Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Feature Review

Plagiarism Checker Grammarly

This is a quick review of the Plagiarism Checker Feature provided in Grammarly. Most of the writers even after proofreading has to be passed from various kinds of plagiarism checkers depending upon the publishing. Many of the blogs and websites pass the guest articles and other pieces of content to be published through various Premium software and services specially designed to detect plagiarism.

Therefore, writers themselves prefer to verify the plagiarism in their content using various Free or Paid Tools. We’ve also published a list of such Plagiarism Checker Tools, which you can check out at the following link.

The thing is why to spend time, money or effort on verifying whether the content is plagiarized or not when you can do it along with proofreading. Grammarly being an ultimate Writing Enhancement tool also offers In-Built plagiarism checker tool in their Premium Account. This simply means that Grammarly users need not separately buy credits for some Premium Plagiarism Checker Tool to ensure that their content is unique and good to go.

How to Check Plagiarism with Grammarly?

Checking Plagiarism with Grammarly is pretty easy and rather I should say it is automatic. If you have enabled the Plagiarism Checker option, then you just have to worry about writing and it will keep on checking your content against billions of other content pages on the internet to ensure that your content is unique. If it found any kind of plagiarism, it will notify you and will also give you the option to give citation to the content of someone else if required. It by defaults, show some quick citation notation options, to make that citation job simpler than ever and a one-click task.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Result

In the above screenshot, I’ve opened the Grammarly Pop-up box for the WordPress Editor in which I’m writing the current post. You just have to go to the Plagiarism option by clicking on it in the Right Sidebar of the Pop-up Window and that’s it it will analyze and tell you the result of plagiarism check immediately or within a few seconds if the content is too long.

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As you can see, as there is no plagiarism in the current article, so, it is showing that our content is 100% original. But if there will be any kind of plagiarism, it’ll show you what part of the content is plagiarized and it will also show you the percentage of plagiarized content.

Check Copied Content With Grammarly

As you can see in the above screenshot, in the Web version of Grammarly, I just copied some content from the Homepage of this website and then pasted it there and after that, I just wrote a unique line. You can see Grammarly immediately highlights the plagiarized part of the whole content and in the right, it shows up the Plagiarism details.

It shows the webpage details from where the content has been copied and you can simply click to copy the Reference Data in order to give preference to the original content source whenever required.

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This way, Grammarly makes the Plagiarism Detection & Correction work way easier than checking it via a third-party tool. This feature is available on all platforms where Grammarly is available as a tool. You can use it in browsers by using the extension, in the web interface, in Microsoft Word, or even in the Desktop or Mobile App. It is quite accurate and that’s why I’d like to rate Grammarly’s Plagiarism Checker full 5 stars in Rating.

You can also find the detailed review of Grammarly, here at the following link.

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