GoDaddy Web Hosting Review 2020

GoDaddy Web Hosting Review

GoDaddy is the leading domain registrar in the world. A few years ago, they put their step into the Web Hosting industry as well as become popular at an exponential rate, giving tough competition to other leading web hosting companies. This article is a detailed GoDaddy Review in which we have analyzed the overall web hosting services offered by them. For the sake of clarity and a better understanding of the users, we’ve divided this review majorly into the Pros and Cons section. This will give you a clear idea about what’s good about GoDaddy and what’s not.

Introduction to GoDaddy Web Hosting Services

GoDaddy is not a new name on the Internet. It has been there for a long time as a domain registrar and has build trust among the customers throughout the world. They started to offer web hosting services, maintaining the same faith as a domain registrar with now also web hosting service provider.

Their growth rate has to be exponential and the reason being they’re already selling domain names and selling hosting along with domain names makes marketing much easier. Therefore, due to their already established domain name market, they have observed exponential growth in the selling of their web hosting services. The growth has been possible because they offer web hosting which is high in quality and offer lots of features.

GoDaddy offers all types of web hosting services including, shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress optimized hosting, Windows hosting and more. One thing about GoDaddy services is that they tried to provide the maximum of features with much simplicity than any other host. Their hosting management and customer control portals are the much-liked ones by the customers.


Hosting with GoDaddy has got many benefits, major ones are listed below in this Pros Section.

Good Uptime

Uptime, as I always say, is the major aspect of any hosting service. It should be the maximum and industry-leading uptimes range from 99.95% to 100%. GoDaddy’s uptime falls in this range. Therefore, with GoDaddy, you won’t suffer downtimes and need not worry about the fact that your website will not open sometime of the day or month or year. It’ll be always accessible from anywhere in the world, anytime.

Although the technical issues are still a problem. Let me share a quick experience of mine with GoDaddy Web Hosting services. I was hosting my website with their VPS server. Due to the server not rebooting issue, my site remained down for almost 2 days. It was tragic experience of mine with GoDaddy. But yes, that was a technical issue and generally, you won’t face any such downtime issues.

Speed & Performance

This is something where GoDaddy keeps the lead among other hosting companies and competitors. Most of the time when we purchase web hosting, we primarily check things like storage, RAM, unlimited features, etc. We rarely check the actual CPU or computational power. It is all what which in combination with other resources is going to put the real efforts to run your hosting.

GoDaddy Page Loading Times Comparision With Other Hosting Services

GoDaddy clearly mentions about the Processing power in their shared hosting plans as well. The load times I observed with GoDaddy Hosting are awesomely good than other hosts. The average load time of a default WordPress Installation website with 2019 theme installed on a basic GoDaddy Shared Hosting plan is around 500ms which is great.

A lot of Applications With One-Click Installs

The feature than beginners and bloggers love is One-Click Application Install. Most of us want to install blogs and CMS software like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, MediaWiki, etc. in just one click and GoDaddy offers this solution. You can install more than 125 applications on the go.

GoDaddy One Click Install

This count of applications in One-Click Installer offered by GoDaddy is a lot higher than the avergae number of apps offered in one-click installation services offered by other hosts. cPanel Based one-click installer allows your install more than 125 applications while Plesk based one-click installer allows your install around 50 applications.

Plans for All

There are hosting companies which offer only premium plans belonging to only a specific set of hosting services. For example, companies only offering managed WordPress Hosting services. GoDaddy is not among them. It has hosting solutions for all types. Their hosting range starts from Shared Hosting @ $5.99 only and goes on as high as you want.

The variety of types and plans in GoDaddy is also higher than other hosting competitors. The hosting companies usually don’t mention on their Plans page that you’re going to get the renewal at normal price unlike the discounted price now to trick the customers to subscribe to their plans for longer terms. Although the policy with GoDaddy Discounts and pricing of plans is almost the same, GoDaddy clearly mentions in each pricing plan, the cost of the renewal. This makes easy for the customer to decide with which plan and for what term he/she should actually go.

Network & Security

They offer award-winning security services along with their hosting services. Attacks like DDOS are very common in the hosting industry these days. Companies try their best to prevent such type of attacks. GoDaddy has put a special security team 24/7 on the task of monitoring suspicious activities and such type of attacks happening on their network.

cPanel for Linux, Plesk For Windows

No hosting is good if it does not provide proper control over the things. Even in shared hosting plans, they offer cPanel or Plesk. For Linux type, shared hosting they offer cPanel and for Windows Type hosting plans, they offer Plesk. Both of these are the most popular hosting management control panels and anybody subscribing to a hosting service, would expect these control panels to be there. In the case of Windows Hosting, they also use the Windows Server 2012 R2 while most of the other hosting companies are still using Windows Server 2008.

