. I’ve been using this tool from the past 4-5 years and this tool has never let me down while writing anything. Let me know in the comments section below, what you think about Grammarly and if you’re already using this tool, please feel free to share your reviews as well.

FAQs about Grammarly

This section discusses the most frequently asked question about Grammarly.

Which websites & apps, we can use with Grammarly?

We can use Grammarly on any website having the text area to type.

Do Grammarly Checks for plagiarism?

Yes, it does. In the premium version, you’re offered the Plagiarism checker feature.

Is Grammarly Available for Mac?

Yes, it available for Mac also. They even have a keyboard app type solution for iOS as well. The same kind of app is also available for Android as well.

Can it be used in apps like Gmail and Google Docs?

You can use Grammarly on Gmail or any other email service. Previously, Grammarly could not be used with Google Docs. But now it does. You can use it on most of the websites and applications on the Internet without any efforts as long as you have the browser extension installed.

Can I use Grammarly within Microsoft Word?

Grammarly offers an add-in for Microsoft Word on Windows. You can install it and you can access all of the features of Grammarly within Microsoft Word.

What’s the major difference between FREE and the PREMIUM version of Grammarly?

There are a lot of differences between the two. The FREE version is limited to spelling mistakes and basic Grammar checks. You won’t get advanced Grammar checks, writing style suggestions and things like plagiarism checker in the Free Version. Consequently, to get most out of Grammarly, you must have the PREMIUM version.

Get Grammarly

If you feel there are any more questions that need to be discussed in this section, kindly let us know in the comments.

My Rating For Grammarly

I would love to give 5 stars to this amazing Grammar tool.

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