What is cPanel? All You Need To Know About cPanel Hosting

CPanel What Is CPanel All You Need To Know About It

cPanel is a Control Panel developed for better management of web hosting servers. It can be used with Linux Type Web Hosting Services. By default management of the web hosting is not easy and usually have to be done through, non-graphical user interfaces or command line. Such type of management by typing commands requires good technical knowledge and thus can be done by non-technical users. Therefore, to make the job of hosting management easier, some graphical user interface is required, and cPanel provides that graphical user interface for Linux Operating System based web servers.

Most of the web hosting companies offer cPanel with their hosting services. Although many other control panels that provide graphical user interface are available these days, cPanel is the most popular and most featureful option. Anybody can take full control over their hosting service with cPanel. It is not a Free Software and is offered in the form of monthly paid subscription. But most of the web hosting companies don’t charge you extra for it. They offer cPanel as a free add-on. cPanel & WHM (Web Host Manager) comes together if purchased from the official website. But in most of the shared web hosting plans, you’ll only get Cpanel. WHM is being used by the hosting people to allocate multiple cPanel accounts and further host-level management for the customers. Further in VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting like platforms, you also get the WHM Access if offered.

The following GIF Screenshot shows the home screen of cPanel for Hosting Management.


Some of the Web Hosting Companies for Branding also use custom themes for Control Panel and give it their very own look. Following screenshot shows the cPnael Interface offered by Hostgator Web Hosting Services which is customized by them.

Hostgator CPanel

cPanel Features

cPanel comes with some of the great management features under one roof. Some of these are briefly explained below.


FileManager is one of the most wanted features in any web hosting. For some, it is a primary reason to get a web hosting that offers Cpanel along with their hosting plans. It provides you an interface within the web browser for better file management of the webserver space.

CPanel File Manager

This saves a lot of your time as otherwise to manage files and folders on your server; you need to connect to your server with FTP or SFTP using some software like FileZilla.

Database Manager

It also offers the Wizards based approach and Manager for MySQL Database management. You can create and manage databases, users and can even connect with Remote SQL databases with it without opening Command-Line.

Databases Management

Applications Installer & Server Software Management

Most of the web hosting companies include one-click applications installer like Softaculous Installer with cPanel. This lets you install hundreds of applications including WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, etc. to be installed quickly within just a few clicks.

Applications Installer & Server Software Management

Server software like Apache, programming languages like PHP or Python and its extensions or libraries can also be configured easily with it. You can upgrade switch between the various versions of these languages like a breeze.

Domains & Subdomains Management

You can manage the primary domain, can create add-on domains or subdomains easily with cPanel. Further, it also has a DNS Editor, Redirects, and Aliases Management options.

Domains & Subdomains Management

Email Accounts Management

You can also create multiple numbers of emails as much allowed by your web host. This is a time-saving feature provided here. You can set up your own custom email addresses and your own mail server within just a few clicks.

Email Accounts Management

It also provides some software pre-installed for Email Management along with the cPanel. This means you can also access custom domain-specific email addresses and its Inbox within your browser window without the need of any E-mail client software like Mozilla Thunderbird.

Metrics, Security & Other Advanced Options

A lot of options has been provided to analyze a different kind of metrics associated with the web server and the websites hosted on it. A few extensions have also been provided for better server performance like caching extensions like Varnish. It performs server-level caching of the web pages for minimizing the server load and response times.

Metrics, Security & Other Advanced Options

Likewise, for security, the cPanel may come with extensions like Virus Scanner, Error Detectors, and handlers, etc. It also offers an in-browser terminal option that lets you execute commands on the webserver from the web browser window. This also reduces the efforts of making use of some third-party software like Putty to connect with the server via SSH for Command Line Control.

And a lot more.

You can find out more about cPanel here at the official website.

Here below, I’ve listed down the reviews of Top 3 Hosting Companies that offer cPanel Hosting.

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