Top 10 Best Grammarly Alternatives and Free Grammar Checker

Grammarly Alternatives

Grammarly is no doubt is one of the widely used grammar checkers used all around the world. It allows the users to edit their mistakes like grammar checking, plagiarism detection, spelling mistakes, sentence making and so on. Even a comma or hyphen cannot getaway in Grammarly.  Not only in the text on a word file, but the extension on browser allows to correct mistakes in online activities as well. In other words, Grammarly got you covered in all the text you are writing on your system. Before going towards alternatives let have a review of Grammarly first so we can understand and compare other grammar checkers with it.

Overview of Grammarly

Grammarly is easy to use due to its simple dashboard accessibility and usage. All the recent documents you have run on Grammarly are saved in your account and have the history of the apps you had integrated with while using Grammarly. In a nutshell:

  • It makes your content better easily and quickly
  • Proofreading provides you detailed description and provides a citation for the content after getting the results of plagiarism checker
  • As it is available everywhere, you can write and correct your content anywhere you type
  • 400 grammar rules are checked in one proofreading
  • It is compatible with all kinds of devices including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Windows
  • The Artificial intelligence makes it more workable as mistakes and errors cannot escape the coding
  • The extension is available and compatible with all the browsers including Firefox, chrome, safari, etc.
  • The additional features include the performance stats, document access in multiple devices, vocabulary suggestions, dictionaries, etc.

Why you need an alternative to Grammarly?

  • The free version of Grammarly provides limited features like grammar checking and spelling errors, rest of the features can only be accessed with the purchased version
  • You cannot completely rely on Grammarly as it may not support every app you are using or working on
  • The intense and frequent advertising ultimately tries to convince you to buy the premium services even you do not need them
  • We cannot truly rely on the proofreading as we cannot consider it a replacement for a human proof-reader
  • $29 for a month can be expensive if you are not a frequent writer
  • Sometimes the false errors occur, and the software shows red lines even under the correct ones as well
  • We have gathered the top 10 Best Grammarly Alternatives and Free Grammar Checker for you so you can find the best one according to your need.


This software allows plagiarism checking, style editor, editing apart from grammar checker. ProWritingAid is one of the strong alternatives to Grammarly. It is very popular among bloggers, fiction writers, content writers, business writers, and students, as the software works as the personal writing mentor through which you can feel confident while presenting your content.


  • The report generated by the software includes the 20 types of analysis regarding your content
  • Better compatible with Google Docs, Microsoft, Scrivener, Apache open office, etc.
  • The thesaurus contextuality report allows more synonyms of the words which can help you in exploring and improving better wordings
  • It gives you quick research from different dictionaries and explains it which in result saves your time
  • The coding used for grammar checking is helpful in digging out the style suggestions of the context, word repetition, length of the sentence and variations in your content


  • First is the free plan with a limit of 500 words at a time with online usage only
  • The Premium Package cost $60/year with all the services expect plagiarism checker
  • The Premium+ Package costs $70/year and offers 50 plagiarism checks for a whole year, suitable for the academic writers


This software is from Israel that has natural processing of the language which helps in speaking skills, better-written content, and productivity. The grammar and punctuation are automatically detected while writing. It can automatically correct the mistakes as well. This way you can write faster and save time while correcting the mistakes manually.


  • With the help of Sentence Rephraser tool, you can write and generate a better text with enriching meanings
  • A customized themed keyboard option, emojis to express and prediction of next word to speed up the writing makes it unique and gives a new writing experience
  • Translator and dictionaries used in the software are well equipped to help you
  • Software is easily accessible for all the browsers commonly used, also supporting android keyboard
  • Single tap allows you to check the grammar rules and spelling mistakes, hence, giving you a perfect proofread


  • First is a monthly package which cost you $20.97
  • Annual packages can cost you $7.49/month
  • Package for duration of 2 years costs you about $6.66/ month


A fully integrated and reliable writing tool that can help you in a better learning experience and enhance your knowledge, WhiteSmoke allows you to use algorithms and artificial intelligence for better analysis, error detection, and suggestions regarding your content.


