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Grammarly Discount – Upto 60% Off On Best Grammar Tool

Grammarly Discount

In a Hurry? Click here to get Grammarly Discount. We all know Grammarly is the Best Grammar Tool. It is useful for almost everybody having any task related to Content Writing, Proofreading or Plagiarism Detection. If you’re new to Grammarly, consider reading our detailed review of Grammarly first. Grammarly Review – Pros, Cons, Cost & […]

Git Set UpStream – What Does It Do & How To Use It?

Git Set Upstream

Git –set-upstream is now used as –set-upstream-to. Previously it was used as git branch –set-upstream <remote-branch> (may still work for many) The basic git –set-upstream-to command is demonstrated below with an example. git branch –set-upstream-to <remote-branch> The use of –set-upstream along with the git branch command was ambiguous, so maybe that’s why they have changed […]

How To Change Twitter Username or Handle?

Change Twitter Username

You might be wanted to change your username or handle on Twitter anytime due to some reason or maybe just without any reason. Well, this article quickly guides you through the process of doing so. You will not lose any followers if you will change your username but the changing username isn’t always a good […]

What is Cron? All You Need To Know About Cron Jobs


In Unix-like Operating Systems, there is a software utility available to schedule different Jobs and it is known as Cron. In other words, it is simply a scheduler which can be used to run any script supported by the operating system periodically. It can be used to run different kind of tasks automatically on a […]

Make Money Online – How to Earn Money Online?

Make Money Online How To Earn Online

You just got to know about online earning and want to find out the different ways to make money online? Well, you just landed at the right place as here in this article, we’ve shared ten best ways to make money from home through the Internet. Everybody fees excited when they first come to know […]