Best Websites To Check Google Keyword Rankings

Best Websites To Check Google Keywords Rankings

This article features a list of tools to check Google Keywords Rankings. To get traffic from Search Engines like Google, you first need to find the keywords that people are searching on the Internet. This process is known as Keyword Research. It is one of the most important aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Once you found a set of good keywords, and then you’ve also published content on your website or blog to target the researched keywords, the next step is to track the positions of your site’s URLs in Google for that particular set of keywords. In other words, you may need to check the rankings of your website/blog pages.

Before you can check for the rankings, you first require to have some keyword-targeted content on your site. Even before that you need to find the keywords. So, here below, I’m linking some of my guides, which may really help you to find good keywords for your site.

Google Keyword Planner is a Free Tool, the primary purpose of which is to help advertisers find good keywords for ads targeting but it can be used for researching keywords for Organic Traffic as well. SEMrush is my favorite tool for Keyword Research. It is much more than just a keyword research tool but it a complete SEO Toolkit.

Once, you found some good keywords, the next step is to rank for those keywords. This is something that is going to take time and is not going to happen immediately. It requires lots of On-Page and Off-Site SEO efforts. Here’s my detailed guide for On-Page SEO. Off-Site is concerned about building quality backlinks for your website. Further, the overall knowledge of Digital Marketing may really help you to achieve better Search Engine Rankings.

Why You Should Check To Google Keywords Rankings?

This is the very first question, why you need to check the position of your website in Google for targeted keywords. Well, for most of the people the answer is the excitement of seeing how your website is performing in the search engines. Further, there could be multiple reasons for checking Google Keywords Rankings. You may be checking keywords rankings to answer one of the following questions.

  • Is my site appearing in the search for a particular keyword?
  • Do my rankings improve?
  • Which pages of my site are ranking high and which are not?

Further after analyzing the different keywords rankings, you can have a better plan for the further growth of your site. For example, now you can focus more on those pages or blog posts of your site which are not performing well.

List of 6 Google Position Checker Tools

1. SEMrush

As I mentioned, SEMrush is a complete SEO Toolkit that has got multiple features. It is the ultimate tool to check anything about a particular keyword or website. Analyzing the Google Keywords Rankings are really simple with SEMrush. Let’s see how to track Google Keywords Rankings with it.

You just have to put the URL of your website or any particular page or post for which you want to check the position rankings. For tutorial purposes, I’m just checking the keyword rankings for a particular Wikipedia post. You can choose the Exact URL option for tracking the positions just for a particular URL.

SEMrush Google Keywords Rankings Checker

It does not just show the keywords and their site ranking positions but a lot more than it. For example, you can also see who are your competitors, what is the traffic volume the keywords for which your URL is ranking in Google, position changes, data as per different countries, overall traffic percentage for your site, and much more.

Organic Position Tracking With SEMrush

You can clearly see it immediately shows me that the page is ranking for almost 1.3k different keywords in Google. You can also save the keywords in SEMrush, which you regularly want to keep tracking and give you alerts of changes whenever required. To use this tool, you just have to choose the Position Tracking option located under the Rank Tracking Heading of SEO Toolkit Menu.

Rank Tracking

Here, you can add the website URL for which you want to do the tracking. You also have to give a name to this project. Simply click on Create Project after entering the required details and SEMrush will begin noticing the changes in your site in Google. It gives you much more detailed insights that you actually require.

SEMrush Keywords Tracking Project

Further after it, you can also enter the keywords manually for which you want to track the website rankings. There are multiple options further provided here for the purpose. You can connect to Google Search Console for import the keywords automatically. It also automatically detects a set of prominent keywords and moreover you can upload your keywords presented in a CSV or TXT file format. Once everything is done here, SEMrush will begin sending weekly updates regarding the same to your email address. This will really help you a lot by saving your precious time of manual keywords tracking and performance inspection.

Moreover, SEMrush is a perfect choice for Keyword Research, content ideas, competitive analysis and much more. SEO experts from all over the world trust this amazing tool for better productivity in the Google Search Engine. Given below is a Video Guide for the SEMrush Position Tracking Tool.

I’ve written a detailed review of SEMrush, which you check out at the following link.

