Email Marketing [The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for 2020]

Email Marketing

Beginner’s guide to Email Marketing with definition, history, types, pros, cons, tools, tips and terminology. Includes the tutorial to get started with it.

What is Email Marketing?

Here’s a quick video definition.

According To Wikipedia,

What Is Email Marketing

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. Marketing emails can be sent to a purchased lead list or a current customer database. The term usually refers to sending email messages with the purpose of enhancing a merchant’s relationship with current or previous customers, encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business, acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something immediately, and sharing third-party ads.

The definition is clear and simple to understand. Whenever we make use of email, usually with mass email technologies to reach out to the potential audience, this kind of marketing is termed as Email Marketing. It is an essential part of Digital Marketing. It has a very high potential of influencing people for different purposes, such as to make promotions to sell your products on your online store.

Why Email Marketing Is Important?

Email Marketing is important because it can help you reach out to a huge audience, simply without paying to any advertiser network. In most Advertising campaigns other than Email Marketing, you spend a lot of money on running advertisements on different media platforms or online websites, just to reach out to people and let them know about the products or services that you are willing to sell.

Reaching out to any number of people with Email is simply free. It’s just that you need to know the email addresses of your potential audience and collecting that is simply going to cost you indirectly. We’ll discuss more about it, later on in this article. Email is also one of the best ways to explain anything to the audience in a better way. First of all, you can use text, images, or even videos in your email, without any kind of specific limitations.

Why Email Marketing Is Important

The other ways of digital marketing such as Online Advertising have too many limitations like textual description limit, the limit on the number of images, restrictions to have too much text or promotions in images, etc. Email Marketing lifts off all such limitations. But, you need to follow some country-specific guidelines. Failing to follow these guidelines to prevent spamming, may lead you legal trouble. Different countries have different rules for it and make sure you follow these rules while sending emails to your mass potential audience.

So, this is the primary reason why email marketing is important, there are also many other reasons, it is the best and free way to maintain the customer-company relationship. It is also one of the best ways of communication with your customers. Ecommerce websites highly make use of email marketing for the same purpose. It is also used for sending out transactional emails. For example, whenever a number of people subscribe to a service on some website, the website management, responds back to the subscribers via email and other details for the confirmation or details of the subscription.

Consequently, there are limitless opportunities with Email Marketing where it can be used for promotional or transactional reasons. Moreover, it can also be used along with the other forms of Digital Marketing such as Affiliate Marketing for better conversions. E-Commerce websites and Affiliate Marketing makes use of Email Marketing to convert their visitors or subscribers into customers. Therefore, it is also indirectly one of the ways to make money online.

Historical Overview

Historical Overview

As per the research, we found that Email Marketing is there even before the popularization of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Gary Thuerk, a person from an American Company, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), claims that in 1978, he sent the first mass email to around 400 potential customers and it resulted in good sales for the company.

But soon, Email Marketing was seen as a threat as the number of spam emails were started to increase in the name of this wonderful technique of Digital Marketing. A lot of Email Marketing emails were also started to receive in the spam folder of the email service. There was a lot of spam filtering software and techniques used even in the earlier days of the internet and as well as now. So, the emails that are meant for promotions or other marketing purposes, need to pass these filters to reach out to the users first.

In earlier days, it was also difficult to measure how effective an email marketing campaign goes, primarily due to the evolution of enough web technologies. But now as the web is developed a lot, it is quite easy to measure the effectiveness of email campaigns. There are solutions available that can measure the engagement level of users viewing the email upto the level such as the time they opened the email, the amount of time they spent reading the email, the links that they clicked in the email, etc. So, email marketing has evolved a lot with time.

Types of Email Marketing

There are no fixed or pre-defined types of Email Marketing, rather, it could be of numerous type depending upon the use cases. Some of the most common types are discussed below. These are basically the different types of emails sent during email marketing campaigns.

Types Of Email Marketing

Informational Emails

These types of emails are sent usually by the society organizations or the other companies and organizations you’re related to. For example, if you’re a student, your school or college may send mass emails to the students or faculty to inform about any new event or update. Likewise, if you’re an employee working for some company, the company may send mass emails to their employees, maybe for salary credited to your account notification. ???? Mass emails can be sent by the authority of a country to inform the citizens about a new thing happening. Likewise, there could be numerous more reasons for using Email Marketing for the purpose of sending informational emails.

