How to Create a Blog on Blogger? It’s Free

How To Create A Blog On Blogger

This article features a step by step guide for creating a blog on the Blogger platform for Free. Blogger was formally known as Blogspot and allows you to create free blogs with a subdomain, You can also connect your own top-level domain name to your Blogger blog and that even for Free. It’s just that you need to purchase the TLD Domain separately. It is also one of the oldest blogging platforms and as it is offered by Google, we can go ahead without any doubts.

Blogger was initially launched in 1993 and was developed by Pyra Labs. It was later acquired by Google in 2003. It allows you to create upto 100 blogs for Free with your Google Account. Blogger is very popular throughout the world and is being used by millions of people.

Steps to Create a Blog on Blogger

Creating a blog on Blogger is really very simple. It has been made simpler than ever in the latest version. Follow the steps given below to quickly create a free blog with blogger.

1. Go to & Login with your Google Account

Simply go ahead to and click on the Create Your Blog button.

Blogger Homepage Create Your Blog

You’ll be redirected to Google Accounts Sign in page. Simply Login here with your Google Account and if you don’t have a Google Account, you can create one quickly by clicking on the Create Account link given in the bottom left of the Sign-in box as shown in the following screenshot.

Google Account Sign In For Blogger

2. Confirm Your Blogger Profile & Set Display Name

Once you successfully logged into Blogger with your Google Account, you need to confirm your Blogger profile with Display Name. Every Blogger account is associated with a Blogger Profile and the name that you’ll set here will be visible in your Blogger Profile.

Blogger Profile Set Display Name

Make sure you choose the right Display Name as it’ll be visible to the visitors when they’ll read your posts. After entering your Display Name, simply click on Continue to Blogger button.

3. Setup A New Blog – Choose Name, URL & Theme

Now that you have successfully created the Blogger profile, you’ll be redirected to the Blogger Dashboard but you’ll see currently your Dashboard will be empty as there are no blogs created yet.

Blogger Dashboard

So, in order to create a new blog, simply click on the Create New Blog button at the center of the dashboard or you can also click on the New Blog link present in the left pane of the dashboard, right below the Blogger Logo.

Create A New Blog Set Title Address And Theme

A new box will open. Here you’ve to enter the name and chosen subdomain based URL for your new blog. As I am just creating this blog for the tutorial purpose, I typed the name as WTMatter Tutorial Demo and set the URL as

As Blogger is an old service, therefore millions of people have created subdomain based blogs on it. Therefore, there are very fewer chances that your desired name will be available to you. Even when I typed wtmatter, it was not available, although it is quite unique. Therefore, you often need to show your creativity or have to add some unique characters to make sure your blogger address is available.

Next, just choose any of the pre-provided themes and click on the Create blog! button.

As Google is also offering top-level domains with a service, they named as Google Domains, they try to promote it on Blogger. As I told you early in this article, that you can connect a top-level domain like .com or .org domains, they’ll show a box to search your for a domain on Google Domains and if you would like, you can connect it your blogger blog and can access your blog via the new top-level domain.

Google Domains & Blogger

Also, the integration of Blogger blog and a domain name registered with Google Domains will be quite easy than a domain name connected with any other Domain Name Registrar.

Anyways, most of the people on Blogger just wanted to set up a Free Blog, so I’ll just click on No Thanks button.

Blog Successfully Created

Now the blog is successfully created and you can see the dashboard options for the new blog. Also, visit the blog to see how it looks in the first go.

Blogger Created Blog Homepage

That’s how our tutorial blog looks like. You can see, nothing is there as we’ve not added anything or also have not published any blog posts.

4. Do the Important Settings & Modify the Things

Before to get started with publishing your first blog post, I’d highly recommend you to make some settings first. In the Settings option from the Left Pane, go to Basic Settings.

Basic Settings

Here, the only thing you need to edit is the Description of your blog. It’ll be shown under your blog’s homepage as Meta Description of your blog in the Search Engines and that’s why you write it a good and SEO friendly way.

Likewise, in the Posts, Comments & Sharing section, make the settings as per your personal preferences.

Post, Comments And Sharing Options

Here in the comment moderation setting, I’d suggest you set it as Always as you should always manually review the comments first before making the comment visible on the blog to just everybody. Likewise in the Who can comment section, the default setting, User with Google Accounts is good to go as setting it to anonymous will result in a lot of spam comments.

There is one more thing which every Blogger user with some blog(s) should know. And it is the backup and import option.

Import & Backup Options Blogger

You should know that as per Google’s policy, they keep the right to delete your blog in case of any kind of violation as per their terms. Even in History, they’ve deleted blogs of many users. So, in order to make sure that you never lose your content, you should take regular backups of your Blogger blog(s). This option allows you to take the backup anytime and also allows you to import whenever needed.

There are a lot more settings and customization options provided in the overall Settings sections, which you can explore yourself.

5. Start Publishing Blog Posts

Now that you have done most of the basic settings with your newly created Blogger blog, you can start publishing blog posts. Publishing a blog post on Blogger is quite an easy task.

Simply, click on the New Post button. This will open the Blogger Post Editor and here you can write the blog post and can do the settings associated with the post.

Blogger Blog Post Editor

There are a lot of things to explore in the Blogger Post Editor. You can compose in Document Way or HTML Editor is also available. Features of Google Transliteration, which allows you to type in multiple languages are also provided here. You can also give various labels to your post for tagging & categorizing purposes. Scheduling of posts and customization of blog post permalinks is also possible.

You can save the post as a draft and preview it before publishing. Simply, click on the Publish button and your first post on your new Blog on Blogger will be published.

First Post Published Blogger

That’s how the first post published on Blogger looks like.

You can do things like theme editing, monetization and lots more. Although Blogger offers a limited number of themes by default lots of websites on the Internet are offering hundreds of Blogger themes, you can check them out as well.


Blogger is a great platform for beginners to start Blogging or it is just a good way to share your thoughts and experiences with the world. You can do a lot more by connecting your blog with a top-level domain. It has got a lot of benefits. You can save your web hosting expenses this way.

But at the same time, Blogger has got lots of limitations. Customizations are allowed in Blogger but upto a limit. And this limit displeases most of the professional blogger. So, if you’re really interested in Blogging and wanted to do it professionally, I’d not recommend your Blogger for that. For professional blogging, you need some professional platform like Self-Hosted WordPress.

I’ve published a detailed guide for beginners to start a blog with WordPress, the link for which is given below.

Also, in case you need to compare Blogger with the other available Free Blogging platforms or Free Blogging sites, I’ve published a list of those as well, which you can see by following the link given below.

So, that’s how you can create a blog on Blogger for free. Hope you found this guide useful and if so, do share it others who might find it useful as well. Also, feel free to ask any of your queries regarding this article in the comments section below.

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