Python Command Line Arguments and Options

Command Line Arguments And Options

This is a detailed tutorial of the Python Command Line Arguments. Learn to parse the command-line options and arguments to get their values in the program. Python Command Line Arguments Let’s say there’s a Python file named and we want to execute it from the command line. We’ve to write the following command. python […]

Python time sleep() Method (Tutorial)

Python Time Sleep() Method

This is a detailed tutorial of the Python sleep() Method. Learn to suspend the execution of a given Python program or code for a given number of seconds. Python time sleep() The method sleep() of the Python time module is used to suspend the execution of a given Python program for the desired number of […]

Python if __name__ == “__main__” Explanation

If Name == Main

Find out what is if __name__ == “__main__” in Python and its purpose. Learn about the __name__ attribute and when its value is set to “__main__”. What is if __name__ == “__main__”? You might have seen the following line of code in numerous python programs. if __name__ == “__main__” But what is its purpose? Let’s […]

Sending Emails in Python using SMTP (Tutorial)

Sending Emails Using Python

Follow this step by step tutorial to send emails with Python. Learn to do the SMTP settings and other configurations to send a text or HTML based email. How To Send Emails in Python? As many of your might already know that the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used to send and route the […]

What is DBMS? Types, Applications, Advantages & Disadvantages

Database Management System DBMS

Find out what is DBMS (Database Management System) and its different types along with the various advantages and disadvantages of this system. Important terms and definition Database By definition, a database is an organized collection of various related data, which is generally stored or accessed electronically from a server or any computer system. Usually, these […]

What is Pseudocode? How to write Pseudocode?


Pseudocode is gaining popularity in the world of information technology. The system of Pseudocode has helped a lot of non-programmers to understand the coding work required for their project and many budding programmers to learn programming languages quickly. It has also helped programmers and non-programmers to review scientific research papers where coding is involved. But […]

SQL Cheat Sheet (Download in PDF or Image Format)

SQL Cheat Sheet

This article features a fantastic SQL Cheat Sheet with the most commonly used SQL Commands. View it or download in the PDF or Image (JPG or PNG) format. Our SQL Cheat Sheet enables you to revise almost the entire set of SQL Commands quickly. It is highly recommended to go through this cheat sheet if […]

Full Stack Developer – Explore about it or Become One!

Full Stack Developer

Find out about a Full Stack Developer. Explore the skills, technologies, earnings, advantages and disadvantages that belong to a full stack developer. Recently, the IT industry has witnessed a massive surge in demand for ‘Full Stacks Developer’. And we all can thank an OSCON conference where a reputed company like Facebook claimed that they only […]

Python Generators – Yield Statement, Expressions & Methods

Python Generators – Yield Statement & Expressions

This is a detailed tutorial of the Python Generators. Learn about yield statement, generator expressions and the send(), throw() and close() methods. What are Python Generators? These are a special kind of functions that instead of returning one value, at last, keeps the ability to return multiple values as the time passes and function processing […]

How to create a zip or tar archive in Python? (Tutorial)

Creating ZIP Or TAR Archive For A Given Directory

Learn to create a zip or tar archive of a particular directory in python using two different methods with the help of illustrative examples. You can also watch the following video presentation instead of reading this article. Creating ZIP or TAR Archive in Python Two different methods to create archives in Python are explained and […]