Free Online Grammar Checker Tools (The Top 10 List)

Free Online Grammar Checker Tools

Proofreading and Grammar Checking is something we all have to do before making our writing appear in front of others. You might have to submit your writings to your School or College, you might want to publish your content online or whatsoever else is the purpose, you’ve to make sure that what you write is grammatically correct and contain no serious language issues. Well, if you start proofreading manually, it’ll definitely take time, and at the end, you can not be so sure that everything is good to go. Therefore, most of the times, people rely on various Grammar Checking Tools, which can help you identify different types of writing and Grammar issues with our content.

As it is the era of the Internet, daily thousands of new content writings are published on different websites and blogs. Therefore, it’ll be so good if you can get some online solution to help you ensure your writings are good to go. This will simply make you independent of relying on some kind of offline software to help you identify and resolve grammatical issues with your content. These days there are numerous Free and Premium Grammar Checking Tools are available in the form of online and offline Tools. This article features a list of Top 10 Online Grammar Checking Tools which are best among all other alternatives.

List of Top 10 Free Online Grammar Checking Tools

Not all of the tools are equally powerful and so impressive, that’s why we have taken the various factors of judgment to list the various Grammar Checking Tools from top to bottom in this list. These factors include the number of exclusive features, types of checks included, ease of use, and smart suggestions, kind of things.

1. Grammarly

Grammary is the choice of millions of users throughout the world who use it for their day to day writing enhancement tasks. It is simply the best ever Grammar Checker Tool that somebody could ever found online till date. It is much more than just a Grammar Checker Tool.

Grammarly Grammar Checker Tool

You can signup for Grammarly for Free and once logged into the account you can upload any of your existing text document or can copy-paste your content to be grammatically corrected. It’ll show you all of the mistakes and wheresoever the corrections will be needed. You can quickly follow the suggestions to proofread your content.

Get Grammarly ✔

We’ve talked about Grammarly in detail in our review article here.

2. Ginger Software

Ginger is one of the most professional Grammar Checking Tools when it comes to the Premium side. You can try their software for Free. They have some of the amazing Grammar enhancement features. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can see how a not so well written sentence is being grammatically improved by Ginger to a perfect sentence.

Grammar is not just about the spellings and sense, it is much more than it, and tools like Ginger helps you to enhance your content by improving those things.

Ginger Software

Like Grammarly, when you try it for Free, you get limited features, but you can think of upgrading to Premium if you really like it. It is also supported by multiple platforms. You can use it on Windows, on Mac or even they have their mobile apps. The simplest way to use it is the web browser extensions.

3. Whitesmoke

Whitesmoke is another top Grammar Checker and Writing Enhancement Tool. It checks your document for a lot of different types of contexts. Although it is premium, you can use their online Grammar Checker Tool for free. One great thing about Whitesmoke is the numerous web browser support. Most of the popular grammar checker software offer their extensions for only most popular web browsers, unlike Whitesomke which offers extensions for all major browsers.


They also have a pretty good toolbar, which helps you to identify grammatical mistakes as you browse through the web.

4. Small SEO Tools Grammar Checker

SmallSEOTools is a popular website offering a number of useful tools such as the DA Checker, Grammar Checker, and Plagiarism Checker. Their Grammar checking tool is fairly good and detects Grammar errors really well. Apart from it, it also suggests the reading and speaking time.



Scibens is another great Grammar Checker Tool which provides fairly good insights about the overall Grammatical issues with the content.

Scribens Grammar Checker Tool

6. Hemingway App Editor

This might not be the most powerful, but it is one of the most beautiful Grammar Checker Tools. It offers its power in the form of an Editor. You can understand the ease of using this App from the following screenshot. Apart from basic Grammatical issues, it checks the content in the depth of sentence length, better alternatives for the words, and much more.

Hemingway App

Even if doesn’t impress you much, I highly recommend you to try Hemingway App Editor at least once.

7. Duplichecker

It is a similar tool to SmallSEOTools Grammar Checker Tool. It looks like they are using some kind of third party API for providing the Grammar Checking Feature to the visitors.

You can upload your text documents as well for quick checks, and they have a feature of autocorrect after pasting the text which you can enable. It’ll automatically correct the Grammatical errors.

8. PrePostSEO Grammar Checker

Another similar tool as SmallSEOTools Grammar Checker and Duplichecker Grammar Checker.

PrePostSEO Grammar Checker

Nothing much special about this tool, you have the option of choosing the multiple languages and accents, similar to Small SEO Tools and Duplichecker.

9. VirtualWritingTutor

A quite simple yet useful tool is VirtualWriting Tutor. You can check upto 500 words for Grammatical issues for Free as visitors and can check upto 3000 words in one go as a member and becoming a member is also free. You just have to signup for the website.

Virtual Writing Tutor

They have different types of Grammatical check features like Target Structures, Vocabulary, Punctuation Checking, etc.

10. GradeProof

Gradeproof, as the name suggests, is a tool to help you proofread your content for better grades. Gradeproof is based on Artifical Intelligence, and it suggests you even better as you continue writing more and more with it.

Gradeproof Grammar Checker

They have all the necessary features like Intelligent suggestions, multi-platform support, statistical writing features, Eloquence Engine, and plagiarism checks.


Although there are numerous Free Online Grammar Checker Tools available, most of these provide very limited grammar checking features in the Free Versions. Grammarly, Whitesmoke and Ginger are the Top 3 and Professional Grammar Checking Tools which not just provides an Online Interface for Grammar Checking Software but also provides different add-ons for Browsers and Microsoft office as well. Even they also offer their Mobile Apps to help you do proofreading on the go.

I highly recommend, Grammarly as the best Grammar Checker Tool. You can get started with Grammarly For Free. Although they have most of the features in their Premium Plan, you can get all those features which are even more than the Free features of most of its alternatives. You’ll surely love Grammarly. It is the choice of millions of users worldwide.

I’ve been now using Grammarly from past few years, and it has never let me down. Even the blog post that you are reading right now has been proofread by Grammarly automatically. I’ve already published a detailed review of Grammarly on my blog, which you can check out at the following link.

In case, you’re looking for the Best Plagiarism Checker Tools; you can check them out at the following link as well.

Thanks for being here at WTMatter. Hope this list of Best Online Grammar Checker Tools helped you to find out the best of the Free tools which you can prefer for proofreading and correcting your Grammatical mistakes and thus simply enabling you to enhance your English Writings. If you’ve any query in your mind regarding this topic, feel free to ask us via the comments section and don’t forget to share it with others who might find it useful as well.

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