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Apply chmod To A Folder, Its Contents & Sub-directories

Chmod Folder All Contents Sub Directories

This is a tutorial on how you can change the file permissions of a folder and all of its contents including the files & sub-folders with the chmod command. Chmod is a very helpful command to change the file permissions of a file or a folder in any UNIX-like operating system. Let’s say you are […]

What is a Domain Name? – Guide For Beginners

Domain Names

What are Domain Names? In one line, the domain name can be defined as the name of a website. It is a general and human-understandable way to locate a website on the Internet. Every website which is live on the Inter has some particular address and usually, IPv4 Addresses are used to find out the […]

What is Cron? All You Need To Know About Cron Jobs


In Unix-like Operating Systems, there is a software utility available to schedule different Jobs and it is known as Cron. In other words, it is simply a scheduler which can be used to run any script supported by the operating system periodically. It can be used to run different kind of tasks automatically on a […]

What is cPanel? All You Need To Know About cPanel Hosting

CPanel What Is CPanel All You Need To Know About It

cPanel is a Control Panel developed for better management of web hosting servers. It can be used with Linux Type Web Hosting Services. By default management of the web hosting is not easy and usually have to be done through, non-graphical user interfaces or command line. Such type of management by typing commands requires good […]

Best VPS Hosting Services For Your Websites & Applications

Best VPS Hosting

This article features a list of some of the Best VPS Web Hosting Companies along with their Pros and Cons so that you can consequently find out which service is good for you. Need for VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting arises when you Shared Web Hosting server is simply not able to handle the amount […]

Free Web Hosting Companies (Completely Free or Free Trial)

Free Web Hosting

Even heard of Free Web Hosting? Well, maybe, Yes, that’s why you just landed here to find out one. There are some companies which offer web hosting services of very basic level for Free. In this article, We’re going to list and talk about those Free Web Hosting companies. If you are new into the […]

Dedicated Server Hosting – All That You Should Know

Dedicated Server Hosting

For all the people out there, having some interest in Dedicated Server Hosting, this article is just for you. All the websites and other applications that require high computation power and ultimate performance require dedicated server resources. What is Dedicated Server Hosting? Dedicated Server Hosting or simply Dedicated Hosting is a type of web hosting […]

Best WordPress Hosting Services in 2020

WordPress Hosting

WordPress empowers around 35% of all websites in the world. Without any doubt, it is the most popular CMS (Content Management System). You require to have a domain name and a web host in order to keep your WordPress website up and to run over the Internet. WordPress has been developed to provide the power […]

GoDaddy Promo Codes & Discount Coupons For Domains & Hosting

GoDaddy Promo Codes And Discount Coupons

Today, I’ll share some of the promo codes and coupon codes with you which you can apply on GoDaddy for getting domains and web hosting at cheaper prices. GoDaddy is one of the top domain registrars in the world. Most of us prefer buying domains from GoDaddy rather than any other domain registrar. They also […]