Promotional Emails

Why promotion is being done? Obviously, when you’ve to convert the audience into your paid customers or maybe you simply wanted to engage the audience into your work or brand. Promotions are run everywhere for different purposes. The purpose may be to make sales or simply aware people of a particular event or brand. These emails are highly prepared in a way that can influence the viewers for action like, to click on a button or to purchase something online.

A very good example of Promotional Emails is the emails sent to you by an ECommerce company. Let’s say you purchased something from Amazon and you can now notice, you’ve now started to receive suggestions and promotions related to similar other products listed on Amazon. This way, they’re trying to influence you for buying the other similar products. Similarly, promotional emails are used by different companies and individuals for numerous reasons.

Transactional Emails

Transactional Emails

Transactional Emails refers usually to the emails sent to you because of your activity or actions done in accordance with a website purchase, form submission, joining a program, etc. Again, take the example of you purchasing something from Amazon. Whenever you make a successful purchase for a product listed on Amazon, you get the email that you have successfully placed an order and the other details or the next steps are mentioned in the email. This is like a reference receipt that you received for the order. These types may also have the bill or other associated media attached to them.

Similarly, whenever you signup on some website or you fill an online survey form, you might receive the confirmation email for successful submission. Whenever you join a premium subscription-based service like Netflix, you also get similar transactional emails. Your bank or another financial management service may also send you transactional emails.

Lead Generation Emails

Whenever we need to get any kind of information from the people, we create forms and asks them to fill it. The responses or enquires we get this way are known as leads and the process to get these leads is termed as Lead Generation. Emails are a great way to generate leads. You can add links to your online submitting forms in the emails and can ask the email viewers to click on the link and fill the form.

Email Marketing is a highly effective way for Lead Generation. A lot of brands make use of email marketing to get leads related to customer feedback. Software companies generate leads using this method to ask the users about the new features that they want in the next versions of the software or what they like the most in the current version and a lot more similar questions.

Subscriptions & Newsletters

There are millions of websites on the Internet and they want one-time visitors to come back again on their website and engage with their content. Email Marketing is highly used by the website owners for the purpose of converting their first-time visitors into regular readers of the website.

Subscriptions & Newsletters

Websites and blogs, usually build an email subscriber list. Whenever someone visits the website for the very first time, they show ask the users to enter their email address to receive updates. And they save the email addresses of different visitors filling the subscription form and consequently build the email subscribers list over time.

Then, whenever, they publish something new on their website, they send those subscribers a notification about the new content. Similarly, they can also use the email subscribers to send them promotional emails and for other purposes of website engagement. Bloggers and affiliate marketers also send promotional affiliate links along with their emails to the subscribers to make some money. Therefore, Email Marketing is also somehow associated with blogging and making money.

There could be many more types and again, it depends upon the purpose.

Pros and Cons of Email Marketing

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Given below are the Pros and Cons of Email Marketing.


Pros Of Email Marketing

Affordability. The first and biggest benefit of Email Marketing is that it is much more affordable than any of the other options available in Digital Marketing. You need not spend much on sending mass emails to the potential audience. The major cost comes to build an email list that contains the email addresses of your potential customers or another type of potential audience as per your purpose of marketing. Yes, there are some costs of affording premium affiliate marketing tools if you want to run a successful campaign with proper analysis but they are not too much and can be neglected when compared with the costs of other similar ways to reach such type of potential audience.

Instant Way To Reach Millions. Email marketing lets you reach any amount of people as you want in just one go. Other forms of online advertising, such as advertising on Social Media websites or Search Engines, don’t let you reach numerous people immediately. It will cost you monetarily as well as you need to wait for long periods of time to reach upto a huge amount of audience. But sending too many emails to a large volume of subscribing is usually marked as a suspicious activity by email services. Therefore, a lot of people suggest sending emails to subscribers in segments.

Tracking & Analysis. This was something not really easy in the early days of email marketing. But now, it is. There are so many premium email marketing tools available that lets you track your email marketing campaign upto a great depth. Further with this analysis and by doing A/B Testing like things, you can improve your next campaigns and can achieve better results. The tools available are so advanced these days, that with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, they can give you smart suggestions themselves and you need not do much brainstorming.


