Email Names Selection Guide For New Email Addresses

Good Email Names Selection

This is a helpful illustrative guide for choosing good email names for your email addresses. The first thing that is a kind of mandatory if you are using the Internet is an Email Address. It is so important that if you have to communicate with people all over the Internet, you must have an email address of your own.

Email Name That I Had Chosen & Its Value

Well, I created my first email address [email protected], in 2011 and since then I’ve been using it everywhere.

Even i liked the name, scifigurmeet so much that I use this name for all of my social media profiles as well. The examples are given below. Actually, here scifi is just meant I love technology and Gurmeet is my first name.

The name of your email address actually has a lot of value and if you’re able to choose a good name, you can literally use it anywhere else, like I’ve used it for all of the social media profiles and third party website registrations. I never needed to think of some unique name every time.

Once I checked a huge list of email addresses of my college students and I was shocked to see that most of them have numbers in their email addresses and the email addresses were really difficult to remember in what way the students have chosen them. So, I feel it’s a pretty good idea to write this article to share with people some tips and tricks of choosing good email addresses names.

Now I feel, choosing this email name was one of the best decisions ever. The reason is now I’m identified with this everywhere on the internet. It’s more like my brand name. Even a lot of my collegemates and friends call me with that name. Isn’t it crazy? But it would not have been possible if my email name would have been like gurmeet_730 or singh_67_gurmeet, etc.

Issue With Good Email Names

Everybody could have chosen the name of their email address as their first name, last name or full name but only if it is available. This is the problem these days. In all most popular email services including Gmail, Yahoo or HotMail, most of the names are already registered and an email address with your name will only be found if your name is incredibly unique from people throughout the world. Now, the probability is that we’ll definitely have another person in the world with the same name and he or she would have definitely created the email account with the name before you.

Therefore, we always need to add some numbers or more letters to make it unique. Choosing a good email name is somehow similar to choosing a good mobile number. It’s just that i case of mobile numbers, the only last way to get a good number is to pay more to the mobile service provider. But with email, you can always use your creativity to geet a cool email address name for Free.

Steps To Choose A Good Email Name

Given below are the steps that you should follow to choose a good name for your new email address.

Try All Good Possibilities In Your Mind

Brainstorming Email Names

The first step is to be creative. You should first try typing in every good name that is already in your mind. Be patient and spend some time here, don’t just choose a name in a hurry. Here, a small-time investment may bring in good recognition for you in the upcoming days over the Internet.

You should always try entering your first name & last name separately first and then full name. No one ever knows if some name is available or not. So, trying is the only option. You might think of some good words that reflect you and your personality. For example, I chose the word scifi as the prefix to my first name because it reflects my geeky nature.

Also once advice will be not to use any of the prefix or suffix that simply does not adds up any professional reflection towards your personal recognition. Such as words like cool or innocent should be avoided.

Using A Naming Suggestion Tools

In case you want to see some random possible naming possible with some of the keywords that you have in your mind, you can use a naming suggestion tool. There are a lot of different tools available online which can help you in finding good names on the basis of some keywords that you type in them. I had recently written an article mentioning some of those tools and the link to that article is given below.

These are tools basically to give you suggestions for choosing a domain name but you can always use these tools to literally find naming ideas for almost any purpose.

Avoid Using Numbers

Avoid Using Numbers as long as they’re not helpful or contributing towards your or your brand recognition. Most of the email services suggest some email addresses names when the name you entered is not available and they also suggest some names which often contain numbers.

Suggested Numbers

Well, I’m not saying there is anything wrong to use numbers in your email name but most of the time it simply does not add any value to your email name apart from proving some uniqueness. Moreover, email names with numbers look ugly. Even in the above screenshot, you can see the suggested email address, which simply looks terrible. Therefore, you should not usually follow the suggested email name at all.

Use Symbols Only If They Contribute To Good Email Names

Let’s say [email protected] is not available but chances are [email protected] or [email protected] is available. In such cases, when you can really get good email names by adding allowed symbols like periods and underscores, you should use them. But don’t use the allowed symbols to again make your email look ugly like [email protected]

Tips To Select Good Email Names For Your Personal Email Address

In case, you’re choosing a name for your personal address, make sure you follow the given tips.

  • Your Email Name should be easy to spell, pronounce and remember.
  • It should be as short as possible.
  • There should not be any kind of ambiguity in your email address.
  • Do not use the names of other people, children or any other family member as your email address should reflect only you.
  • The email name should contain your actual name, let it be the first or last name at least if it could not be the full name somehow.

Business Email Addresses & Unlimited Naming Possibilities

Business Addresses Email Names

In case, you’re running a business or a website, then you can create your domain-specific email address and can free yourself this issue of choosing a good email name. When you’re having your own domain, you are literally allowed to choose any email name of your choice. For example, this website of mine has a domain name,, so I can create as many email addresses as I want of my chosen name such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] or whatsoever else.

Follow our guide linked below to find out how you can create business email addresses for Free.

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