Take Input In Python (Tutorial)

Take Input In Python

This is a detailed tutorial on taking input in python from the users in the command line interface. Input methods for Python Version 2 & 3 are illustrated. Table of Contents Taking Input In Pythoninput() Functionraw_input() FunctionInput Data Type Taking Input In Python In our programs, we often need to take the input from the […]

SQL Command Types – DDL, DQL, DML, DCL & TCL

SQL Command Types

SQL Commands are categorized into DDL, DQL, DML, DCL & TCL. Learn the commands included in each of these categories with their purpose and explanation. Table of Contents SQL Command Types1. DDLCREATEDROPALTERTRUNCATECOMMENTRENAME2. DQLSELECTSELECT DISTINCT3. DMLINSERTUPDATEDELETELOCKMERGE4. DCLGRANTREVOKE5. TCLROLLBACKSAVEPOINTSET TRANSACTION SQL Command Types Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to create a database(s) and perform different operations […]

How the Internet Changed The World?

How The Internet Changed The World

We all make use of the Internet for different purposes and it has now become an essential part of our life. Find out how the internet has changed the world. The Internet now does not stand in the line of luxury but it has now become a necessity. The Internet has transformed our life upside […]

Reading Excel Files (Spreadsheets) in Python

Reading Excel Files (Spreadsheet) In Python

This is a detailed tutorial on reading excel files in python. Learn to extract the data from an Excel Workbook or spreadsheet using the xlrd module. Table of Contents Reading an Excel File in PythonReading A Particular Cell ValueExtracting Number of Rows & ColumnsExtracting Column NamesExtracting Particular Column & Row Values Reading an Excel File […]

Python floor() and ceil() Functions

Python Floor And Ceil Functions

This is a detailed tutorial of Python floor() and ceil() functions. Learn to find the floor and ceiling value of any numerical value in using the math module. Use of floor() and ceil() Functions The math module which comes pre-installed with Python. This module includes two object type functions, math.floor() and math.ceil(). Both of these […]

Python If Else Statement Tutorial

Python If Else Statements

This is a detailed tutorial of the If-Else Statement in Python. All of its four types, if, if-else, nested if-else, and if-elif ladder are illustrated. Table of Contents Use of Python If-Else StatementIf StatementIf-Else StatementNested If-else StatementIf-elif Ladder Statement Use of Python If-Else Statement If-else statements are used to do the decision making in any […]

Python Try Except (Exception Handling) Tutorial

Python Try Except (Exception Handling)

This is a detailed tutorial of Try and Except in Python. Test your code and handle errors with try and except block. The finally block is also explained. Table of Contents Try, Except & FinallySyntaxException HandlingBasic ExampleFinding The ExceptionCatch Custom ExceptionsRaise an Exceptionfinally BlockCase 1: When No Exception RaisedCase 2: When the Exception is Raised […]

Convert a List To String in Python

Python Convert List To String

This is a detailed tutorial to convert a list into a string in Python. This article explains four different methods to join a list and form its string. Table of Contents List To String Conversion in PythonMethod 1. Combine Elements Using IterationMethod 2. Using .join() MethodMethod 3. Using List ComprehensionMethod 4. Using map() Function List […]