Spam. As we’ve already discussed in the History section of this article that there are chances your marketing emails can be marked as spam and may not reach the users appropriately.

Cons Of Email Marketing Spam

Building Subscribers List Takes Time. Building a list of subscribers is simply not an easy task. It takes a lot of time. Websites and blogs which are now successfully using Email Marketing for different purposes have spent years getting the email addresses of potential users. Not every email subscriber is beneficial for you. Therefore, finding potential email audience is really a tough job and may have both monetary and time costs.

Making Good Emails Requires Creativity, Time & Effort. If you really want to impress your people with your email, you need to draft a really good email with your own creativity, time and effort. Using a professional email marketing tool may help you reduce this effort and time. A lot of email marketing services offer you pre-built templates that you can edit according to your campaigns. But still, for a very own campaign, the effort that you put in Email Marketing is slightly higher than its alternatives.

Terminology in Email Marketing

This section defines the different terms associated with Email Marketing. I highly recommend you to understand each of the terms mentioned in this section as they’ll really help you at every point of online marketing.

Email Subscribers

Email Subscribers

These are people who have subscribed to an email list. While visiting websites across the Internet, you might have noticed you’re asked sometimes to enter your email address to subscribe to the website. Whenever you enter and submit your email address on some website that way, you become an email subscriber to the website. Different websites follow different approached of building their email subscribers list.


Opt-Ins are the prompts that you get to join someone’s Subscribers List. The term email Opt-ins are perfectly used to indicate the prompts to join someone’s email Subscribers List. You can find more about Email Opt-ins here on Wikipedia.

Email Subscribers
An Example of Email Opt-in

Double Opt-In

This is one of the recommended methods of opt-in for new email subscribers. In this method, the user is first to ask to enter an email address and then he or she has to verify the email address in order to successfully join the email subscribers list. This makes sure that the user is entering a valid email address. Verification emails are usually sent to the email address that a user enters in the first go, and then the user has to view that confirmation email and has to click on the confirmation link in order to complete the verification process. This type of verification is quite common and you might have done such verifications while using different online subscriptions and services.

Unsubscribe Or Opt-Out

Opt-out is simply the opposite of Opt-In. It means to unlink yourselves from some email subscribers list.

Sometimes, you might have noticed that you have automatically started to receive emails from a particular website that you have even not subscribed to. They might have collected your email address from somewhere and added it to their email subscribers list. You can easily unsubscribe to any such subscriptions.

Here’s a good guide on how you can unsubscribe from unwanted emails on Gmail.

Responsive Emails

Responsive Emails

In Web technologies, the term responsive is often used when we have to define something that can work properly cross-platform. Similarly, Responsive Emails are the emails drafted for any device of any size. Let it be a smartphone, tablet or desktop. Responsive emails appear good on any of these devices. These days all emails need to be responsive as most of the people preferably check emails on their smartphones rather than a desktop or laptop device.

Spam Report Rate

The rate of the number of people reported an incoming email as spam to the total number of people, the email was actually sent to. The acceptable spam rate is one term used in this context. It defines the Spam Report Rate that is acceptable. Email services usually show Spam Warning to all people even if a single person reported the email as spam if the email was originally sent to 1000 people. In other words, Spam Report Rate above 0.1% is usually not acceptable.

Bulk Email Or Mass Email

Blacklist Emails

When the same email is sent to a huge number of people, then the terms bulk email or mass email are used.


Users or Email Services sometimes put an incoming email address or its IP into a list, after which all the incoming emails from the same IP or email address are blocked. This list is known as Blacklist.


Sometimes, the emails sent by you go directly to the SPAM folder of the subscribers. You can ask your subscribers to unspam or remove your emails from spam to normal inbox while they’re opting in for your email subscription (Only in the case, if they trust you). This process of unchecking the emails from the spam folder to the normal inbox is known as Whitelisting. It is a good idea if your emails are reaching the spam folder of your subscribers, just because of a random reason and are not really spammy.

Landing Page

HTML Email & Plain Text Email

The content of the emails can be plain text as well as HTML (HyperText Markup Language) content. You can make the email more creative, good in look and appealing by using proper HTML.

