Python all() Function

Python All() Function

Python all() built-in function Tutorial. Learn to find out whether or not all the elements of any Python Iterable Object are True or not using this method. Python all() Function The Python built-in function all() is used to find out if all the elements inside a given Python Iterable Object are True or Not. This […]

How to write a Research Paper?

How To Write A Research Paper

Ever been questioned in an interview, whether if you have ever penned a research paper and have you noticed how writing a research paper acts like a brownie point for your career growth? So, here are some detailed points and tips to know all about drafting a research paper. It doesn’t matter what subjects you […]

Python abs() Function

Python Abs() Function

Python abs() built-in function Tutorial. Calculate the absolute value of integer/float numbers and the magnitude of complex numbers using this method. Python abs() Function abs() is one of the Python’s built-in functions. It is used to calculate the absolute value of the provided number. In other words, you can calculate the magnitude of an integer, […]

Python JSON Tutorial

Python JSON

This is a detailed guide on Python JSON. Learn to fetch data from existing JSON Files or to create one yourself by dumping some data into it. JSON Files JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is one of the common ways to store and exchange data over the Internet. A lot of software and web applications make […]

E-Commerce and Its Types (With Benefits & Limitations)

E Commerce And Its Types

The evolution of the internet beyond the not so modernized years has changed the trends of the business empire at a great pace. The world is now a virtual community which means that what used to be an old and simple physical business place limited to one physical area has now turned into a vast […]

Personality Development Tips For Everyone

Personality Development Tips For Everyone

What is the first thing a person notices about you? Your shoes?? Umm, maybe yes, but personality is one thing that everyone notices from away whether they know you or not. Personality & You Your personality leaves a first impression on an unknown person as well. The way you speak, talk, dress up, or greet […]

How To Write A Resignation Letter?

Writing Resignation Letter

This is a detailed guide to help you write a resignation letter. Learn the different points about which you should write and it also includes some useful tips. Willing to quit your current job? Discover how to compose a resignation letter that puts you in a good reputation with your boss. With the appropriate resignation […]

Deleting Files & Folders in Python

Python Deleting Files And Folders

This is a detailed tutorial of deleting files & folders in python. Learn to delete single or multiple files and directories using the os module. Deleting a File in Python The built-in Python module named os provides a simple method remove() to delete a file. Simply import the os module in your python program and […]

Python Assert Statement Tutorial

Python Assert

This is a detailed tutorial of Python Assert Statement. Learn to make use of the concept of Assertition for better Exception Handling in Python. Assertion Assertion means a statement of confidence. In programming, we often make use of the assertion statements that can raise an error according to a boolean expression. In python, the assert […]

Python Lambda Tutorial

Python Lambda

This is a detailed tutorial of Python Lambda. Learn how to take arguments and make use of expressions to return values using this python anonymous Function. Python Lambda Function It is a small function that is anonymous in nature. Any number of arguments can be given to a Lambda Function but it returns the value […]