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How to insert a Checkbox or Checkmark in any Document?

Insert Checkbox Or Checkmark In Any Document

This is a detailed tutorial to insert a Check Mark or a Checkbox in Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Notepad, Webpage (HTML) or various other documents. There are several ways to insert a checkbox or a checkmark in different kinds of documents. I’ve divided this guide into several sections, with each section focusing on inserting them in […]

Cloning A Specific Git Branch

Cloning A Specific Git Branch

This is a detailed tutorial on cloning a specific git branch. Learn to duplicate a single branch with git without any additional data from other branches. How To Clone A Specific Git Branch? Sometimes, you might be wanted to clone just a single and particular git branch. The default git clone command with –branch the […]

Remove Background From Image in 5 Seconds

Remove Background From Image

This is a quick tutorial on how you can remove background from an image in no more than 5 seconds using a Free Online Background Remover Tool. Sometimes, you really want your images with plain, transparent or simply white background. You might be requiring such an image for some official work or for some other […]

15 Best Code Editors For Windows, Mac & Linux

Best Code Editors

This article features a list of 15 Best Code Editors for Windows, Mac, and Linux. These are the text editors for efficient & more productive programming. Programming is fantastic, and to do it fluently and efficiently, we need a good code editor. These days a lot of different text editors are available for different operating […]

Best Business Phone Services in 2019

Best Business Phone Services

This article features some of the best business phone services for all kinds of business. Although you can make use of your Landline or Normal Mobile Phone Service for the purpose, it does not seem to be professional as you will lack a lot of features like efficient call management for a large number of […]

How To Add Google Translate In WordPress?

Add Google Translate In WordPress

This article is a tutorial on how to add google translate to your WordPress website or blog. There are thousands of different languages spoken around the world. As the Internet is very diverse we can find people browsing the web and looking for required content in the language of their preference. Even you publish content […]

What is Apache? A Detailed Guide For Beginners

Apache Web Server

Apache is open-source software. It is basically a web server and is quite popular across the globe, empowering more than 29% of all websites that are live on the Internet. The official name of Apache Web Server is Apache HTTP Server and Apache Software Foundation develops and maintains it. It is also one of the […]

Best FTP Clients for Windows, Mac & Linux Users

Best FTP Clients For Windows, Mac & Linux Users

FTP clients are something that every Web Developer needs to use to upload to download files from the Web Server to Local System or vice-versa. If you are a beginner and want to know about FTP (File Transfer Protocol) in detail, I suggest you watch this video. When it comes to FTP Clients, there are […]