Scalability, Even in Shared Hosting

GoDaddy offers the power of scalability even in their shared hosting plans in just one click. Whenever the GoDaddy will see that your web hosting resources are falling limited towards the load on the server, it will send you a notification and according to which you can upgrade your plan in just a click. It is amazing to see that they offer this feature in their Shared Hosting.

Fairly Good Support

I’ve seen a lot of people have criticized Support offered by GoDaddy but I feel they offer fairly good support. Yes, I feel although, they are not available always as they mention 24/7/365 support on their site whenever in their working hours they are available, they offer excellent support.

Even their support is multi-lingual.

They offer chat, ticket as well as phone call support. Whenever I required, i always choose to opt for the Phone Call and they solve your problems on the go.

They also have a huge set of the article and other tutorials in their knowledge base. It is seen that most of the hosting offers common support in English only. GoDaddy offers regional support in multiple languages. For example, support for GoDaddy US Customers will be different from GoDaddy India support. This makes the things simpler and customer-user interaction is enriched. People from the same country are able to understand each other better.

Although, having multiple country support is good in many other ways. Once, there was a holiday in India and GoDaddy’s Indian support was off. I simply called the US Global support and go my issue solved.

Bonus Features

GoDaddy offers various plan specific bonus features and gives customers the reasons to choose them. These features might be plan specific and will not be available in all hosting types or all plans.

These include,

  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Premium DNS

They have also customized the cPanel to give it very own, GoDaddy Look and Feel.


It is necessary to mention, there are a few things which are not so good about GoDaddy.

No Free Migration

Most of the WordPress users, expect this feature to be there. Usually, most of the WordPress users are non-technical and whenever they migrate from one web hosting service to another, they rely on the Free Migration service offered by the companies. Most of the hosting companies like Hostgator offer this Free Migration service. But GoDaddy offers this as an optional Paid Service at the cost of $99.

Well, migration is not at all a tough task these days and for WordPress, I have already shared a related guide, which you can find at the link given below.

How To Backup and Restore WordPress Website?

Upsells & Pricing For Short Terms

GoDaddy promotes lots of their paid add-ons and services along with their hosting products as upsells. You can clearly see in the following screenshot, lots of PAID Addons offered by GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Upsells

Plans and Cost

GoDaddy offers all types of hosting options. We’ve briefly discussed each of them in this section.

Shared Web Hosting

GoDaddy Shared Web Hosting is further available in two options, Linux Shared Hosting, and Windows Shared Hosting. With both, you get a Free Domain Name with the annual plan, which is a great bonus.

Linux Type

GoDaddy offers 4 different plans for Linux Shared Web Hosting as shown in the following screenshot.

GoDaddy Linux Shared Hosting

Except for the Economy plan, all of the other plan unlimited storage and unlimited website. The Maximum plan also offers the maximum processing power, memory and Free SSL Certificate for the full term. This means that your SSL Certificate will remain active as long as you host with them with Maximum plan.

Under the heading of each plan, they have suitability define which plan suits the best for what type of requirement. To try with, I would recommend you to go at least with the Deluxe plan.

Free Business Email is offered but for 1st year only. This is a downside of shared hosting of GoDaddy while most of the other hosting companies offer free professional email with unlimited email accounts as long as you subscribe for them.

Windows Type

Unlike four plans in Linux Type Shared Web Hosting, GoDaddy offers only three plans for Windows Type Shared Web Hosting.

GoDaddy Windows Shared Hosting

Windows Shared Hosting is based on Windows Server 2012 RC. As compared to Linux Shared Hosting, you get somehow fewer resources and I would say limited resources in Windows Hosting. If you ever wanted shared web hosting for CMS like WordPress and confused between Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting, I would recommend you to go with Linux Shared Hosting only.

VPS Hosting

When you want to get assured resources with good enough computing power, you should go with VPS. In VPS, they offer the plans under the same names, Economy, Value, Deluxe and Ultimate.

The key features of GoDaddy VPS hosting are unmetered bandwidth, 3 dedicated IPs and Free 1 year SSL Certificate. I feel GoDaddy VPS be quite costly than most of the other VPS Hosting services. Moreover, they offer Cpanel with VPS but at an extra cost and that will put an extra monthly cost.

GoDaddy VPS Hosting Plans

But you also have the option to choose either the managed or fully-managed versions of their VPS. In fully-managed plans, the Cpanel and WHM control panel is provided. You are also given some other configuration options like Server Location at the time of signup and setting up the VPS. It also offers a default Management Dashboard to make things easier.

