Dreamhost Review 2020 – Is It a great Web Hosting Company?

Dreamhost Review

Dreamhost is one of the oldest as well as one of the most popular web hosting companies. They offer quality web hosting services, domain names, and some email products. They offer fully featured web hosting services which are easy to use, good in speed and reliability. They offer different types of web hosting services with different plans and levels. In this article, we’ve given a detailed Dreamhost Web Hosting Review. In the end, we’ll conclude whether it is a great web Hosting or not.

Introduction to Dreamhost

Here’s a quick Hosting Overview in tabular form.

Performance Great
Uptime On Average, around 99.95%
Support Quality Support with Ticket & Callback
Hosting Options Shared, WordPress, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated
Other Services Domain Names & Email Hosting
Price Starts @ $2.59 per month
Control Panel Custom
Money Back Guarantee Yes, 97 Days & 30 Days, varies with Hosting Type
Other Features One-click Installations, SSD, Unlimited Traffic, Same Renewal Price

Dreamhost is one of the most esteemed web hosting companies. They offer shared web hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Website Builder, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Domain name services and more. You might have noticed that different web hosting companies are owned by some single party. For example, web hosting services like Hostgator and Bluehost are although different but are owned by the same company, Endurance International Group. But this is not the case with Dreamhost. That’s why they have clearly mentioned on their website’s homepage that they are independently owned. This thing is actually a huge bonus point from Dreamhost and gives it more freedom to decide their plans themselves.

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Coming to domain names, they are also concerned about the Privacy issues and provides free WHOIS privacy. They offer various security features like multi-factor authentication, promotes open source solutions, and they also claim full uptime with a guarantee. We have divided the article further into two sections, Pros, and Cons, which is a better way to review the article.

Dreamhost Features


Let’s talk about the various good things that we get with Dreamhost.


Uptime, the most important factor of any web hosting is amazing with Dreamhost. They claim to offer 100% uptime. But as we know there’s nothing like 100% uptime. But yeah, in results of testing done by various people, the uptime is found to be above average, it is around 99.96%.

Dreamhost Uptime Guarantee

Therefore, you need not worry much about the website getting down and non-accessibility issues. Many hosts claim good uptime but end up offering low-quality web hosting which gets down occasionally. But don’t worry this won’t be the case with Dreamhost and you’ll enjoy your website up and running always.


Most of the web hosting companies have not yet upgraded their hardware as per the latest technology standards and are still using traditional hard drives for web servers. This the generation of SSD (Solid State Drive) and it is a kind of must-have feature for any web host. Speed matters the most in case of a web hosting service and SSD simply increase the read and write speed by 100 times on average. This simply means your websites will be loaded faster using an SSD web hosting service.

Dreamhost makes use of SSD in even their shared web hosting plans which is a great thing. Therefore, they have invested well in hardware to maximize the performance output of their web hosting services.

Money Back Guarantee

Nobody would love to join a web hosting company with the fear of losing money for what actually they never wanted to have. Everyone when signs up for a new web hosting company, has this doubt in his or her mind that whether it will be able to satisfy all the website requirements, will it be able to handle the amount of traffic that you are expecting?

Well, the only option after analysis of the different hosting options is to give a try. So, when you signup for a hosting company and it does not satisfies what you actually wanted, you lose money if the company does not offer any refund. Most of the web hosting companies to build trust among new customers, therefore offer Money back guarantee of mostly a month.

Dreamhost took the lead here by offering an amazing Money back guarantee time period of 97 days for their Shared Web Hosting plans. They also offer normal 30 days guarantee for their Dreampress plans as well.

SSL Certificate

Dreamhost offers Free SSL certificate with all of its shared hosting plans as well as the other hosting plans. SSL certificate is one of the prime requirement of any website these days because of its benefits. The first benefit is that it makes your website(s) secure and the second benefit is that you are expected to get minor search engine rank benefits if your website has an SSL certificate enabled.

Unlimited Features

Dreamhost offers various unlimited features, even in the Starter Plan of its shared web hosting service. You get unlimited traffic and unlimited bandwidth. This simply means that you can run your website as long as it runs well without causing any issues as they have not set up an upper limit, where your website will stop working properly.

One-Click Installations

The most loved feature of most of the beginners and bloggers is One-Click Installation. Dreamhost has this feature, even in its custom control panel. Many people think that One-Click Installation feature is only provided in cPanel but that’s not the case. Dreamhost doesn’t offer cPanel but offers its custom control panel that also allows you to manage the web hosting easily.

