Software Testing, its Life Cycle and the Different Types

Software Testing

This article explains all about Software Testing. Learn why it is important, its lifecycle and different types with detailed explanation and examples. “Quality is the ally of schedule and cost, not their adversary. If we have to sacrifice Quality to meet schedule, it’s because we are doing the job wrong from the very beginning.” – […]

Computer Programming – All You Need To Know About It

Computer Programming

Find out What is Computer Programming, Who are Programmers? What are their skills, roles and why you should learn computer programming? We all know that computers can do anything we want them to do. Let’s say, if you want the computer to calculate a simple mathematical question, 8+8, it can do it. Similarly, when it […]

macOS Vs Windows – Comparison with Advantages and Disadvantages

Windows Vs MacOS

Featuring the detailed comparison between the two popular OS, macOS and Windows along with their features, benefits, advantages and disadvantages. Are you confused between macOS and Windows? Then this is the perfect platform to know which operating system is the best for you. Apple’s macOS and Microsoft Windows are two of the most popular operating […]

Python String expandtabs() Method

Python String Expandtabs() Method

This is the Python String expandtabs() method Tutorial. Learn to get the copy of a given string with all the tab chars replaced with whitespace characters. Python String expandtabs() The Python String expandtabs() method returns a new copy of the given string in which all of the tab characters are replaced with the whitespace characters […]

Linux Vs Windows – Comparison with Advantages & Disadvantages

Windows Vs Linux

Find out the detailed comparison between the two popular OS, i.e. Windows and Linux along with the features, facts, advantages and disadvantages of each. Are you going to purchase a personal computer and yet to decide which Operating System to use? Or do you want to try another Operating System for your personal computer? Majority […]

Python String endswith() Method

Python String Endswith() Method

This is a tutorial of the Python String endswith() method. Learn to check if a given string ends with a given suffix or substring or not with examples. Python String endswith() The string.endswith() method returns True if a given string ends with a particular suffix or substring and False otherwise. Note. Similar to this method, […]

Python String count() Method

Python String Count() Method

This is a tutorial of the Python String count() method. Learn to find the occurrences of a substring in a given string using this method with examples. Python String count() The Python String count() method returns the number of times a particular substring occurs in a given string. You can make use of this method […]

Python String center() Method

Python String Center() Method

This is a tutorial of the Python String center() method. Learn to add padding to a given python string with a particular character using this method. Python String center() The Python String center() method returns a string that contains padding of a particular character at the left and the right (starting and the ending) of […]

Python String capitalize() Method

Python String Capitalize() Method

This is a tutorial of the Python String capitalize() method. Learn to capitalize the first letter of a string in python using this method with examples. Python String capitalize() The method capitalize() when applied on a given string returns a new string after capitalizing the first letter and if the given string contains more than […]

Java Vs Python – Detailed Comparison With Facts

Java Vs Python

Are you confused about which programming language is best for you? Then you are on the right page! Read this blog to know the difference between Java and Python. You will surely be able to judge which one is best for you! Both Java and Python have are two very popular programming languages. The latest […]