They also offer to level up the VPS plans without any kind of re-provisioning. I have used their VPS hosting for almost one year to host one of my old websites with a good amount of traffic and I would appreciate the quality of hosting, that I achieved with it. I had to move somewhere else, just because of the cost increased a lot as traffic was increasing a lot.

Windows type VPS is also offered. It is costlier than Linux type. Like in the fully managed VPS version of Linux Type, cPanel is offered, likewise, with Windows type, you are offered Plesk in fully managed version.

You also get Full Root Access in this VPS. It is almost like a Dedicated Web Hosting. GoDaddy VPS is certainly one of the best VPS hosts out there I’ve ever used.

Dedicated Hosting

When you require the maximum power with fully dedicated resources, you rent your own server. GoDaddy offers dedicated web hosting plans starting @ $89.99 per month. Like shared hosting, they offer Linux and Windows-based dedicated web servers.

The following is the screenshot of Linux based dedicated web hosting servers.

GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting Plans

Windows Dedicated Web Hosting plans are obviously costlier.

GoDaddy Windows Dedicated Web Servers

RAID-1 Type storage is provided along with unmetered bandwidth, 3 dedicated IPs and Free 1-year SSL certificate. I have seen most of the times, with dedicated hosting, we get limited bandwidth, although it is in TBs. But with GoDaddy, the bandwidth of Dedicated Servers will never be an issue as it is unlimited. Processing power remains the same in all of the plans. The difference lies in the memory (RAM) and storage.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the most popular CMS out there and that’s why companies have started to offer special and optimized hosting for WordPress. GoDaddy also offers WordPress hosting in four plans.

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Features

It has got some exclusive benefits as shown in the above screenshot. The one-click migration tool is a special feature here. You need not worry about WordPress core and security updates, it is automatic here. You also get Free Microsoft 365 email for one year with an annual plan of this type.

The plans are shown in the following screenshot.

GoDaddy WordPress Web Hosting Plans

These plans have got some amazing features like the Real-time performance and uptime monitoring, automated client reports in the Pro 5+ plan. You get a free domain name with the annual purchase of any of these plans. One-Click staging of the site is also offered in the Deluxe and Ultimate plans. Gravity form is included for Free in all of these plans. Free SSL certificate is offered for one year only in Ultimate and Pro 5+ plan.

One great feature is the Daily Malware scan. WordPress sites are common, so common is the malware made to crack them. Therefore, this is a must-have feature in any managed type WordPress Hosting. Daily backup is also a great feature which you can restore anytime with just one click.

Business Hosting

Business hosting is similar to VPS hosting plans and is made for non-technical people managing businesses.

GoDaddy Business Hosting Plans

You can choose the plans as per the processing power needed. You get free Microsoft 365 Business Email for 1 year. Standard SSL Certificate is also offered with each plan.

They have built a special control panel using which the things can be managed and you need not be technical at all to use it. The following screenshot comparing, Shared, VPS and Business Web Hosting clearly signifies why Business Web Hosting is the best option.

Shared Vs Business Vs VPS

You can quickly install applications like Magento or WooCommerce to quickly set up your eCommerce Business website on GoDaddy Business Hosting platform.

Reseller Hosting

GoDaddy offers one of the most featureful reseller hostings. It is one of its own kind. With it, you get free WHCMS license which makes the overall management of Reseller Hosting platform super-easy. You also get free cPanel/WHM. The common features of unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and 24/7 support are also included.

GoDaddy Reseller Hosting

SSL Certificate for the life of the plan is also offered for free along with Reseller-enabled GoDaddy Domains. All of this gives you the power to create plans for your choice, you can configure the things as you like and as per the requirements of your clients. The most lovely part of GoDaddy Reseller hosting, you can accept payment in multiple formats and in multiple currencies. Automated invoicing is also an amazing feature.


Obviously, GoDaddy is not the only good web hosting company out there. But all the features offered by GoDaddy and quality of the services is simply amazing.

Just make sure, if pricing is concerned much, you should also look at the competitors like Hostgator, Bluehost, Siteground, Dreamhost & Hostinger. We’ve shared reviews for all.


If we just talk about the services, features, and quality of support offered by GoDaddy, it is amazing and definitely, you should go with them. When we add the Pricing factor, then I’d say you should choose, after looking at the pricing of competitors. GoDaddy is found to be slightly costlier than the average plans cost of its competitors. Still, the cost of GoDaddy is fair enough for the quality and bonus features offered.

Therefore, we recommend GoDaddy Web Hosting.

My Rating For GoDaddy Web Hosting

I’d rate 4.3 stars to GoDaddy Web Hosting Services.

So, that’s the review of GoDaddy Hosting. Kindly ask your questions about this article in the comments section below and do share this article with others who might find it useful as well.

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