  • It detects the errors which a writing software usually ignores and provides information regarding it
  • The latest content updates, layout upgraded design and user experiences help in better working of the software
  • Artificial intelligence, Natural language processing technology, and many more innovative technologies are used in this software to make you a better experience.
  • The style checker, grammar checker, punctuation checker, and translator help you in generating an error-free content


  • The chrome extension of WhiteSmoke cost you about $4.16/month
  • Only the Essentials package cost you $5/month
  • Premium packages cost about $6.66/month
  • Business packages are around $11.50/month

After the deadline

This software provides free spelling and grammar checker online. Smart error detection and suggestions make it a friendly user and easy to use.


  • The open-source code is used in the software, no complexity or major coding needed
  • Offer advance style text checking
  • Context spelling. Misused wording. Error highlighted explanations are given by the application
  • Grammar checking according to the rule of grammar


  • After the deadline is a free tool which has no in-purchase packages or plans


The software provides online services of grammar checkers and translation in 14 languages including Spanish, English, Italian, German and Russian. Idioms, words, phrases, short lines can easily be translated through the application. It helps in improving vocabulary.


  • Instantly translates the content in different languages and provides examples for how to use them in the sentence as well
  • A natural pronunciation with accurate sentences
  • This software also works even no internet connection is available
  • Flashcards are generated so you can memorize the words you have translated or suggestions in the result are saved


  • The first free packages give a word limit of 2500 words
  • Advance packages charge you according to your word count
  • Customized packages give you custom prices according to the selection of the features you are taking

Paper Rater

An online software which is developed for students through which they can check spelling and grammar from the papers. The robust checking helps the students in finding bold grammar errors and provides an improved document. It only takes 5 to 15 seconds to get the results.


  • Powered by AI, provides the best and accurate grammar checker in lesser time
  • Plagiarism checker is also provided with scoring the originality of the content in percentage
  • Vocabulary improvement by giving definitions, examples, words, and sentences so the skills can be improved
  • An automated system of scoring the writing to understand the quality
  • Feedback option makes it more interactive and real-time results of a proof-reader are helpful and time-saving


  • The software is a free online tool with having only one premium package that cost you about $14.95/month

Hemingway App

This software is helpful in compressing and generating a simple yet meaningful content as it highlights the wordy sentences and helps them in sorting. Adverbs, complicated sentences, and passive voice sentences can easily be detected.


  • Provides a remote usage without internet connectivity
  • You can easily format the prose, it will automatically manage the rest
  • Easy publishing to WordPress with its integrations
  • Exporting of the content to the external editors is also easy
  • Highlights can be generated to share it with you collogues or friends


  • It costs a one-time charge of around $19.99 for both, Mac and Windows


This is an online grammar checker tool which helps in correcting the sentence structure as well. It provides you more precise and clear content with error-free writing. Inappropriate word suggestion is also available.


  • Makes the content more meaningful by checking structures as well
  • A grammar checker is also an advance algorithm


  • Free of cost tool

Slick Write

The software provides style, mistake, grammar errors in one go. A free alternative to Grammarly, with no installation or download needed.


  • Fast checker, saving time
  • Security and privacy of the document
  • High quality and engaging content generator


  • It is a free online proofreading tool with no packages available


It provides more than 20 languages compared to any other grammar checker tool. It is an expert in proofreading and checking the errors effectively.


  • Provides Add-on for Chrome and Firefox
  • Autocorrection, multiple language supports makes it more attractive
  • Online proofreading with open source and error detector


  • First free packages with the word limit of 20,000 per check are offered by language tool
  • Premium packages give the word count limit of 40,000 words per check-in $4.92/month
  • Enterprise package gives more than 40,000 words limit in just $39/month

This is a guest post submitted by Magie Markel ([email protected]).

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