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Free Blog Sites

Do you want to start a blog for Free? Well, you’ve just landed in the right place. There are so many Free Blogging platforms or simply the free blog sites using which you can start your own blog right away. I know to blog from almost 9 years now. During my journey, I have gone through a lot of different blogging platforms and finally entered into professional blogging where I have my own web servers to host my blog and websites.

But no beginner would like to set up his own web server to host his or her blog because it costs a lot!

As a beginner, anybody would like to start blogging for Free. Even when I started my first blog, it was also on a Free Blogging Platform, formerly called Blogspot and now called Blogger. But it is not the only single Free Blogging platform, rather there a lot.

List of Top 10 Free Blogging Platforms

This list has been compiled after analyzing the various aspects of different free blog sites. We have included various blogging sites, website builders and content management system in this list and presented them how they are good for blogging for beginners as well as for advanced users.

1. is undoubtedly the Best Free Blogging software. It’s a platform that has changed the world how people used to create websites and blogs on the web. The software of is completely free but you need to have a domain name and web hosting in order to make your website live on the internet.

More than 37% of the websites and blogs throughout the internet is developed on WordPress and that’s why it also the most popular Content Management System. WordPress is great for beginners as well as like a paradise for advanced users also because you are given the authority to do whatever you want to do with your blog. You can change the look and feel of the whole blog whatever the way you like to do.

WordPress has the power of plugins and themes. There are thousands of Free Plugins and Free themes available for WordPress which gives you the power to do just anything with your blog. Whenever you desire to have a feature on your blog, just search on Google about it and you’ll definitely find a solution plugin. Thus, the development and designing part of the blog and websites, which was previously only the developer’s job is now anybody’s on the go work with WordPress.

More than just a blog site, you can create any type of website with It’s a complete solution. You can create a social networking website, a website for an educational institute, an E-Commerce website or any other type of website that you can imagine.

Reasons to Choose

  • If you’re really serious about your blog
  • Tremendous Plugins and themes count!
  • Want to run it successfully in a longer run
  • Want to get complete control over your blog
  • Want a custom domain name
  • Huge Community to support you
  • A large number of help articles and documentation available online
  • Can create any type of website with it

Keep in Mind

  • You need to be a little techy with time or simply hire a web developer for advanced tasks.
  • You are responsible for your website backups and all security stuff.

2. Blogger

Blogger (BlogSpot)

Blogger is probably the Best Free Blogging platform if you don’t want to spend on web hosting and domain name. But it has got many limitations too. Blogger is a fully hosted free blog site service offered by Google. And as it is a product of Google, there is no doubt about its quality and productive features.

You can create a blog with Blogger in just a few minutes. You just need a Google account and just go ahead to and sign in with your Google Account. You will be guided through the remaining blog creation process. Blogger offers your blog(s) with a subdomain,

In other words, if you create a free blog on Blogger, you get a blog like

But Blogger is seriously great, you can even integrate your own custom domain with your Blogger blog. In that case, you can either purchase the domain name from Google Domains service itself or from any other domain registrar. In the end, you just have to integrate it with Blogger and that’s also very easy, even a beginner can do it in just 2 minutes.

Reasons to Choose Blogger

  • If you’re a newbie
  • Don’t want to spend on the domain and hosting costs.
  • A good number of themes and widgets available.
  • You can edit the Template yourself.
  • Don’t want to be technical
  • You can use a custom high-level domain name rather than the free sub-domain.
  • Can monetize your blog with Google AdSense
  • Powerful community

Keep in Mind

  • Customizations are limited upto an extent
  • Your blog is highly bounded by Google policies, Google is the real owner of your blog, you’re not.
  • Google can delete your blog anytime if you don’t follow its policies.