You can install various CMS like WordPress, Magento, Joomla in just one click with Dreamhost web hosting.

Renewal Price

This one is the major liking feature of Dreamhost, and one reason also to choose Dreamhost over other popular Web Hosting Services. Most of the web hosting companies offer cheap web hosting prices if and only if you subscribe and pay for them in advance for at least next 3 or 4 years. And this is basically a pricing trick.

Same Renewal Pricing

They’ll cost you renewals at normal price when the initial period will be over. It is seen that the discounted prices for a longer period are 10 to 20 times cheaper than regular prices. Anyhow, this is not again the case with Dreamhost. Dreamhost only offers two options, yearly or monthly.

And the renewal goes on at the same price. Yes, there is a difference between the yearly plan cost and the monthly plan cost. You’ll pay less if you subscribe for the yearly plan but that’s not that much unfair like the other web hosting companies. You pay exactly the same amount for the next renewal.

Advanced Features – Daily Backups & Technicalities

This is a good thing to mention. Most of the times, you’ve to manually backup your website data and it actually becomes a ridiculous task sometimes. Dreamhost does the daily backups of your hosting files every day automatically.

You’ll also get the technicalities as shown in the following screenshot.

Dreamhost Shared Web Hosting Technicalities

Green Company

The company is not just good because of the quality of services that they offer, but the approach they behind the technology is also important and add values to the methodology of the company. They say that they are an Environment-Friendly company. As per the information gathered, the have the following facilities in their offices.

Green Company Dreamhost Offices

And likewise, they use advanced and environment-friendly technologies for their data centers as well.

Dreamhost Data Centers

Some more interesting facts about the Dreamhost company are highlighted in the following screenshot.

Dreamhost Company Facts

It is also worth to mention that Dreamhost is also recommended by WordPress.org.

Recommended By WordPress.org

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I found the following three cons to be there in Dreamhost services.

Limited Support

Support is one of the major necessities of any web hosting company. You may fell into troubles with your web hosting anytime and there should be always ready customer support assistance. Most of the web hosting companies provide 24/7/365 support. But Dreamhost is a bit behind in providing quality support always.

Undoubtedly, their support is of high quality but it is still limited because they are available only on chat and at the maximum call back can be requested. They mention on their website that they are available 24/7/365 for support. But at the same time, they have mentioned, Customer Support Chat, Every Day 5:30 AM – 9:30 PM PT timings on their website.

Therefore, 24/7 can’t be true. But whenever the support is available, it’ll of good quality.

Custom Control Panel

Most of the users want web hosting services to have cPanel and there are various behind it also. cPanel gives us freedom and power to manage the hosting the way we like to do.

Anyhow, Dream doesn’t offer cPnael but they offer a very good Custom Control Panel.

This might be not a big issue for most of us. Because most of the beginners and blogger hardly use Control Panel. They just use it when they have to install WordPress or other popular CMS on their hosting service. And for that Dreamhost has already provided One-Click Installer. Most of the users will be impressed by it and they should be.

But the advanced users will still desire to get all the features of cPanel. Moreover, regular hosting users are friendly with cPanel and they know what effort and steps it will take to quickly get the things done with cPanel on a web hosting service.

Migration At A Cost

Most of the web hosting companies offer the Free Migration of WordPress websites but this is not the case with Dreamhost. They charge to get your website migrated by their professionals.

Dreamhost Migration Service Is Premium

They’ll charge $99 for the migration service if you have the shared web hosting plan but this service is absolutely free with Managed WordPress Hosting plans offered by Dreamhost, which is a good thing. They call it as their Pro Migration Service in which they will migrate your website within 48 hours and claims to do all without any downtime.

Well, migration of WordPress website is not a difficult task at all and I have shared a goof tutorial on our blog, to migrate WordPress website(s), which you can check out by following the given link:

Although the tutorial is about backing up and restoring the WordPress site, the thing is actually used for Migration. You can backup on your old hosting and restore the site by installing fresh WordPress on new hosting.

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Plans & Cost

Dreamhost offers different types of web hosting services which you can choose as per your requirements. Here below, we’ve discussed the pricing options and plans offered by them for their different hosting services.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting is the most popular type of web hosting. Most of the beginner users and new bloggers go with this option. Dreamhost offers two different plans for its Shared Web Hosting services.