Landing Page

It is a page where the user is taken as a result of some marketing campaign to fill a lead form to initiate a conversion. In context to emails, links to a landing page are provided in the email and clicking on those links, the email viewers reach the landing page for further action.

Subscribers List Segmentation

This is an effective way to target only a particular set of audience among the whole set of subscribers in your mailing list. Let’s say you have a multi-topic blog and you want to send one email to the people only interested in a particular topic, then you first need to do the proper segmentation of your subscribers list to find out the related people. This will simply lead to more email engagement and better conversions. Also, lesser emails will be reported as spam.


These are machine tools that can be used to send instant replies to the queries sent to you by your subscribers. Let’s take an example. Assume that you’re a subscriber and you receive a promotional email. You’ve one question regarding the promotion and you want to ask the answer, so you simply replied to the email. This way, maybe a lot of people may ask questions back to the emails. Obviously, you can reply to all of them immediately. You can use autoresponding options offered by the email marketing tools to send some generic replies to the subscribers instantly whenever they reply back. This way, the communication between you and your subscribers become trustworthy and faithful.

There are many other terms associated with Email Marketing, which I’ve already mentioned in my Digital Marketing guide. These terms include CPC, CTR, CPM, etc. So, I don’t want to repeat the same here, kindly visit the following link to find more related terms. has listed out 120 different terms related to email marketing here.

Email Marketing Tools

When you have to send so emails to thousands of people at once, obviously it is simply not a good way to do it manually. (Although it possible) Now, there are free as well as premium email marketing tools available. Most of the premium tools offer free trials or free services upto a particular number of subscribers with some limitations. If you’re a beginner, you can try the different email marketing tools by signing up for free trials.

Build An Email Subscribers List

There are a lot of reasons to use such tools, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Sending Bulk Emails Easily
  • Email Scheduling & Automation
  • Subscription Lists Management
  • Powerful & Easy Segmentation
  • Offer Pre-built Email Templates & Designs
  • Lead Generation Tools
  • Landing Page Tools
  • Provides Testing Tools
  • Enables Tracking & Analysis

Different email marketing services offer different features, so chances are whenever you go with such a service, you get a lot more features than just the above-listed ones. Consequently, these tools are all that empower you throughout your email marketing campaigns.

How To Get Started With Email Marketing?

You can not start with Email Marketing as fast as you can get started with other ways of digital marketing. You have to go through some phases for a successful email marketing campaign. The different phases or steps that you need to follow in order to get successful with this online marketing type are discussed below.

Step 1. Choose An Email Marketing Tool

As we’ve already discussed the email marketing services in an earlier section of this article, now the very step is obviously to choose one. You need to choose the right tool as per your requirements. Some of the most popular email marketing services are listed below.

  1. Constant Contact
  2. SendInBlue
  3. GetResponse
  4. MailChimp
  5. ConvertKit
  6. Drip
  7. AWeber
  8. Keap
  9. MailerLite
  10. ActiveCampaign

The basic functionality and features of all of these tools are similar but every other tool has something special and unique of its own included in the bundle. These tools also differ according to the purpose of email marketing. For Example, some of the tools are good from others when used for ECommerce based email campaigns and some are good for bloggers for sending newsletters.

Step 2. Build An Email Subscribers List

This is the step that is going to take a lot of time. There are different ways to build an email list. The two most popular ways are putting opt-in forms on your blogs and websites and the other way is gathering email contacts with Lead Generation using other forms of advertising. Utilize Website Traffic. Most of the people who are into email marketing have placed opt-in forms on their blogs and websites. Most of the email marketing services also offer opt-in tools that you have to integrate with your website to ask the visitors to join the email subscribers list.

Build An Email Subscribers List

If you’re running a self-hosted WordPress site, then you can easily integrate most of the major email marketing tools with your website easily using plugins. Different email marketing services have their own plugins for offering better integration to WordPress users. MailChimp is such a popular tool, which has its own plugin. Even if your email marketing service provider does not offer any integration tool for your website platform, there are other options using which you can add opt-in forms to your website and can collect the email addresses from the visitors.

You need to be creative enough to capture the email addresses from the maximum visitors. Most of the visitors will try to avoid filling such email opt-ins. You’ve to engage users into your site’s content so much that they themselves wish to join your email subscribers list. For that, you need to attract targeted people to your site who are really interested in your content. For getting, organic and targeted traffic to your site or blog, you can follow our SEO and keyword targeting guides, links to which are given below.

