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What is a Domain Name? – Guide For Beginners

Domain Names

What are Domain Names? In one line, the domain name can be defined as the name of a website. It is a general and human-understandable way to locate a website on the Internet. Every website which is live on the Inter has some particular address and usually, IPv4 Addresses are used to find out the […]

Create A Website Sitemap [Step By Step Guide]

Create A Website Sitemap

A sitemap is one of the things that helps in getting better Search Engine Indexing and Ranking for sure. This is a step by step guide for all those beginners, who are new to the topic of creating sitemaps for their websites and blogs. There are over 200 factors that can help in SEO and […]

JPG Vs PNG Comparison – Which is Better? (Quality & Size)

JPG Vs PNG Images

JPG Vs PNG, this is one of the most interesting questions I ever wonder to answer. There are a lot of formats available these days to store your images. JPG and PNG are two of the most popular formats among them. On the Internet, you’ll find most of the images uploaded on websites and blogs […]

WordPress Redirect – Guide To Redirection in WordPress

WordPress Redirects

WordPress Redirect enables you to redirect from any of your page or post to any other URL. There are several ways to create redirects in WordPress. We’ve discussed most of those ways here in this beginners guide to create redirects in WordPress. As WordPress is a PHP based, CMS, it follows the primary approach of […]

PHP Redirect – How To Redirect With PHP header() Function?

PHP Redirect

Redirection is one of the most popular demands in many of the Web Applications. In PHP, you can easily redirect from one webpage to another with using the inbuilt header function. It is also sometimes called a PHP Redirect function because of its popular use in Redirecting to other webpages. Let’s first understand a bit […]

What is a FTP Client? All You Need To Know About It

FTP Client

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Client is basically a software that lets your computer connects with a remote server that allows FTP access. It simply allows you to establish a mutual connection between the FTP server and your computer so that files and other data can be exchanged. It does the file transfers over the Internet […]

How To Add Table of Contents in WordPress? (Automatic)

How To Add Table Of Contents In WordPress (Automatic)

WordPress has made online publishings much easier by offering easy options to build and maintain regular blogs and websites of almost any type. Day by Day it is becoming more powerful and simpler than ever. Table of Contents gives quick insights into the article or web page content to the visitor. It also helps in […]

How to Submit Sitemap to Google?

How To Submit Sitemap To Google

We recently published a post on How to Submit URL to Google. It’s a step by step guide about submitting any of your website URL to Google via Search Console platform. This is a similar tutorial and in this, we’ll share the steps to submit a sitemap to Google. The sitemap is a structured map […]

How to Install WordPress on XAMPP?

How To Install WordPress On XAMPP

As we know, WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) and is empowering more than 35% of the websites in the world. Most of the beginners would like to try WordPress on their local PC rather than buying special web hosting to install it. Let’s just assume you just want to install WordPress […]

How to backup WordPress Database with a simple plugin?

Backup WordPress Database

This is a quick guide on backing up the database of your WordPress website with a simple plugin. In WordPress, to completely backup your websites you need to first backup the files and then the database. Most of the people are able to easily backup the files with the help of different types of File […]