Dreamhost Shared Web Hosting Plans

Dreamhost’s Shared Hosting services have all the necessary features like a Free Domain Name, Unlimited Traffic, Pre-Installed WordPress, SSD Storage, and Fee SSL certificate. One thing to notice here is that you can create unlimited domain specific email addresses in the Shared Unlimited plan but In the starter plan the email cost is extra. Also, you can only host a single domain in the Starter plan, therefore you should definitely go with the Shared Unlimited plan if you prefer Dreamhost Shared Hosting options.

Cloud Web Hosting

Dreamhost offers two types of cloud hosting, one is Cloud Computing and other is Object Storage Cloud Hosting. Both have their unique and performance optimized features which you can find out quickly in the following screenshot.

Dreamhost Cloud Hosting Plans

Cloud Hosting don’t have fixed pricing plans as they are hourly based and the pricing starts as low as $0.0075 per hour which will when calculated for the whole month will be as low as $ 4.50

They have some great features like Automation of Backup of WordPress Sites.

You can deploy your cloud applications with Dreamhost in the minimum time of 30 seconds or even less.

WordPress Web Hosting

Dreamhost offers various subtypes of WordPress Hosting.

WordPress Hosting SubTypes

But the recommended one is Managed WordPress Hosting.

Dreamhost Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Special features for WordPress that are included in these plans are CDN (Content Delivery Network) for faster loading of the website(s), Jetpack Premium plugin in the Plus and Pro plans, 1-Click Staging, 24/7 WordPress Support, Daily Backups, and One Click Restore. You also get a special type of support, which they call as DreamCare in the Pro plan. Bandwidth is unlimited and the SSD Storage varies with the plan. Dreampress, Dreampress Plus, and Dreampress Pro can handle the around 100k, 300k and 1 million visitors per month approximately.

VPS Web Hosting

Virtual Private Hosting gives you more control and power. People who feel Dedicated Hosting is costly and they still want to get dedicated resources, should go with the VPS option. Dreamhost VPS pricing starts from as low as $10 per month.

Unlike Dreamhost Dedicated Hosting services, they offer SSD storage in all of their VPS plans.

Dreamhost VPS Hosting Plans

You can create unlimited websites without any bandwidth limitations. The pricing of the plans is directly proportional to the amount of RAm and SSD storage.

Dedicated Web Hosting

In the end, comes the master, the most powerful type of web hosting, which is the Dedicated Hosting. Without any doubts, you have to pay more to get more power. Dreamhost Dedicated Web Hosting is powered by Intel Xeon Processors with Hard Drive and SSD options. You get the SSD option only in higher plans. Well, they should have offered SSD for the low RAM plans well.

Pricing for Dedicated Hosting starts @ $149.

Dreamhost Dedicated Hosting Plans

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Domain Names

Dreamhost also offers Domain Name Registration services at regular pricing. You can get domains names for Free or at low cost with various Hosting plans.

Dreamhost Domain Names

One good thing about Dreamhost Domains is that they offer a Free Private Registration, which is appreciable.

Dreamhost Domain Privacy For Free

Website Builder

Dreamhost also offers a Website Builder service for those who just want to create a website very quickly without any coding knowledge with simple drag and drop options.

Their website builder comes with some of the greatest features as shown in the screenshot below.

Dreamhost Website Builder

The pricing is also affordable and worth the features.

Dreamhost Website Builder Pricing


Overall Dreamhost is a good web hosting company which is featureful and affordable at the same time. The same price for the renewal is a good thing about Dreamhost. Dreamhost is also a step ahead than the other web hosting companies because of Green Technologies. At the same time, they offer different types of hosting plans for different requirements. Dreamhost also has a one more bonus point than the other hosting companies and that is self-owned and they make the decisions themselves without relying on a parent company unlike most of the other web hosting companies. Their long 97 days money back guarantee period for Shared Web Hosting is also a plus point.

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Hence in many terms, Dreamhost keeps a lead among most of the other hosting companies. They are definitely good to go option to host your websites and applications online. They also sell domain names and they also offer domain names at cheaper price along with the hosting plans.

Therefore, overall It is a recommended web hosting company. We have many other web hosting company which could be a better option than Dreamhost. You can find out the links to their reviews below as well.

My Rating For Dreamhost Web Hosting

I’d rate Dreamhost 4.5 stars.

So, that’s our review of Dreamhost Web Hosting Services. Please feel free to ask any of the questions related to this Dreamhost Review article in the comments section below and don’t forget to share it others who might find it useful as well.

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