3. is also offered by the company whose owner is the co-founder of Both are actually quite similar from a beginner’s perspective. But both are two completely different things. is a self-hosted solution and you can to install it on your own web hosting as described in the #1 point also and is a fully-hosted service. In other words, you won’t need your own web hosting and not even necessarily the domain name. tries to provide some of the features of in a blogger like service. You can also create a free blog on with a subdomain Example:

Like, you can also install various plugins and themes here but in the premium plan. In the Free plan, there are a lot of limitations. Whenever somebody asks which is best among, Blogger and, the answer of most experienced users is Blogger because of the limitations of’s free plan. But if you go with the premium plan, you got a lot of flexibility and joy of this blogging platform.

Reasons to Choose

  • As a newbie, get started for Free
  • Domain and hosting costs as waived off.
  • Want to get a feel of
  • Want a simple user interface and a simple blog

Keep in Mind

  • Can not monetize in Free plan
  • Too many limitations in Free plan

4. Wix

Wix As Blogging Site

Wix is another great Free service for creating blogs and websites. Rather than a free blogging platform, it is a Free website builder. It is also a fully hosted platform and you get Free subdomain as your blog address in the Free plan. Like Blogger and, you can get your custom domain as your Wix’s website address also. But it will cost you the premium plan. Wix offers a drag and drop website builder which is the most attractive feature.

You can create your blog either from scratch or by choosing any available template or pre-made design. They have numerous templates and designs. They also have an App Market. Apps are like plugins in WordPress. You can add different types of features and functionalities to your Wix Website or blog using these Apps. There are many Free apps, while others are Paid. They offer all that it makes your blog to be designed as per the latest Web standards such as web galleries, amazing fonts, scroll effects, advanced customizations and more.

Reasons to Choose Wix

  • If you’re a newbie and want to start for Free
  • Don’t want to spend on the domain and hosting costs.
  • Want to get a Drag and Drop Website Builder
  • Want something more than just a blog
  • Free SSL

Keep in Mind

  • Limitations in Free plan
  • Have to upgrade to get all intuitive features
  • Wix may show ads on your blog in Free plan

5. Weebly

Weebly Blog Site

Weebly is also a website builder platform that lets you create free blog sites with a sub-domain But like most of the other blog sites, you can use your custom domain name also, again in the paid plans. Weebly has got some amazing design tools that let you create a website or blog of your choice. You can choose from pre-made templates and designs.

You can create an amazing blog within just a few minutes with Weebly. Creating the content on Weebly blog is pretty much easy and an intuitive process with the drag and drop design tools. Weebly has provided enough options to optimize your blog for Search Engines. You can manage the SEO stuff of your website easily with Weebly. It is a completely hosted platform, so again you need not worry about web hosting and maintenance.

Weebly comes with Advanced Blog Management features that even lets you integrate a powerful third-party system like Disqus commenting system and more with your blog. It has also got some advanced sharing and website posts scheduling features. Weebly is now also known for its mobile app features and E-Commerce features.

Reasons to Choose Weebly

  • Start for Free as a newbie
  • No worries of the domain and web hosting, as it is fully hosted.
  • Drag and Drop Website Builder with top-notch features
  • Want to integrate E-Commerce features to your blog.
  • Want to integrate many third parties services

Keep in Mind

  • Limitations in Free plan
  • Have to upgrade to get all intuitive features

6. Tumblr


Tumblr is also a popular blogging service. It gives the true experience of a daily diary than just a blog. You can post just whatever you want in your posts. Since Tumblr has launched its mobile app, it has made the blogs more the way, how most of the social media apps show infinite timeline posts. Tumblr has been there for a long time and they keep on upgrading as per the demand of time.

Blogging on Tumblr is simplest. The dashboard provided is pretty much intuitive. Your hands go on automatically whatever your mind wants to do. You can publish, just text, photos, quotes, links, chats, audios, videos or whatever else you want. It is different from other Blogging services in its own way.

Like other free blog sites platforms, you get the option of themes. You can choose from various themes and can give your blog the wanted look and life. Tumblr is a highly reliable blogging platform, they also have policies that you need to follow up, otherwise, you may find loses.

They have quite a bit limitations on upload size and number of posts that you can publish in a day for Free but they are so high, that none of us would feel them as serious limitations.