Lead generation method. In this, you usually, run paid advertising campaigns to get generate leads and collect email addresses from interested people. You can use Social Media Advertising like Facebook Ads or Search Engine ads like Google Adwords, to generate leads.

There are also numerous other methods followed by people to generate a quality subscribers list for their email marketing campaigns. If you also organize online or offline events, you can collect email addresses during those events. You can use strategies like it is mandatory to subscribe to your blog to join the even or to get the Free Ebook. Bloggers often use such strategies of offering their premium content for Free to the visitors if they subscribe to their email subscribers list.

Add Email Contacts To Email Marketing AccountStep 3. Add Email Contacts To Email Marketing Account

Once, you’ve built a subscribers list with a good number of potential email subscribers, you’ve to get all of these email contacts into your Email Marketing Service account. If you’re using some tool offered by the email marketing service itself for collecting the email addresses by using some kind of on-website pop-up or opt-in, the chances are the service automatically adds the subscribers that fill the form on your website to the email subscribers list.

In case, you’re not using something else to collect the email addresses and you’ve to add the email contacts to some another email marketing account for further use, then there are a number of options available. The first and basic option that most of the email marketing services allow is to add each and every email contact that you’ve manually. But obviously, it is not at all a good idea to add email contacts manually.

Therefore, these services provide you options like import contacts from other services or to import by uploading files such as the Text files or CSV or Excel files containing the list of all email subscribers that you want to add.

Step 4. Set the Goal, Plan & Create Campaign

Upto, this step let’s assume that you’ve all the potential audience email contacts in the email marketing service account. Now, you need to plan and create a new campaign. Before planning and creating, you should set the goals for the campaign. You need to know why are you running the campaign and what are your expectations from it so that accordingly you can do all the actions to meet your expectations.

Let’s take an example. You’re a blogger and you’re going to organize a paid webinar for the very first time. Now, you need to run an email campaign so as to get more and more people registered for the webinar. Now, here the end goal of the campaign is to try to engage the users viewing the email to get the tickets purchased for your webinar. In this way, you basically need to draft an email containing a link or button, taking the user to the payment page where he or she can buy the webinar ticket.

So, before running the email campaign, you also need to set up the payment and ticket mechanism and let me assume again, if you’re organizing a paid webinar, you are aware of that stuff, how you’ll collect payment and how the tickets will be sent to the users. You can create a separate landing page for all the details of the webinar and the payment options. In the email, you just have to do something to take the users to the landing page, that you’ve created.

There are different tools and plugins available that can help you in building an attractive landing page aimed to have a higher conversion rate. Even the email marketing services also offer Landing Page Builder tools to smoothen your workflow. So, before proceeding to the next step, try to build a rough layout of the email in your mind, that’s all that consequently going to help you in drafting a good email for the campaign. This way, the different campaigns may have different goals and accordingly, you’ve to fulfill the prerequisites.

Step 5. Choose An Email Template Or Create One

Now, you need to create the email to be sent to the email contacts. Drafting an email from scratch is also not a good idea. The email marketing tools offer a lot of pre-built templates that you can simply edit according to your campaign. You should always prefer sending HTML emails because they are simply more attractive than plain text emails. Also, keep in mind the fact that your email has to be responsive enough to look good on all kinds of devices.

Email Templates

Most of the tools offer Drag and Drop builder for easy drafting of emails. You need not bother about the HTML tags and then validation them if they’re correct or not. You can easily upload and add images, links, icons, buttons, and other media. Choosing a template for every new campaign you run is also not a so good idea. You should choose a template first and then you should modify it according to your branding.

You should save it as your personal template so that you can use the same template again and again for other similar campaigns that you’ll run in the future. Most of the blogs and websites send newsletters following the same way. They keep the template the same and just modify the images and text in the email.

Focus On Writing Influencing Emails

Step 6. Focus on Writing Influencing Emails

Content is the king anywhere. And In Email Marketing, the content of the email matters the most because it is the part that holds the power to influence or attract the readers into your work. You need to have really good writing skills for a better response. The writing style of the email also matters and various as per the type of email marketing campaign. If you’re running a promotional or conversions-specific campaign, you have to follow a different style and tone than the formal emails.

