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Cheap Web Hosting

Cheap Web Hosting is the demand of most of the beginners who are new to the world of hosting their websites or blogs. Most of the beginners find the hosting services quite costly and a burden on their expenditure if they have to survive in the online world. Well, you need not worry much, because here in this article, we’ve listed for you some of the Best as well as Cheap Web Hosting services that offer quality hosting services at the lowest prices.

It has been seen in various markets that lower price means poor quality. Well, yes, it is true to an extent but not always. There are hundreds of hosting services offering companies in the world. Most of them offer quality services at affordable prices, while others are not even able to provide good quality service at a price, which is simply much more than the average. We are into the world of building websites and blogs for a long time and have got experience and exposure to a lot of web hosts. That’s why on the demand of searchers who find to keep sustaining online with their websites, we have got for you this list of Cheap Web Hosting Services.

List of Cheap Web Hosting Companies

Here’s the most awaited list of Quality Cheap Web Hosts. All of the following listed hosting companies offer different types of hosting services. Most of the beginners are in demand for Shared Hosting. Therefore, the listing has been done according to the quality and pricing offered by these companies in their starting shared hosting plans.

1. Hostinger

Hostinger is a great web hosting company and their Shared Hosting plans starts as low as $ 0.80 per month and that too with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Sounds Amazing? Is not it? Given below is the Screenshot of pricing in their starting shared hosting plan.

Hostinger Pricing

The thing to notice here is that the Pricing is lower when you get it for the maximum period. As you can see in the above screenshot, the amount of $0.80 per month is applicable if and only if you subscribe for 48 months and lesser time span you subscribe for the monthly price increases.

Hostinger offers industry-leading service with the minimum server response time and best in class performance. They have good support, but they do not offer cPanel. Instead of cPanel, they offer their custom control panel, which is as good as the cPanel. They also have data centers across the globe.

You can check out our detailed review of Hostinger at the following link to find out its features, Pros & Cons in detail.

2. Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the oldest and one of the most valuable Web Hosting company that offers all types of web hosting services. Their shared hosting is popular all across the globe. Hostgator is known for the ultimate features like speed & performance, unlimited disk space, and bandwidth, one-click WordPress installs cPanel, and much more.

Hostgator services are good when it comes to Speed, Domains, SubDomains & FTP Accounts and Support. One-Click Application installs make the job of all non-technical users way easier than they think. They also offer Free Professional email with their shared hosting service. Other perks of getting Hostgator hosting are, Free SSL Certificate, Free Migrations, Free Domain name when you go for at least one year with them and some other freebies as well.

Hostgator recently comes up with a better alternative to Shared Hosting plans with increased performance in their Cloud Hosting plans, so if you want better performance and scalability features at affordable prices, then you should go with their Cloud Hosting plans rather than the Shared Hosting plans.

Website Migration Transfer

Free Migration is another great feature for non-technical users. But that comes with limitations on the basis of a number of websites as shown in the above screenshot. On Shared Hosting platform, you can ask them to migrate only one site but in other types, according to the type of hosting count increases.

You can see the Pricing of their Shared Hosting plans in the following screenshot.

Hostgator Pricing Plans

Find our detailed review of Hostgator at the following link.

3. MilesWeb

This website is currently hosted on Milesweb VPS Hosting. I’ve been using Milesweb to host most of my and my client websites because they offer their services keeping both the things in mind, i.e., the quality and the pricing.

Milesweb offers all quality services with features like cPanel. Their hosting plans start at as low as $ 1 per month for the shared hosting plans. They offer 24/7 support, full year, a 30-day money-back guarantee and 99.95% uptime. They also offer a free domain name with their annual plan.

Other perks of choosing Milesweb hosting are Free SSL Certificate, Free Site Builder, Pure SSD Storage, One-Click Applications Installer, Data Center Choice and Instant Account Setup, etc. I personally like their instant Live Chat Support.

Below is the screenshot of Pricing of their Shared Hosting plans.

MilesWeb Cheap Hosting Pricing

4. Bluehost

Bluehost is another popular web hosting company all across the globe. Their web hosting services are also cheap and good. Shared Hosting services offered by Bluehost comes with similar perks as Hostgator Shared Hosting services, but there’s a difference in the pricing and features like SSD.

In Bluehost, you get SSD hosting, unlimited bandwidth, domains, and sub-domains, free domain credits, scalability options, and several free add-ons. The following screenshot gives the quick look of Bluehost Shared Hosting Pricing plans, which are quite cheap for the quality of service that you get with them.

Bluehost Pricing Plans

Bluehost has the SSD storage as a plus point than other cheap hosting options. SSD improves the website performance a lot. It simply is at least ten times faster than normal hard drives. Faster the disk drive, better will be the overall website response time and performance.

Read our detailed review of Bluehost Shared Hosting at the following link.

5. iPage

iPage is another cheap web hosting company. They keep on running great offers. As currently, they are offering their Hosting services at $ 1.99 per month in a special introductory offer of 75% discount. It includes 30-day money-back guarantee with Free Domain name registration. Domain Transfer is also offered for Free.

Other benefits of iPage hosting are Free SSL, Drag and Drop site builder with 1000s of templates and Free email address. iPage is a cheap hosting option but go with it only when you don’t want Hostgator like service for some reason. Most of the other hosting options listed here are better than iPage Hosting in terms of factors like performance and features offered.

IPage Hosting Pricing

You’ll save the maximum money if you get it for 36 months as you can see in the above screenshots. The 75% discount is applicable only on the 3 Years Term Length.

6. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a featureful hosting that comes with all necessary features at affordable prices. Their shared hosting plans have all that require to run a successful website. Have a look at their pricing plans and features in the following screenshot.

A2 Hosting Features & Cheap Pricing

Like Bluehost, they also offer SSD storage in all of their shared hosting plans. cPanel is provided, and the support here is really appreciable. They have 24/7 support, all the year. They have amazing Anytime Money Back Guarantee, 99.9% uptime commitment.

They have developed their infrastructure to prevent attacks and ensuring enough security to run your website properly, all the time. It is also a developer-friendly with all technical configuration options, and Free Site Transfer is an amazing feature for all non-technical users.

7. Bigrock

Bigrock is another hosting company owned by Endurance International Group which also owns many other hosting companies including Hostgator and Bluehost. The features of Bigrock are also similar.

It comes will cPanel with all major perks like one-click application installer (SOFTACULOUS Installer), free unlimited subdomains, email services, varnish web accelerator and much more. They have taken care of developers by providing all necessary options and they also offer quality support for everyone.

Bigrock Plans Features And Cheap Pricing

They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cheap Web Hosting – The Conclusion

So, these are some of the Cheap Web Hosting Companies that offer quality hosting services at lower and affordable prices. If you ask us for any of the one Cheap and Best Hosting service, we’ll recommend Hostgator.

Get Hostgator Web Hosting ????

We recommend Hostgator because of its quality service with lots of amazing features. You can check out our review of various types of Hosting Services offered by Hostgator. Shared Hosting is the cheapest option and good for beginners to start their online journey.

We have also published detailed reviews of many other web hosting services and you can check them out as well according to your requirement. To view them, click here to browse our Web Hosting category.

Hope you found this list of Cheap Web Hosting companies useful and if so, do share it with others who might find it beneficial as well. Also, if you’ve any questions in your mind regarding this article, feel free to ask us via the comments section below. You can also subscribe to WTMatter for the notifications of such useful articles and tutorials.

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