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What is Pseudocode? How to write Pseudocode?


Pseudocode is gaining popularity in the world of information technology. The system of Pseudocode has helped a lot of non-programmers to understand the coding work required for their project and many budding programmers to learn programming languages quickly. It has also helped programmers and non-programmers to review scientific research papers where coding is involved. But […]

Cryptography – All You Need To Know About It


Find out what is cryptography, its types and principles. Learn about Encryption, Decryption and Steganography along with Symmetric and Asymmetric keys. The video given below is the video presentation for this article. Nowadays, encryption has become an essential part of the IT industry. It has become so crucial that every one of us has once […]

Cloud Computing – Types, Services, Advantages and Challenges

Cloud Computing Types, Services, Advantages And Challenges

Get a bird-eye view about Cloud Computing and know how it can help you! Find out how it works and what are its types, services, advantages and challenges. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is defined as “On-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage (cloud storage) and computing power, without direct active management […]