Always make sure, your email textual content contains three parts. One is the Headline, and then the description of whatsoever else you actually want to write in the email and a call to action. This formula including the three parts of an email really helps in getting better responses from the subscribers.

Also, make sure the textual content in your email is error-free. You can use various proofreading and grammar tools for the purpose. Grammarly is a complete Grammar Checker Tool and you can signup for it for Free!

Step 7. Give A Catchy Subject To The Email

The subject is the first thing that the user reads when it sees your email in the Inbox. Whenever the user sees a new email in the Inbox he or she has two options. Either the email will be clicked or not. To make sure, the user clicks on the email for sure, you need to make the Title Line, the subject, clear and catchy. The subject should not be too short or too long, try to keep your subject around 40 characters.

Test Before You Send

Step 8. Test Before You Send

Before hurrying up send emails to the subscribers, make sure you test the email. The tests may include the check of responsiveness of email across different devices. Try to send a test email to yourselves and check if everything seems to be ok as a reader. Most of the time people find mistakes during the testing phase in terms of textual or different placement errors. Assume the case, if you did a mistake in the email and you already sent it to all of your subscribers. Now, you simply can not undo the action, because there’s no Unsend button in case of emails. Emails once sent are gone forever to the subscribers.

The email marketing services also provide some testing tools like the Preview which gives you the complete idea the how the complete email will look when sent to the readers. They also provide the option to switch the preview for Mobile or Desktop View, so that you need not manually test on different browsers.

Step 9. Send But At The Best Time

Send But At The Best Time

Do not send the emails at just any random time. By doing so, you’ll lose the opportunity to get the best responses. You need to find out the best time when you can get the maximum conversions. We’ve recently shared one similar guide on our blog, Best Time To Post On Instagram – A Definitive Guide. In that guide, we’ve talked about the best times to post on Instagram to get maximum likes and comments. Similarly, you should look for the best times to send emails to your subscribers.

Now, the best time may vary for different subscription lists. If your email subscribers list contains users from all over the world, you can do segmentation of the users first to find out the users living in different time zones and then can send emails to segmented users separately. This will surely help in better conversions and overall response.

The email marketing tools offer modules to test the best time to send emails. You can perform A/B testing and then can find out the best times to send emails as well. This is something nobody can tell you for sure but you have to explore yourselves, by proper analysis, research, and testing.

Step 10. Do Tracking & Analysis

Sending emails is not enough. For achieving even better results with your next email marketing campaign, you need to analyze the track and analyze your current campaign. Tracking and Analysis is one of the major reasons why you need good email marketing tools to achieve good results with your campaigns. You can not manually track when you send emails to thousands of different people at the same time.

The Email Marketing services embed some scripts and links in association with some kind of mechanism that can simply detect how many people have viewed your email and how many people actually clicked on the links provided in your email. This data is really useful in multiple ways. First of all, it is helpful in even better segmentation of email subscribers for other campaigns. You can remove the inactive or non-responsive users from the email list and can focus on those contacts who are giving a response and seems to be interested in your campaigns.

Tips For Becoming A Better Email Marketer

There are a lot of things that differentiate a beginner and an email marketing expert. Some of the tips that you can follow to become a better email marker are briefly discussed below.

Become Email Marketing ExpertNew send the emails too frequently to the subscribers. This is one of the most common mistakes done by beginners. They begin to send emails too frequently like every hour or two hours. This will simply overflow the Inbox of your subscribers and chances are that the email services may start to treat you as spam. If you’re receiving too many emails from a single source, email services usually treat it as suspicious activity. That’s why the thing is you should decide the frequency according to the tolerance level of your subscribers.

Prefer Segmentation and do it in a proper way. You should always do the segmentation of your subscribers list to make sure that the right emails reach out to the right people who’re actually interested in them. For example, in the case of website owners and bloggers, you should sort out and segment the subscribers as follows.

  • Potential Purchasers (Who Likely buy the products that you suggest)
  • Vistors (People who can simply increase your website traffic)
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Subscribers (Depending on how frequently a person check his email inbox)

Similarly, you can segment your subscribers in several more ways according to your own requirements.

Follow the Rules & Regulations. You should know about the email rules and regulations as per the laws of the different countries. For example, one of the most basic rules is that you should not send the newsletters like emails to others without taking their permission.

