How To Create Free Business Email with Zoho?

How To Create Free Business Email With Zoho

Business email is one thing that everyone with a website should have. The purposes of using a Business email address may be numerous. But I wonder sometimes, a lot of people, who even already runs a website, thinks that it is a premium thing and not just anybody can get a premium email address without paying for it. But the reality differs. It has been seen that most of the web hosting companies try to sell their premium email hosting plans along with domains, hosting and other products.

By Business email, we here mean by one or more email addresses with own company domain. For example, our blog’s domain is, so our business email addresses will be like [email protected], [email protected], etc.

Anyways, you can not just create one but multiple Free Business Email addresses. There may be many services might offer you to create a business email address for FREE but the one which we’re going to talk about today is Zoho. It is already a very popular name on the Internet for various Business related services.

Zoho lets anybody create FREE email address upto 5 users. Just go ahead to this link to check out all of its features: Zoho Email Hosting

Zoho Mail

Zoho Free Business Email Hosting Features

The following screenshot given as an infographic has been taken from the Zoho’s website Features page.

Zoho Free Business Email Features Infograhic

Although Zoho Email is FREE but further to get all of their features and to increase the number of users, you can upgrade to their premium plans. The screenshot of Zoho Pricing is given below.

Zoho Email Pricing

So, this was all about Features and Pricing. Now let’s begin with the tutorial part.

How to create a FREE Business Email?

For this tutorial, I’ll create a business email for my own website, on Zoho. So, let’s get started.

Step 1. Go to Zoho Mail and Choose the Forever Free Plan

Follow this link: Zoho Email Hosting and Click on the pricing link and then choose the Forever Free Plan as shown in the following screenshot.


Step 2. Enter Your Domain That You Want To Be Used In Your Business Email

Here you have two options. Either you can use your already owned domain name for the business email or you can also purchase the domain name from Zoho itself. In our case, we already have the domain, so we’ll simply enter it and proceed by clicking on the Add Button.


Step 3. Fill the Registration Details, Confirm and Signup.

Now, simply fill the asked details for registration. This is the most important step of the whole process. First, enter your full name and then choose the business email address. For example, in the screenshot given below, we’ve chosen our Business Email Address to be [email protected]


You’ll also need to enter your mobile number and have to choose a strong password also. In the end, just confirm your country and Contact Email. Have a reading of their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and if you agree it check the option. Afterward, simply click on the Proceed Button.

Then you’ll be shown a summary as the following screenshot. Just verify and click on Signup Button.

Step3 Signup

Step 4. Verify Your Mobile Number With OTP

After the previous step of Signup, it will create your account and you’ve to verify your account with OTP. The OTP will come on the mobile number filled during Step 2.


Step 5. Two Factor Authentication For Security

In this step, you have to secure your Zoho account with Two Factor Authentication. There are multiple options here as shown in the following screenshot.


Choose your preferred option for Two Factor Authentication and if you don’t want to do it right now, you can simply click on the Remind me later link given at the bottom of the webpage.

Step 6. Verify Your Domain Name

This is also an important step in the process. You’ve to verify your domain name. There are three methods available to verify the ownership of the domain, these are TXT Method, CNAME Method, and HTML method. You can choose your domain registrar from the list as shown in the screenshot and verify the domain name according to the provided instructions.


Once, verified you can proceed to the next step. You can let me know in comments if you’re facing any issues in the verification process. But it’s pretty much simple and Zoho has provided good instructions for the process on their website.

Step 7. Create a Super Administrator Account

As already mentioned, you can create upto 5 users in the FREE plan and to manage all users, you can create a super administrator account in this step. In our case, the super administrator account is the same account which we’re going to count as our business email address.


I simply chose [email protected] and clicked on Create Account Button.

Step 8. Add More Users, Create Group(s) or Simply Skip

In this step, you’re asked to add more users to your account. You can add upto 5 users in the FREE Plan but if you want to add more than 5 users, just go with their premium plan. You can also skip this step.


Likewise, you also get a step to create Groups. These are the email accounts which are common for a particular type of users. A good has been given in the step process of Zoho itself. Suppose your company has 4-5 HR team members, then you can create [email protected] group for a common email to all HR Team members. This is a great feature offered by Zoho.

Step 9. Configure MX Records

This is again an important step. Without configuring MX Records for your domain name, the email functionality will not work. Just put the MX Records as mentioned in this step in your DNS settings. You can verify by clicking on the MX Lookup button provided at the bottom Bar. Once done, simply proceed by clicking on the Next Button.


Step 10. Advanced Steps (Optional, you can SKIP)

There are some advanced steps, namely SPF/DKIM and Email Migration which you can go through if you want to. But as a beginner, you can just skip it. Likewise in the last step, you are guided that you can use Zoho Email easily using their Mobile App. And finally, you’ve created your FREE Business Email Address with Zoho successfully. You can now go to your workplace to manage it further.


That’s it for this tutorial. Now you can access and use your business Email anytime. To access your email, just log in to your account by going to

Your credentials will be the same. Your registered business domain email, for example, [email protected] as the login email and the password chosen at registration.

If you’ve any questions regarding the whole process, please feel free to ask me via the comments. Don’t forget to share this article with the ones who might find it helpful too. And let me know which service our personally prefer for business email and is Zoho Mail a great FREE alternative to other paid options in the Business Email market.

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