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Logic Gates – All You Need To Know About Them

Logic Gates

Find out all about Logic Gates in detail along with their history, working and the use in the modern era. Different types of logic gates are also illustrated. History of the Logic Gates Before the invention of the digital logic gates, the whole concept was based on the mechanical logic gates. In 1837, the scientist […]

NumPy Array Slicing (Python Tutorial)

NumPy Array Slicing (Python Tutorial)

This article explains the NumPy array Slicing. Learn to slice an array of any dimension into another array having items of a given range with examples. NumPy Array Slicing The content present in the NumPy arrays can be made accessible, and also we can make changes thorough indexing as we got to know in the […]

NumPy – Creating Arrays (Tutorial)

NumPy Creating Arrays

Learn to create arrays using NumPy in Python. The Numpy Array Creation of different dimensions has been illustrated with the help of examples. Creating Arrays using NumPy NumPy focuses on working with a multi-dimensional array, and these are those arrays that have more than two dimensions. These multidimensional arrays also are known as matrices. The […]

Data Structures – Beginner’s Guide and Basic Concepts

Data Structures

Find out what are data structures and why are they so important. Understand the basic concepts of different data types with the help of examples. ‘Data structures’ is one of the most fundamental subjects in the field of computer science. It is imperative to have an in-depth knowledge of the subject, especially when you are […]

Full Stack Developer – Explore about it or Become One!

Full Stack Developer

Find out about a Full Stack Developer. Explore the skills, technologies, earnings, advantages and disadvantages that belong to a full stack developer. Recently, the IT industry has witnessed a massive surge in demand for ‘Full Stacks Developer’. And we all can thank an OSCON conference where a reputed company like Facebook claimed that they only […]

Cryptocurrency – All You Need To Know About It


Find out what is Cryptocurrency, what are its advantages & disadvantages, and what are the popular cryptocurrencies along with some other FAQs answered. You can also watch the following video instead of reading this article. What is Cryptocurrency? By definition, “Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange. Here individual […]

Cryptography – All You Need To Know About It


Find out what is cryptography, its types and principles. Learn about Encryption, Decryption and Steganography along with Symmetric and Asymmetric keys. The video given below is the video presentation for this article. Nowadays, encryption has become an essential part of the IT industry. It has become so crucial that every one of us has once […]

iOS Vs Android – Detailed Comparison with Pros and Cons

Android Vs IOS

Know about the pros and cons of iOS and Android smartphones in this blog! The world of smartphones is dominated by two operating systems- Google-sponsored Android and Apple’s iOS. While iOS is the leading operating system in the United States, Android is ruling the rest of the world market. Both these operating system enjoy millions […]

Software Testing, its Life Cycle and the Different Types

Software Testing

This article explains all about Software Testing. Learn why it is important, its lifecycle and different types with detailed explanation and examples. “Quality is the ally of schedule and cost, not their adversary. If we have to sacrifice Quality to meet schedule, it’s because we are doing the job wrong from the very beginning.” – […]

Java Vs Python – Detailed Comparison With Facts

Java Vs Python

Are you confused about which programming language is best for you? Then you are on the right page! Read this blog to know the difference between Java and Python. You will surely be able to judge which one is best for you! Both Java and Python have are two very popular programming languages. The latest […]