How To Change Twitter Username or Handle?

Change Twitter Username

You might be wanted to change your username or handle on Twitter anytime due to some reason or maybe just without any reason. Well, this article quickly guides you through the process of doing so. You will not lose any followers if you will change your username but the changing username isn’t always a good choice.

If you’ve got a good fan following on Twitter, then people know you on Twitter by your username. Therefore, if you wish to change your username, you’ve to notify all of your followers that you’re doing so so that you could lose any of the important notifications and tweets by some of your old followers, who might not be aware of the fact that you’ve changed your username. Therefore, it’s always recommended that in the very first go, whenever you create a Twitter account, choose your username carefully after thinking properly about future use as well.

Anyways, here’s the tutorial on Changing your Twitter username. Changing your Twitter Name in the web version and mobile application is lightly different. Therefore, here we’ve provided steps for both of the cases, separately in two different sections.

Steps To Change Twitter Username In The Web Version

1. Once, you’re logged into your Twitter account, click on the More option in the Left Sidebar of the page.

Change Twitter Username Step 1 Click On More Options

2. In the options list, choose Settings and privacy option. You can also click here to go to your Twitter account’s Settings and Privacy page.

Twitter Account Settings & Privacy

3. The detailed setting options will appear. Here click on Username option under Login and security label under Account heading. Your current username will also be displayed here.

Account Settings In Twitter To Change Twitter Handle

4. Enter your new username here and click on the Save button to set the entered name as your new Twitter username. You must follow the same rules of setting a username, that you might have followed while creating your Twitter account. Your username should not be greater than 15 characters and obviously it should be unique and previously not taken by somebody else.

Save New Username Twitter

5. That’s it. By following all these steps, you can easily change your Twitter username in the web version.

Steps To Change Twitter Username In The Mobile Application

The steps to change the username in the Twitter apps are also straightforward. The steps are the same for both the iOS and Android Twitter App.

1. Open Navigation Menu by tapping on your Twitter Profile Picture icon at the Top Left of the App.

Change Twitter Username (1)

2. Here Tap on Settings and Privacy.

Change Twitter Username (2)

3. Tap on Account and then on Username.

Change Twitter Username (3)

4. Enter the new username and tap the Done button.

Change Twitter Username (4)

5. This will change your Twitter Username.

Hope so, you find this quick tutorial on changing Twitter username useful, if so, do share it with others who might find it useful as well. If you’ve any questions related to this article, feel free to ask me via the comments section. Don’t forget to subscribe to WTMatter to get latest updates of useful articles, that we publish here on our blog.

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