Grammarly Discount – Upto 60% Off On Best Grammar Tool

Grammarly Discount

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We all know Grammarly is the Best Grammar Tool. It is useful for almost everybody having any task related to Content Writing, Proofreading or Plagiarism Detection. If you’re new to Grammarly, consider reading our detailed review of Grammarly first.

Whether you need to get Grammarly for Sentence Checking or as a Plagiarism Checker, it has got all the features under one roof.

Grammarly Discount – Save Upto 60% With Annual Plan

Well, do you know that you can save as high as upto 60% with Grammarly?

If not, then know it right now! You can save upto 60% if you go with the Grammarly Premium Annual Plan. Look at the following screenshot of three pricing plans offered by Grammarly.

Grammarly Premium Pricing

  • The monthly plan costs you $29.95 per month, which means, $359.40 per year ($29.95 * 12 Months)
  • The Quarterly plan costs you $19.98 per month, which means, $239.76 per year ($19.98 * 12 Months)
  • The Annual plan costs you $11.66 per month, which means, $139.92 per year ($11.66 * 12 Months)
Plan Monthly Quarterly Annual
Savings $0 $119.64 (33%) $219.48 (61%)

Note. The figures are approximate.

So, you can clearly see, with the Quarterly plan, you can save as high as 33% and with the Annual plan, you can have a huge savings of 61%.

How To Get The Grammarly Discount?

Grabbing the discount on Grammarly is really easy. You just have to go with the Annual plan. Here’s a step by step guide to subscribing to the Grammarly Premium Annual Plan.

1. Click on the following button to open the Grammarly Homepage.

Get Grammarly ????

2. Go to the Plans, by clicking on the Grammarly Premium link in the footer.

Grammarly Premium

3. Here, scroll down to the Pricing plans section and choose the plan according to your wish. If you want to get the maximum discount, go with the Annual Plan.

Annual Plan Discount

Make sure that the Annual Plan will be billed as one payment of $139.95 USD and the Quarterly plan will be billed as one payment of $59.95 USD, every three months.

4. Go through the required three steps, creating an account, selecting the plan and then completing the payment finally to get the Grammarly Grammar Checker Tool.

Grammarly Discount Steps

You can save your time of creating a new account, by signing up using your Google Account.

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