Reasons to Choose Tumblr

  • Quickstart blogging for Free
  • Easy and intuitive in use.
  • Good Templates and Designs

Keep in Mind

  • Some themes are premium
  • Some limitations like upload file sizes and 250 posts per day capacity.

7. Medium


Rather than a blogging site, the medium is more like a global community where every user can share their views and write whatsoever you want under their subdomain in the form of articles. Most of the other blogging platforms let anybody read your blog posts any number of times. But Medium is different here.

A user got limited views and if anybody wants to read further articles published by users, they also need to signup a Free Medium Account. The quality of articles published by users of Medium is relatively very high when compared to sites that are built on other blogging platforms. The signup process to read the articles may be the major reason behind this.

Reasons to Choose Medium

  • Your writings can get good exposure if featured on Medium Homepage
  • Cool Community
  • The nice user interface which is easy to use

Keep in Mind

  • Theme and design seems to be the same for all authors
  • It costs $5 per month or $50 per year.
  • The medium partner program is the only way to run ads on your blog

8. Squarespace

Squarespace Blog Site

Squarespace is also first a website builder tool which you can use to create beautiful free blog sites. Squarespace is known for its website and blog designs. Their theme designs are ultra modern and make use of all the latest web technologies. You can install multiple templates on a single Squarespace website or blog. This is a unique feature of this blogging platform. Squarespace has no limitations for the website’s purpose.

There is a wonderful drag and drop style editor that you can use to create the blog, the way you want. Squarespace has done a lot for the Images part of the website. And they have put their efforts in the right way, as a single image speaks a thousand words. They have amazing features like Galleries, Videos embedding features, Audio Collections, etc.

The features provided by Squarespace are countless. I would recommend going here to find out the list of all the features offered by Squarespace.

Reasons to Choose Squarespace

  • Free to start (Trial) and fully hosted solution
  • Has got an amazing design features
  • Sufficient Publishing tools and easy content creation

Keep in Mind

  • Limited features while you don’t pay for it.

9. Ghost

Ghost Blogging Site

Ghost is an online publishing platform. Ghost is good for beginners but a lot more than good for Developers! It is simple for beginners as well as developers. Unlike other fully hosted solutions, a Ghost is a software. It has got an ultra-modern design and some people say that it can change the future of blogging. It also follows minimalism.

Ghost tried to do the maximum with the minimum, simple and intuitive interface. It has got design similarities with the Medium platform.

Reasons to Choose Ghost

  • Get started with article writing for Free
  • Offered By Non-profit organization
  • Supportive Community & Forum
  • Supports AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Simple and minimal interface.
  • Powerful for developers.

Keep in Mind

  • You need web hosting and domain name.
  • Also offers a fully managed infrastructure but it is paid and starts from $29 per month.

10. Joomla


Joomla is a popular CMS (Content Management System or Software). You will have to buy your own custom domain name and web hosting before getting started with it. It is a software and you’ve to install it on your hosting. Joomla has been used by 2 million websites worldwide.

Joomla has got some vibrant features which include, complete control and customizations, search engine optimization, open-source and it integrates with a lot of PHP based applications. It is multilingual and has been translated in over 70 languages. Like plugins in WordPress, Joomla is also supported by extensions and there are more than 8,000 extensions available for it. It has also got some amazing design customization features.

From a blogging software perspective, it has got all publishing platform tools. Further, Joomla can be more interesting for developers.

Reasons to Choose Ghost

  • Free CMS to start blogging
  • Now also offer a fully hosted Free Blog solution with subdomain
  • Over 8,000 extensions to extend features
  • Multi-lingual
  • Simple to use and gives complete control over blog

Keep in Mind

  • You need web hosting and domain name.
  • Also offers a fully managed infrastructure but it is paid and starts from $29 per month.

So, these are some of the best free blogging sites that you can choose to quickstart blocking. Let us know in the comments section which is your favorite blogging platform and which would you like to try? Also share your experience with different blogging sites, platforms and various CMS.

Please feel free to ask your questions in the comments section below. I’d love to reply to your queries.

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