2. AccuRanker

AccuRanker is simply just for the task of keywords positions tracking and it a paid tool. It has got a user-friendly and really impressive interface. You can try this wonderful tool with the 14-Day Free Trial. Unlike SEMrush, AccuRanker is not just limited to Google Search and have the option for the Bing Web Search as well.


It shows up the results really quick. I was really amazed at how fast it does everything that we have to do manually for hours. One more great aspect of this tool is that it has a huge set of regional information. For example, India is a very diverse country and has lots of languages, so I was able to see that they were showing options for most of the popular language-specific searches. You can set one or more Locations and search engines.

Accuranker Keyword Position Tracking

Similar to SEMrush, it has also the option to enter keywords manually or to connect with Google Search Console for automatic keywords import. You can also upload a CSV (Comma Separated Values) File containing your keywords. Reporting is a great feature here, where you can see the regular reports of the position changes and other important information about your Site Performance in the search engine.

Given below is a walkthrough and Tutorial Video of Accuranker.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the only strong alternative to SEMrush. If we talk about complete SEO Tools, the SEMrush and Ahrefs are leading the market shares. It has also got a powerful Rank Tracker tool. Ahrefs is a premium tool but you can try it for 7 days at a price of $7. Like other tools listed above, this has also got features like manual and automatic keywords filtering, country-specific rank tracking. It has got a lot of filters which can really help you find out exactly what type of analysis outcome that you want to get from the search.

Ahrefs Rank Tracker

And I’m saying again, tracking Google Keywords Rankings are just a small part of this powerful tool, it has a lot more to offer. Watching the following video to have a quick look at the overall features of the Rank Tracker that it offers.

4. SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher by Mangools is really a cool Keyword Tracking Tool with a lot of features and interactive User Interface. It offers a Free 10-Day Trial and is trusted by some of the most popular Online Companies. It also supports multiple locations specific keywords data.

SERPWatcher Keywords Ranking Checker

You’re also given the option to filter the data on the basis of devices, desktop or mobile search data as well. They have pricing as per the number of keywords that you want to track. So, to track more and more keywords, you’ve to go with their higher plans.

Here’s a quick video overview of Mangools SERPWatcher.

5. Keyword Rank Checker

This is a Free tool offered by Here you can search by Keywords or by URL. Actually, in both cases, you need to enter the URL, but let’s see how both of these are slightly different. You get the option to choose from the different search engines and devices. You can enter upto 10 different keywords in one search.

Keyword Rank Checker

The offered user interface is really nice and this tool is very simple to use. You can also download the report in excel format and can share the report quickly. It also shows you the search volume for the entered keywords. Search by URL is another cool feature that is really impressive for a Free tool to have.

Search By URL For Keywords Rankings Positions

This can help you find out those for which a particular website or URL is ranking for and the search volume is also provided with Positions and data about Change in Position as well.

6. Google SERP Checker

It is basically a Free Tool offered by Accuranker, which has already been mentioned at #2 in this list. Well, it’s quite different from other keywords tracking tools. Well, most of the part here is manual and that’s why maybe it’s free. It simply shows you the Google Search Results page on the basis of Geolocation and devices.

Google SERP Checker

Therefore, using this tool, you can checker how and at what position the website is ranking for a keyword is ranking at different locations on different devices. Again, not that great because looking for your site in SERPs effort is manual and would just give a rough idea. Good only if your site is ranking in Top positions.

So, these are some of the Best Google Keywords Ranking Checker Tools. Well, there are a lot more websites offering similar features and Search Engine position trackers. Some of them are mentioned below.

The Conclusion: Keyword Rank Checker & Position Tracking

I found SEMrush to be the best ever tool for this purpose of checking at what positions a particular website or any of its URL is ranking in which country. Not just for this purpose, but SEMrush is good for overall Keyword Research and Competitive analysis.

Get SEMrush Free Trial ????

Do not waste too much of your time in stuff like Position Tracking. Spend time in building quality content for your audience for the keyword that you want to get traffic from. You can follow the different SEO Techniques to make sure your hard work must give you a lot of traffic to your blog or website in return. People looking for a Free Position Checking Tool can go with the Keyword Rank Checker tool by SmallSEOTools, as it is simple yet powerful and quick in showing results.

Let us know in the comments section below, which keyword position checker tools you like the most and if you have any suggestions for other Google Keywords Checker Tools & websites. Also, use the comments section for any kind of questions related to this post. You can subscribe to WTMatter for the latest updates.

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