SQL Select Statement

SQL Select Statement

This is a detailed tutorial for the SQL Select Statement. Learn how you can fetch data or retrieve records from the database tables using the select query. Table of Contents Use of SQL SelectSQL Select Statement SyntaxSQL Select ExampleSelecting Particular ColumnsSelecting All Columns Use of SQL Select Select Statement in SQL is used to select […]

jQuery Ajax Method – Send Requests & Get Response


The guide explains how you can use the jQuery Ajax Method to send any type of API requests like GET, POST, PUT or DELETE from a webpage to get a response. The jQuery Ajax method has been extensively used worldwide in every other web application or a website that is dependent on APIs and dynamic […]

List All Files Of A Directory In Python

Python List All Files And Sub Directories Of A Folder

This is a quick tutorial on how you can list all files of a directory in Python. Here we’ve listed out several different methods to achieve this using python language. Listing All Files & Sub-Directories In Python Using OS Module You can use the os module in python to list all the files as well […]

Apply chmod To A Folder, Its Contents & Sub-directories

Chmod Folder All Contents Sub Directories

This is a tutorial on how you can change the file permissions of a folder and all of its contents including the files & sub-folders with the chmod command. Chmod is a very helpful command to change the file permissions of a file or a folder in any UNIX-like operating system. Let’s say you are […]

How To Concatenate Two Lists In Python?

Python List Concatenation

This article is a quick guide on how you can concatenate two or more lists into one single list in Python. There are several methods for list concatenation. Table of Contents Python List Concatenation Using + OperatorConcat Lists Using List Literal (Only For Python 3.5 or higher)List Concatenation In Python For A Unique ListMerging Python […]

How To Check The Python Version?

Check Python Version

Sometimes you might require to check the current version that is being run by your Python Scripts. This article is a quick guide to check your python version that your scripts are executed on. I’ve demonstrated two version checks, one is the human-readable version and the other is the hexadecimal version. Getting Human-Readable (Simple Numeric) […]

PHP MySQL CRUD Tutorial For Beginners

PHP MySQL CRUD Tutorial For Beginners

Learn how you can create CRUD API with PHP and MySQL. It’s a Beginner’s guide for performing select, insert, update and delete operations on the database. CRUD APIs provide access to database operations from different platforms and environments. One can create a web, desktop or even mobile application by using the same API. The combination […]

Integer To String Conversion

Integer To String Conversion

This is a quick tutorial on how you can convert from int data type to string data type in C++, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Swift, and C#. Table of Contents Int To String Conversion In Different Programming LanguagesPythonC++JavaPHPJavaScriptSwiftC# Int To String Conversion In Different Programming Languages Integer to String Conversion is one of the most […]

How To Get Substring Of A String In Python?

Generate Substrings Python

This is a quick tutorial on how you can generate different types of substrings from an existing string in python using string slicing method. Table of Contents Getting Different Substrings Of A String In PythonSubStrings According To Starting & Ending PositionsAlternate Characters SubstringsBonus Tip to Reverse String or SubString Getting Different Substrings Of A String […]