People love Freebies in Email. You can attract more and more people into your email subscription list by offering them freebies in the email. These freebies are usually coupons or other digital products.

Using Name of Person in Email. Emails seem to be more authentic and genuine to the readers when are sent under the name of a person. For example, as a blogger, you can mention your Full Name in the from name part. It’s also good to use the real name of the person in the emails that you sent. For example, the email starting with the greetings with the person’s name. Given below is an example of such an email starting.

Hi, {person's name}

Email marketing tools allow you to send such emails in which you can send emails to the users in the form of a template with a variable. For example, an email is drafted with the variable of name and instead of that variable, when the email will be sent to the actual users, the variables will be replaced by the real names of the person.

You can create and include as much as such variable you want, it’s just that you need to have that much personal data of each and every subscriber that you want to send an email for the particular campaign. This helps in the personalization of the email and the subscribers feel that you’ve drafted the email especially for them and shows the fact that you value your subscribers.

Form a Series of Emails & Create Curiosity in Your Subscribes. This is one of the most common tactics of email marketing and again used usually by webmasters with blogs and website based subscribers. They create a series of emails under one particular campaign and send emails to users by following the personalization tactics, with some gap. This gap may be regular or irregular. Let’s understand this concept with an example. You are supposed to send 10 different emails to every new subscriber getting joined in your list of subscribers by filling up the email opt-in placed on your website. Now, what you’re doing is sending the first email right away after signup and sending the other emails later on according to a schedule.

The first email will be a welcome or introductory email, explaining, what you can expect from you in the upcoming days in the email inbox. And then at the end, you can say that you will soon receive a freebie in the next email, which you’ll get after 2 days. This way, you can create curiosity among your subscribers. This kind of scheduling features for different email campaigns are offered by email marketing services and you usually have to do configurations for them once. Later on, you can automate the process.

Use Emojis. You might be using different texting and chatting apps like WhatsApp and you know the power of emojis and how they can affect the responses. Similarly, Emojis are really helping when added to Email Subject lines and in the overall content of your email to give feel and emotions to the email.

Try avoiding writing Lengthy Emails, Present Better. Do not bor the readers of the email with long paragraphs and other text content. Keep the email content short and to the point. You should try to present your minimum content in a better way. You can bold or emphasize the words wherever required. Adding image of signatures at the end of the email, as apart from the personalization of the email give the email a good look.

Images should have ALT text. A lot of times I have seen images do not open in the emails. I have seen many email services blocks any kind of images in the email and sometimes take a lot of time to load them. If the images are blocked or simply loading, the broken image simple shows up. If you might have added the ALT text, at least the broken symbol will have the textual description of the image as specified by you in the alt attribute of the image tag.

Use Opt-ins of different kinds to keep building your email subscribers list. You should never stop building and improving your list of subscribers. You can use different methods to build your email list. One of the most recommended methods is using opt-ins or sticky bars on your website header or footer. These bars simply promotes the visitors to be a part of your subscription list. You can show the number of people who’ve already subscribed to your blog as an advantage to feel people that you’re already being trusted by so many people.

Never buy Email Lists. A lot of people try to sell you email contacts. Never buy them. This is not good as well as against laws.


Email Marketing is a really cool way of Digital Marketing but if done effectively. I’ve tried my best to list out most of the things which can be helpful for beginners to get started with it. Email Marketing Tool or Service has a major role to play in this type of marketing because for most of the actions you’re directly or indirectly dependent on these tools. Therefore, it is advised to choose a good tool wisely. Constant Contact is a really a good email marketing service and you can rely on them for your email specific campaigns. You can use Email Marketing for almost any type of marketing campaign. As mentioned earlier, it is one of the most affordable options for online marketing and holds the potential for good sales.

Especially, if you’re running an ECommerce business, email marketing matters a lot and you can increase your online sales using it. If you’re running a WordPress website with WooCommerce for selling physical or digital goods online, the email marketing services also offer to integrate with the WooCommerce plugins for improved email strategy. You should always focus on building quality contacts in your email list. Building a good email list is simply the most time-consuming phase of Email Marketing. So, in order to be successful with your email campaigns, you need to be successful in building a list of potential subscribers.

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