Dedicated Server Hosting – All That You Should Know

Dedicated Server Hosting

For all the people out there, having some interest in Dedicated Server Hosting, this article is just for you. All the websites and other applications that require high computation power and ultimate performance require dedicated server resources.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated ServerDedicated Server Hosting or simply Dedicated Hosting is a type of web hosting in which you basically rent a full-fledged server just for your purpose. All the resources of the servers are isolated from any of the other servers and are subjected to be solely and completely used by you. Technically, you in Dedicated Server Hosting, you completely own the physical server for the period of agreement or subscription. You’re given full command over it.

It provides maximum control over the webserver than any other type of web hosting service and consequently it is the most expensive type of web hosting as well. Most of the web hosting companies offer Dedicated Hosting services. When you rent a dedicated server from any of the web hosting company, you can control the server remotely, still, the Physical Management of the server is done by the company itself. Being physical machines, dedicated servers require proper maintenance and checkups and sometimes more than the other types of web servers.

Dedicated Servers comes with some exclusive features such as Dedicated IP Address and special Remote Control & Management Dashboards to provide the users the full power. These servers are placed in Data Center racks of the hosting companies and usually connected to the Internet over a higher tier of the network for better connectivity.

Management in Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Hosting, being the top class of web hosting services, is offered with some of the most exclusive features which you simply can’t be offered in any other type of hosting. Dedicated Hosting is sometimes classified further into Fully Managed, Managed, Semi-Managed and Un-Managed Dedicated Hosting.

In fully managed services, most of the technical aspects of the web server are managed by the web hosting specialists of the company. In Semi-managed, some of the aspects are managed by the company, while some by the user and in Un-Managed Dedicated Hosting, you are given the control to do everything on your own.

The Management Features of a Dedicated Server Hosting may include the following. In a fully managed type, all of these services are the company provided by the company itself but on the other hand, in un-managed least out of these are provided.

Operating System Installation & Updates

The very first thing after getting the Dedicated Server Hosting is to install the Operating System and Configure it. In Fully Managed and Managed Services, the job is done by the hosting company specialists and you need not bother much about it. But in case, you’ve opted for Un-Managed Services, you need to install the operating system on your own and have to configure all the things related to it yourself as well.

Likewise, the case is for Operating System Updates. Most commonly, Linux operating systems are used in Dedicated Servers. You’ve to update them regularly so as to get benefited by its latest features and security features.

Applications & Updates

After installing the operating system, the next thing that matters are the applications. Applications play a major role using which you can deploy your web server. Consider the case of a WordPress website which is getting thousands of visitors every day and therefore it has to be hosted on a dedicated server to handle them such a huge amount of traffic.

In such a case, WordPress is an application, that further requires a web server application like Apache Server or Nginx Server to function. Furthermore, it also required Database application like MySQL. Therefore, different server usage is dependent on applications which further depends on requirements. Further, these applications are also updated from time to time.

Firewall & Server Monitoring

In all types of hosting, the firewall is usually provided by the hosting companies. Now, when you have to secure full-fledged physical servers, companies provide special and dedicated firewalls for it. On the other hand, they also have special arrangements to continuously monitor your server for any kind of anomalies. And in the case of any anomaly, they take specific actions themselves or inform you. As the dedicated servers are connected with the top tiers of the network, they are more prone to network-specific issues as well. Therefore, Firewall & Server Monitoring is necessary.

Attacks Prevention and Security Auditing

Web Servers are commonly attacked. Daily, thousands of web servers are attacked throughout the world. In order to prevent them, there should be some prevention mechanism. In Dedicated Server Hosting, as they are continuously monitoring, in case of an attack, the system is designed such that it automatically tackles the attack and if not possible, it simply created an alert. Further, under Attacks Prevention, Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention System are used.

Hosting companies also do regular security audits to ensure the overall security measures are great and working well. All of the processes are logged as well. Special protections mechanisms are there to prevent the most common and known attacks like the DDOS attacks.

Backups and Restoration

As security concerns are there, backups are a must. Moreover, data may get lost due to any hardware or software reasons. Therefore, backups of the complete web server data are taken regularly and option to restore the data when required is also provided. Different types of backup options are provided such as database backups, file-level backups, and disk-level backups. Further, options are like on-site and off-site backups are also available.

Technical Support

Without technical support, most of the users are hardly able to set up and manage the dedicated servers. As the user is given the remote control but you can’t be there at the server location. But the Technical support can go there. Therefore, in case of any physical issue, there’s no other option than contacting the technical support. Moreover, even at application levels, users commonly require to contact the support services.

Dedicated IP, Bandwidth & Dashboards

One or more dedicated IP addresses are provided with Dedicated Servers. It allows the users to directly connect with the server and without the interference of DNS. The next major thing that matters is Bandwidth. It is the limit upto which you can upload or download the data to the server. You might be known in most of the hosting types, the bandwidth is usually unlimited. But I’ve observed in most of the dedicated servers, bandwidth is not usually unlimited. They capped the bandwidth with some upper limit but for most of the cases, even the upper limit is too much. Usually, the upper limit is in TBs (Tera Bytes).

Well, for a better control some of the dedicated hosting offering companies have developed great dashboards and management portals.

Note: These were some of the most common management features that you’ll get in dedicated hosting services. But the exact set of features completely depends on the company and its plans.

Dedicated Server Hosting – Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions related to dedicated hosting are answered below. If you feel, there are any question, which can be included in this section, please let us know in the comments section.

Do we get Management Control Panels like cPanel in Dedicated Hosting?

Yes, certainly. All that you can get in other types of hosting can also be there in dedicated hosting. In fully managed dedicated hosting, you get OS and control panels like cPanel pre-installed. Even when you buy it, you are asked which OS and control panel you want to install.

For example, In Hostgator Dedicated Hosting, you get the option of first choosing the OS, centOS or Windows, then the control panel cPanel or Plesk as you can see in the screenshot given below.

Hostgator Dedicated Hosting Control Panel & OS Choice

Any Good Dedicated Server Hosting that you can recommend?

Yes, Hostgator Dedicated Hosting is one of the best in class Dedicated Server Hosting service. They also offer SSD Storage option and unmetered bandwidth, unlike many other hosting companies.

Get Hostgator Dedicated Hosting ????

Hostgator Dedicated Server Hosting

We’ve already published a detailed review of it, which you can check out at the following link.

Hope this article helps you understand better about Dedicated Server Hosting and if so, do share it others whom it might help as well. For any of your questions, please put your queries in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to WTMatter for latest updates.

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