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Concatenate Strings in PHP (Tutorial)

Concatenate Strings In PHP

This is a quick tutorial on concatenating strings in PHP. Find out the different methods using which you can concatenate multiple strings in PHP. PHP Concatenation of Strings It’s really simple to concatenate Strings in PHP and there are several different ways using which you can concatenate two or more strings. I’ve mentioned below the […]

PHP Explode Function (Split String Into Array)

PHP Explode() Function (String To Array)

This is a detailed tutorial of the PHP explode() function. Learn to split a string into an array using any delimiter with the help of illustrative examples. PHP explode() Function The function explode() comes built-in with PHP version 4 and above. This function is used to splits a given string into pieces according to the […]

PHP MySQL CRUD Tutorial For Beginners

PHP MySQL CRUD Tutorial For Beginners

Learn how you can create CRUD API with PHP and MySQL. It’s a Beginner’s guide for performing select, insert, update and delete operations on the database. CRUD APIs provide access to database operations from different platforms and environments. One can create a web, desktop or even mobile application by using the same API. The combination […]

Add Text To Image In PHP (Using GD Library)

Add Text To Image With PHP Using GD Library

This is a detailed tutorial on how you can add text to image in PHP using the GD library. It allows writing any text with any font on any image background. This is also one of my favorite topics in PHP. This thing has once helped me in generating thousands of images for a website […]